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Property Managers

By imarty 21 February 2011 27

Being about to jump into the world of investment property I would love to hear of peoples experiences ( I know its been done before with regards to specific issues) with property managers.

In particular I would be interested in any experience with LIVEin as we’ve been approached by them and whilst on the surface they seem ok, they seem relatively new with a very small portfolio.

All advice gratefully accepted!

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Property Managers
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nyssa1976 5:36 pm 21 Nov 12

pink little birdie said :

I think Taylors is pretty good. I’m a tenant and they seem to do inspections every 3 months. We have had the same person dealing with us from the begining.

I’ll think you’ll find that an inspection every 3 months is a violation of the Residential Tenancy Act and your lease. Once every 6 months is commonplace.

I thought I had a great PM until I disagreed with her that 7 weeks without heating this past winter was unacceptable for 2 asthmatics (one being a child)….apparently it was paid to be replaced 5 weeks after the fact but it dragged out another 2 weeks. -6.7 with no insulation and tiny heaters is not the best. And to ask for compensation? How dare we.

I’m over PMs and renting. I’d rather suffer the horror of the land rent scheme than deal with it any longer.

Snarky 1:50 pm 21 Nov 12

Grail said :

While I’ve seen a lot of LiveIn/PRD-bashing on this thread, where are the statements about other property managers? Does anyone have any nice things to say about anyone?

Since you asked I’ll once again mention a friend Luanne Stapleton at Lovell Residential. Property management is the work she enjoys doing best, and I believe does it quite well.

dibs 1:07 pm 21 Nov 12

Jeanette Scholfield of LJ Hooker Belconnen is a VERY good property manager. I have been in the same property for almost 5 years!. sometimes I think I would like to relocate, but I know I would go along way to find a property manager as good!

pink little birdie 12:35 pm 21 Nov 12

I think Taylors is pretty good. I’m a tenant and they seem to do inspections every 3 months. We have had the same person dealing with us from the begining.

Grail 12:18 pm 21 Nov 12

Just an update. I attended an inspection with my current LiveIn/PRD PM Jenna. Fortunately I’ve managed to find a really awesome tenant, so the place is basically in the same state it was when I moved out four years ago.

Changing PMs as often as underwear was de rigeur while I was a tenant in various properties: we’d never have the same agent inspecting the place from semester to semester. I’m not sure if there are PM agencies in Canberra who have stable staffing, even salespeople seem to have a half life of about 11 months in this industry.

Tamara is currently away on maternity leave, and while her partner Erik is running the business the staff have been continually assuring me that she’s coming back (though my experience has been that the arrival of a baby often turns parent’s brains to mush and everything changes, suddenly your beer-drinking motorbike-riding friend is sipping lattes and driving a Volkswagen).

While I’ve seen a lot of LiveIn/PRD-bashing on this thread, where are the statements about other property managers? Does anyone have any nice things to say about anyone?

I wonder if perhaps The RiotACT is a self-selecting group of people who have high expectations and are terribly gullible for neatly presented young female sales managers with British accents? 🙂

Treacle 10:44 pm 20 Nov 12

GrunthosTheFlatulent said :

My two pence.
When we signed with LiveIN they were as expected (i.e. actually did what we expected of them) but we too were eventually pinballed from one property ‘manager’ to another so much we did not know who to contact and always seemed to get the wrong person.
Issues we have had with them since Erik the Viking took over have been to do with poor (or ZERO) communication regarding what is happening with the property. They [HE] seem to have this “If we think it’s right, we will do it *on your behalf*” attitude which is very, very frustrating.
Our PM of the week is Teagan as well (I guess she’s the office whipping boy/girl) but she is not learning. We actually leave opening their monthly statement for a few days so we can get up the courage to open it as there is ALWAYS something we need to question and clarify and nearly always an unexpected charge that we did not know about (lack of communication again).
In one instance they charged us for listing the property on AllHomes but when we questioned this they could not back it up with and invoice or payment – leaving us $100 out of pocket.

I agree with ‘Grail’ in that Erik is very hard to like – he is smugger than the Cheshire cat. If it was legal to shake some sense into him I would.

So – in brief – IMHO – give LiveIN a pass and go with a bigger agency.

I question your calling him a Viking, as you might be mixing him up up with another Property Manager with a Germanic sounding name such as Erik Adriaanse who has for many years been in charge here in Canberra of IPG (Independent Property Group).

coyote888 9:34 pm 18 Nov 12

I’ve rented my properties through LiveIN and have now left. Avoid this agency (they have just sold to PRD and are taking their staff with them) at all costs. I signed up when Tamara (owner) was managing the rentals and she was excellent, however they have since expanded and hired junior agents. Livein have just sold to PRD and I believe they are taking the staff with them.

Problems included: Allowed all three properties to get 1 month behind in rent, didn’t do scheduled inspections as per the contract, I had to continually chase them for updates and to make sure maintenance was conducted, sometimes waiting months on end, dodgy repairs – two of which had to be completely redone, calculated rent rate wrong, two months late in issuing rent increase to tenants, undercharged tenant for a whole year, ordered work at my property without telling me or getting my approval, didn’t manage the lease renewals and let the leases lapse onto periodic. Surely a key component of property management is to manage the lease??? The list goes on. In one year I had 7 different property managers.

Seriously, save yourself time, money and frustration and go somewhere else. All of my tenants have recently moved out citing being sick of the poor property management!!

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