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Prosecution calls for $250,000 for zeffs

By johnboy - 5 September 2006 26

Thanks to dan for the heads up, the ABC has a story on prosecutionc alls for a $250,000 fine on Zeffirelli’s for their dodgy labour hire practices.

Counsel for he restaurant does not concur and has a swing at Kate Lundy:

“Today the restaurant’s lawyers criticised ACT Senator Kate Lundy, saying allegations of mistreatment that she raised in Federal Parliament were inflammatory and damaging. Arthur Moses told the court the case was not about which political party had more hair on its chest when it came to protecting workers’ rights but about getting justice for all those concerned. He said the prosecution’s argument that Zeffirelli should be find nearly a quarter of a million dollars for underpaying workers by about $5,000 was fanciful.”

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
Prosecution calls for $250,000 for zeffs
Big Al 6:45 pm 05 Sep 06

I’m told that with a pair of clippers, she can actually shave the names of all her faction members into it as a party trick!

kimba 5:11 pm 05 Sep 06

Looking at Lundy I wouldn’t be surprised if she had “hairs on her chest”.

Big Al 5:07 pm 05 Sep 06

Mr E, I suspect that with the unemployemnt rate as low as it is – you’d want to be pretty damn hungry to go eating pizza made by most of the remaining local jobless – trust me, I’ve tried to give some of those guys a job – but even standing still holding a ranging pole was beyond these guys.

Mr Evil 4:51 pm 05 Sep 06

Why the hell are we bringing these bastards out from The Phillipines anyway? I’m sure that no matter how badly they’re paid here, it’d still be better than living in The Phillipines!

Force some of our own longterm unemployed out to work for a change.

Danman 2:33 pm 05 Sep 06

I think anyone will find if they know a chef/waiterperson/kitchen hand, they have many a 1st hand account to tell u over a beer ( your shout of course !! )

Mr_Shab 2:20 pm 05 Sep 06

Fair enough, Danman, fair enough.

LG – your criticism is reasonable. I accept that you may not believe me, but I make my comments in good faith. Be aware that the cooking fraternity in Canberra (and in other places I’ve worked for that matter) is a particularly insular, gossipy and strongly networked group of misfits and manic-depressives. Some of the accounts I have heard are from cooks who worked there, rather than a cook’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s guitar teacher.

Danman 1:23 pm 05 Sep 06

Shab – I am talking from the point of a frugal father to be point of view – a cheap joint to eat at with the wife and kids. I have never heard anything bad about zeffers from a customers point of view. Big staff turnover tho – but as a paying customer – not really an issue I am motivated with.

LurkerGal 1:23 pm 05 Sep 06

shab: I never worked for them – but I’ve heard stuff ….

Yeah, well, everyone knows that if you hear stuff then it must be true! Kind of like reading it on the internet. And if your mother’s friend’s daughter’s preschool teacher’s uncle told you stuff, then that’s the law.

James-T-Kirk 1:01 pm 05 Sep 06

Possibly all of the people in the catering industry could go out in support of the teachers tomorrow.

9% for everybody I say!!!

James-T-Kirk 1:00 pm 05 Sep 06

Their Sate chicken is pretty cool – Just finished one. Paid for with PRE-TAX dollars!!!

On the subject of exploitation, I know a person who left stopped being a chef, as the entire catering environment was exploitative.

Split shifts are simply an excuse for not paying you while you bum around in the mall, because it isn’t cost effective to go back home…

Mr_Shab 12:51 pm 05 Sep 06

Danman – as an ex-chef, I didn’t think I’d see you go in to bat for the likes of Zeff’s.

Maybe I just ran with another crowd, but every cook, chef and underwater ceramic technician I’ve worked with has had or knows of some negative experience working for that mob.

I never worked for them – but I’ve heard stuff I shouldn’t put to publishing, because it could be construed as slander.

‘sides, the Tandoori pizza is arse.

While I’m on it, congratualtions to the good people at the Ottoman, Courgette and Sage for cracking it for a hat in the SMH Good Food Guide. It’s tough to get recognition from the Sydney food press in Canberra.

bonfire 12:05 pm 05 Sep 06

cheap because of exploitation.

Danman 11:58 am 05 Sep 06

Yeah will be bad to see zeffers go under for this. It really comes across a top quality yet cheap family restaraunt I reckon. I love their tadoori pizza as well – yet to replicate faithfully in a domestic environment.

LurkerGal 11:45 am 05 Sep 06

yeah well, no matter how guilty they are, they still do the best tandoori chicken pizza around, and the service is fab (we don’t order anymore, walk in, sit down, they appear with a bottle of cab sav and say they pizza is in the oven).

Big Al 10:53 am 05 Sep 06

I’m guessing that if this gets up, Zeff’s wont be selling the chaepest half-decent pizzas in town any more.

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