Purchasing bike racks for a restaurant/cafe in Canberra

barbiekini 30 June 2011 17

I want to install bike racks in our cafe/restaurant to help cater for the cycling crowd.

But I have no idea where to start looking.

Does anybody know where to buy them, or of anyone who can make them to order?

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17 Responses to Purchasing bike racks for a restaurant/cafe in Canberra
Henry82 Henry82 4:30 pm 02 Jul 11

Aenveigh said :

Have you tried to see if TAMS installs racks or hoops on the footpath?

If i was to go down this path, id be very careful in what i’d say to tams. You dont want a bike rack in the middle of your outdoor eating area.

Also, you might want to investigate what happens when someone locks their bike onto your rack and leaves it for an extended stay. It happens a lot in civic/anu when drunks bend the rim and the owner cbf removing it. If you have a wall, roof/wall hooks might be a good idea.

Aenveigh Aenveigh 6:21 pm 01 Jul 11

Have you tried to see if TAMS installs racks or hoops on the footpath? In Melbourne, local councils will often install bike racks on request, especially if carparking is already tight or there is proven or expected cyclist demand. It would mean the racks are available to anyone (not just your customers) but they would come free (if TAMS do do this).

barbiekini barbiekini 12:08 pm 01 Jul 11

By the way @puggy and others, the Restaurant/Cafe/Bar is called Siren and it is located in the Gungahlin Town Centre on Anthony Rolfe Ave, right opposite the Police Station. Should be open in about 3 weeks.

damien haas damien haas 10:40 am 01 Jul 11

An ‘Australian Standard’ for bike racks ? Really? Ridiculous.

glenenglish glenenglish 8:31 am 01 Jul 11

Go and ask one of the bike shops in Lonsdale Street.
At the Bike Shed, (at the northern end) , they had a fab shop in Queanbeyan make them up for them. – They told me who made them …I have forgotten …Go and ask them- Glen.

barbiekini barbiekini 3:16 pm 30 Jun 11

Thanks so much for the tips everybody, I’m sure I can find something suitable from all these recommendations 🙂

Henry82 Henry82 2:44 pm 30 Jun 11

You can buy a 5 bike freestanding rack on ebay for $170 delivered.

I’d be inclined to find a welder/fabricator in the yellow pages. Find the design using google images, give him the wheel width you want, and the number of bikes you want it to hold. I’m sure a fabricator could put something together quickly. Then have the thing powder coated (cash in hand) at a place in whatever colour they have in the machine at the time.

borizuka borizuka 1:53 pm 30 Jun 11

ebay. no. seriously.

puggy puggy 12:02 pm 30 Jun 11

Where is is cafe/restaurant? I’d be a keen customer, as long as I see my patented “No brakes, no service” sign. Die fixie, die!

ma7trlb ma7trlb 11:44 am 30 Jun 11


this one should be pretty cheap – TAMS obviously aren’t using it…

dpm dpm 11:19 am 30 Jun 11

… Or this rack would be good – and should be cheap as!


YetAnotherBlowIn YetAnotherBlowIn 11:03 am 30 Jun 11

I just Googled “multiple bike rack -car -towbar” and ads for suppliers popped up on the left hand side.

The results also told me that there is even an Australian Standard for bike racks (AS 2890.3-1993, Parking facilities – Bicycle parking facilities)

dpm dpm 11:01 am 30 Jun 11

If you have the right area that would allow it to work (without people running into them or hitting their heads on them), I like the hanging bike racks, as at Cafe Racer in Melbourne.

hwbrodiek hwbrodiek 10:47 am 30 Jun 11

I’d investigate the TMC option as well, but I know my old workplace has used pre-built options are available from Bicycle Victoria see https://www.bv.com.au/general/bike-parking/43448/

dvaey dvaey 10:18 am 30 Jun 11

Id suggest the Tuggeranong Metal Centre, they can make up metal items such as that. Another possibility may be to contact CIT or a college that has a metalwork department and see if theyre interested in having the students do the job..

Alternatively, find a mate with a welder.

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