1 February 2008

Raiders educated about sexual assault

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It probably comes as no surprise that after a few drinks rugby league players can be less than chivalrous to the fairer sex. Certainly in recent times the off the field conduct of some NRL clubs has been well publicised. The Canberra Raiders however are set to take some quite confrontational steps at improving the off field conduct of their players according to this article on ABC Online. As a first for the NRL, Canberra Raiders players will be made to listen first hand to the story of a Rape victim.

AFP officer Phil Maynard who has designed the program had this to say about it.

“A lot of people think that sexual assault is rape. They don’t think a sexual assault is being disrespectful sexually to somebody. They don’t think sexual assault is actually pinching a girl on the backside in a disco. They think that’s accepted culture, and that culture has to change.”

I think this is a positive move. It takes empahsis away from token fines, or two match suspensions for inappropriate behaviour and places it where it truely belongs, on the real social and personal impact of that behaviour.

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Maybe their next program could be about not going out and getting fully p1ssed, driving your mate’s car like an unlicenced idiot, and running home to hide at mummy’s house when the cops chase you so you don’t have to face a breath test and a well deserved holiday behind bars.

Nah, that never happens…..

so what’s your plan – encourage them? or ignore the problem?

Kiss my ar$% Junkett, you are the soft, caring twat who thinks that educating grown men about not sexually assaulting women is a good thing to do!!!! It sucks, majorly. You are an idiot.

That Brett “Hic” Mullins!

Maybe they thought that because it’s ok to grab each others privates on the field that women enjoyed the same treatment?

You can then see why they might require some education on the matter : P

Insert another kick to the nuts…

There really IS an insidious culture towards women among league players, and it’s been there for decades. I witnessed Laurie Daley, Ricky Stuart (and that really tall, fast fullback who’s name now escapes me) behaving in an appalling manner towards women in Canberra night clubs in the late 80’s and early 90’s on several occasions. There were, and still are, groupies around these teams but the players need to learn this behaviour is intolerable.
Full marks to Officer Maynard for this program.

“To answer Mr Evil’s Q ages ago, it was the beaver. Full of class those Raiders.”

Well, that’s just wonderful, isn’t it! I hope they continue to inhabit the bottom of the table alongside their mates, The Bulldogs.

Thanks howdy.

I feel a bit like a broken record going on and on about it’s and probably boring people to death. But I was innocently walking through a very empty club, sober even!

If a girl was accepting his advances in a private area but didn’t want to go any further I doubt he’d act like a gentleman and be happy to “just talk”. He didn’t like being rejected and was so agressive it was scary.

Good on the raiders for addresing an issue that faces all the clubs. Maybe I won’t be so cycnical about footballers from now on.

Geez. It’s scary to think that if they’d do that in public what you’d be up against somewhere quieter…

I’m doing one of my imagined kicks in the guys nuts for you. Normally reserved for dheads I see on the telly… : )

To answer Mr Evil’s Q ages ago, it was the beaver. Full of class those Raiders.

I’m glad there were no smirks to be seen, but I still hate the guy who did it.

This is ridiculous, I don’t understand why, as human beings they need to be educated about something like this…

Everyone knows sexual assault is completely unacceptable whether it be physical or mental.

I think it’s a bloody disgrace that common sense wouldn’t dictate that and these primates need to have it explained to them. I guess just because they have opposable thumbs doesn’t necessarily make football players human.

Oh..& Headbone, these guys don’t play Rugby. They play RUGBY LEAGUE. There really is a big difference.

Dear oh dear Headbone, you are a twat.
The Raider’s have had their issues – young blokes with too much money, it’s alway going to happen. Good on them though for taking lessons on board, and good on the cops for helping them.
Speaking of people who apparently need help…you seem to have issues with the League boys? Merhaps you look at what the AFL boys are up to?
BTW you twat – there is a difference between League and Rugby…but I guess someone who enjoys getting awarded a point for a “behind” has a “hard” time keeping up?

Letting beefy young blokes get away with rape is not “political correctness”. It’s the opposite of it, actually.

However, the rest is valid. It gets hushed up because large amounts of money is involved. Let it come out.

Headbone – it’s a symptom of our modern ‘it’s not your fault, you’re the really the victim’ attitude. Because people are so willing to dismiss this kind of behaviour as ‘they’re youn and silly’ (and I’m talking both genders here), the behaviour never gets dealt with, and so it escalates until a major incident occurs. Then the footy club typically keeps it quiet so they can retain their star players. Less political correctness is required, and more examples…

What sort of effen morons play rugby that they need to get special ed lessons about no sexually assaulting women? God help us all.

The army has alwasy had the same issue: lots of testosterone poisoned young men, very fit, with money but not much to spend it on, and so the army has all kinds of things to keep them active and occupied (painting stuff, digging holes etc).

Football players don’t have that, other than training, plus they have the fame thing, and a LOT of money and silly young women throwing themselves at them. Bad combination.

back in the olden days, footy players had to hold jobs to pay the bills. Now they have nothing (except training).

It may stop a few incidents (ok, crimes or unwelcome contacts) from happening and, if it does, that’s a good thing that can only be made better by stopping all assaults of this kind. It’s trite, but giving masses of money, leisure time, prominence and alcohol to young men whose only ability is to smash others and be smashed by them with more equanimity than most of us is probably a reputation for making them feel special. With some of them, that “specialness” probably started as soon as they became teenagers.

It’s a smart move by the Raiders, for the community and for the reputation of the players, the team and the game.

They were interviewing a few of the blokes after they came out of their re-education session on TV last night, and there was not a smirk to be seen. They actually seemed to have taken it on board, and seemed chastened. Kudos to officer Maynard, sounds like he’s a pretty clever bloke.

el ......VNBerlinaV83:52 am 02 Feb 08


If your gonna make vicious allegations like that bludger, at least name the player so we can spread it around a bit.

Comment by Stung — 1 February, 2008 @ 3:19 pm


I don’t care if it was the arse. It’s not on.

Hooter or beaver? 😉

Hmm well it wasn’t the bum. I may not have got as angry if it were.

I made enough of a scene in the club for everyone to know. It wasn’t very full at this stage.

I thought it was acceptable to pinch a girl’s bottom, so long as you weren’t with 3 inches of her date!

I thought pinching a girl on the bum in a disco was an approved method of letting her know you liked her without letting the boy dancing with her know you are interested in his date.

Once reciprocated, time to cut in.

My things have changed since I was a single youth in no control of any of my facilities, except the ones that allow you to stand soberly and order more drinks.

If your gonna make vicious allegations like that bludger, at least name the player so we can spread it around a bit.

I hope they listen. I was groped and then abused (after I confronted him for doing it) by one of their ‘star’ players at a club in Civic last year. The players (not all) think it’s acceptable, it’s disgusting really.

This player’s behaviour was so abhorrent it makes you wonder what his family and/or girlfriend think.

Holden Caulfield11:51 am 01 Feb 08

Raiders educated about sexual assault

I thought they had enough to worry about with their on field form, rather than taking steps to improve their off field form. 😛

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