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Proof speed cameras work!

By lemaChet - 10 October 2007 54

So, in Todays CT, there is an article entitled “204 reasons for speed cameras”
(I apologise for the dodgy image, and the lack of link, and the paraphrasing.. I only glanced quickly through the article.)

Anyway, so, a stolen car was snapped at the new speed cameras on the parkway, doing 204Km/h.
This, apparently, proves that speed cameras work, and that we need more.

Personally, I feel that it proves they don’t, as if you want to speed, you’re going to any way, as the driver of this (albeit stolen) car has demonstrated.

Thoughts ?

Bad Photo of Article

What’s Your opinion?

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54 Responses to
Proof speed cameras work!
James-T-Kirk 10:05 am 10 Oct 07

15 years since my last ticket (What can I say – I was tired).. I have not slowed down one bit – I have simply become more observant..

These stupid cameras simply don’t work….

justbands 9:59 am 10 Oct 07

Exactly V8.

VYBerlinaV8...the_or 9:52 am 10 Oct 07

I’d prefer to see marked police patrols, because they are able to:
1) Identify road rules compliance failures other than just speed related; and
2) Take action immediately.

Maelinar 9:51 am 10 Oct 07

So you need to not only ensure that you do the speed limit, but also ensure that your vehicle only does the speed limit when stolen.

Leave instructions for the thief to adhere to, see how lucky you get.

There are some ‘tards out there.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 9:47 am 10 Oct 07

And a patrolling cop couldn’t have done the same job?

How do you explain the split two lane Barton Highway where it is easily safe enough to do 100kmh but they have reduced it to 80Kmh and thrown in a speed camera. The road is wide and dead straight! If there was ever a camera set up to bring in money, its that one.

Sure, don’t speed and you won’t get caught, but why is it necessary for that road to be marked 80km/h?

Mobsta 9:47 am 10 Oct 07

lol…How is the speed camera effective on a stolen car unless they actually catch the culprit?

Thumper 9:46 am 10 Oct 07

Whoops, 90 in an 80 k zone…


Thumper 9:45 am 10 Oct 07

The fact that they’re not 0% effective doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re 100% effective.

Works both ways caf…

If they put cameras outside schools i’d say they were warranted. Seriously, it’s more dangerous to do 60 on small suburban street than it is to do 90 in a 100k zone.

VYBerlinaV8...the_or 9:45 am 10 Oct 07

I agree with most here, in that speed cameras are an easy way for the govt to claim they are actually doing something about road safety, when they are doing nothing. I also think we need to break free from this silly idea that a speed limit somehow differentiates ‘dangerous’ from ‘safe’, which in many people’s mind is what a speed limit means. I’m all for road rules compliance, but let’s think about doing it in a way that makes our road system safer and more effective.

caf 9:41 am 10 Oct 07

The fact that they’re not 100% effective doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re 0% effective.

justbands 9:37 am 10 Oct 07

> If you dont speed, i guess they should be of no concern to you.

I dont’ speed, and in that sense they are of no concern to me. What is of concern is that are claimed to be improving public safety, when in fact…they do not.

Thumper 9:37 am 10 Oct 07

Stung, that is not the discussion. The discussion is about the government calling speed cameras safety devices and traffic control devices.

This they are not.

Speed cameras do work because they film cars speeding. However, we are constantly told that they stop speeding.

So there’s 204 reasons why they don’t work.

Stung 9:33 am 10 Oct 07

If you dont speed, i guess they should be of no concern to you.

Thumper 9:29 am 10 Oct 07

As I have previously said, they DO NOT stop speeding, they simply catch those who are speeding.

The proof is in the fact that they continue to catch people speeding, therefore they don’t work.

Revenue raising.

Having said that, I really don’t care because I don’t speed and if you do get zapped by a camera then it’s your fault.

(Admittedly, there are sections of road where you have no idea what the speed limit is because it changes so often even though the road and conditions don’t)

justbands 9:20 am 10 Oct 07

I’m glad you posted this, I was thinking along the same lines. To me, it proves they are less than useful. This driver (in a stolen car) continued speeding dangerously on our streets & roads unstopped. They haven’t caught the thief/driver.

Perhaps all the money spent on cameras could have hired an extra cop or two & perhaps then this idiot would have actually been caught & taken off the road…you know, in the interests of public safety.

I really can’t believe the tried to pass this off as “proof” of the value of speed cameras. What a joke.

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