Raiders blink in the face of Carney demands

johnboy 1 August 2008 13

The ABC reports that Todd Carney has lobbed a counter-offer in to the Raider’s ultimatum and they’ve capitulated on their deadline.

    ‘”Todd’s manager David Riolo has sent through a response in regards to the clubs proposal, and out of good faith the board has agreed to look at this response before a final decision is made on Todd’s future,” Furner said in the statement.’

Sounds like it’s going to be a hell of a meeting. So much for non-negotiable.

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13 Responses to Raiders blink in the face of Carney demands
Thumper Thumper 4:18 pm 02 Aug 08

I agree with vg on this one.

Put him back in reserves, or Logan cup or whatever it’s called, and hold him to his contract.

Otherwise he wins and his antisocial, petulant, immature behaviour gets rewarded in a peverse sort of way.

sepi sepi 4:13 pm 02 Aug 08

Getting rid of him will send him a message. And if the next club gets rid of him when he acts up he might even start to get he message.

There is currently another footballer who is basically out of the game after bashing up one to many people and being expelled from about 3 clubs.

I don’t think Canberra should just hang onto this twit because otherwise he might play elsewhere.

vg vg 3:02 pm 02 Aug 08

What people don’t seem to understand is just ‘getting rid of him’ benefits no-one but Carney. Raiders rip up his contract and guess what, the bidding war starts and he will end up somewhere else on significantly more money. I’m thinking Matt Elliott and the Panthers have made the call and had the cheque book out already. He could end up out of the Canberra cold and ensconsed in a nice new town house/apartment on the Gold Coast getting paid a mint because the Raiders let him go i.e. terminated his contract, which means he is off contract amd free to go elsewhere. Yeah sure the NRL could de-register him but they did the same to Dane Tilse when he was at Newcastle and it didn’t hurt him after his period of de-registration ended. Carney could then go to the UK or, shock/horror, French Rugby Union again benefitting from his dismissal.

The smart thing to do is what the Raiders are trying to do. Keep him fine him and suspend him from playing duties for a while. I’m sure its written in his contract somewhere. He is out of sight and out of mind so his attraction for other clubs diminishes he could possibly watch his team march into the semis without him, and he could be really made to feel sad and sorry for himself, as his wages are reduced somewhat.

Just getting rid of him is great for 1 person, Todd Carney

AussieGal83 AussieGal83 12:30 pm 02 Aug 08

Just get rid of him.

Matto Matto 8:08 am 02 Aug 08

What’s with these guys and carrying on like animals after a few under the belt? Sure they’re great sportsmen but that doesn’t mean they can act the goat with little or no consequences. I’m sure when I used to work for a company and they saw my name in the paper after releiving myself on some punter, I would’ve been shown the door. Clearly not a bright way to conduct yourself, especially when you are in the spotlight and a role model to plenty of yougsters. Sure it’s hard behaving all them time and everyone is watching you because you are good at what you do. But you chose this line of work. Shape up, or ship out.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 7:33 am 02 Aug 08

If the Raiders want to be taken seriously as a responsible organisation, and not just a bunch of pushovers who let their players get away with unacceptable criminal behaviour, they should sack him and publicly disown him. What sort of message does this send to young bogans?

DJ DJ 9:58 pm 01 Aug 08

Bye bye Todd…. see if the Courts in France are like those here! *Clang* watch your fingers!

Granny Granny 9:45 pm 01 Aug 08

… and it really won’t hurt that young man to spend a bit of time on the naughty mat.


Headbonius Headbonius 9:17 pm 01 Aug 08

Todd Carney is a convicted criminal. This is Unasseptable. Highly Unnasseptable. Either he tows the line or he can Fcuk off. That simple. Todd who?

VicePope VicePope 7:39 pm 01 Aug 08

The manager has sent through a counterproposal. Now, the demands were, essentially, directed to Mr Carney behaving like a member of human society. This is not really negotiable – either he accepts or not. Despite his skills as a footballer, his past behaviour has surely placed him in a position where his capacity to bargain is limited. The Raiders have a chance to show that they are serious. It may be their last.

Granny Granny 6:09 pm 01 Aug 08

Jo Frost? Supernanny? Oh, never mind ….

Swaggie Swaggie 6:01 pm 01 Aug 08

Why’s it not acceptable? He was given until 5pm to respond and he has done. The Board will now meet to discuss his reply and make a decision. I guess you can argue that a Board Meeting could easily have been convened tonight and if board members had to be in Brisbane before Sunday they could have caught a flight in the morning but really waiting until Monday seems to make little difference. It’s a no brainer anyway, he either accepts what the club want to dish out or he’ll take a walk overseas.

Granny Granny 5:38 pm 01 Aug 08

Well, that is just not asseptable.

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