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Rebel Funereal Road Disruptions

By johnboy - 30 March 2009 85

The ABC brings word that our roads are going to be clogged today as the Rebels indulge in ornate processions for the funeral of Richard Roberts.

    Local and interstate motorcyclists are expected to join funeral processions for Mr Roberts stretching several kilometres.

    The first is planned about 9:30am AEDT from Mawson to Queanbeyan.

    About an hour later the riders will then travel to the crematorium at Mitchell before heading to Fyshwick about lunchtime.

    Motorcyclists are expected to begin leaving Canberra about 4:00pm.

At least you’ll know why.

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85 Responses to
Rebel Funereal Road Disruptions
V twin venom 12:23 pm 30 Mar 09

Tattoo and bike was lame and tame. I expect the funeral processions to be the same, just noisy.

Oh goodness what was that loud crash…oh it’s ok, it was just the chip just falling off ant’s shoulder.

chewy14 12:18 pm 30 Mar 09

They are at the Crematorium now.
I’ve never seen so many bikies, and cops following them.

Bill Quinn 11:53 am 30 Mar 09

According to Saturday’s Canberra Times they were expecting about 600 or so to gather at the Serbian Club on Saturday.

Did anyone hear of or know of any stories of anti-social behaviour?

I ask that out of ignorance (on this topic, at least). But I’m guessing not. Empahsis on the ‘guessing’.

Furry Jesus 11:46 am 30 Mar 09

Bill Quinn said :

I can’t comment on what’s between their legs (I don’t know dick about motorcycles) but I’d say their hearts are pretty big.

Scratch a psychopath and find a sentimentalist underneath. Scratch the sentimentalist and all you get is more psychopath.

AngryHenry 11:38 am 30 Mar 09

They’re making a pretty big statement it would seem with the ABC broadcasting anticipated routes for these ‘processions’. I would have thought something like that would be reserved for someone who would be pervcieved as a more ‘dignified’ member of society or public figure at least.

But I don’t know the guy so maybe he was someone who was very important to his ‘community’ or ‘gang’ or whatever.

Reminds me of when Bush or Clinton came to town… Albeit a more unofficial version with no road closures.

Still maybe they’ll behave themselves and actually make a good impression. Stranger things have happened.

I mean it can’t be any more obnoxious than the Olympic Torch relay yast year with all those noisy Chinese supporters running around carrying on can it?

SheepGroper 11:32 am 30 Mar 09

They’ve passed the airport, lots of police in attendance.

Bill Quinn 11:12 am 30 Mar 09

They’re attending a funeral, not staging an event, so any statements about the benefit or non-benefits of having large numbers of motorcycles in the ACT are as moot as their comrade is mute.

I had breakfast at Bredbo on Saturday morning where about 500-600 (?) bikies were leaving to run down to Cooma and out to Dalgety, raising thousands of dollars for Cooma and Canberra hospitals.

I can’t comment on what’s between their legs (I don’t know dick about motorcycles) but I’d say their hearts are pretty big.

ant 11:06 am 30 Mar 09

Noise is noise, and I totally resent beign forced to have my ears deafened by idiots with small dicks, and those who are meant to enforce the law turn a blind eye.

54-11 10:53 am 30 Mar 09

Just cruised up Hindmarsh drive (on the cruiser) and listened to them go past. Yes, they might be as noisy as a Charade with a hole in the muffler, but they sound one hell of a lot better.

Some nice bikes there – not sure I could say the same about the riders, but got to appreciate good machinery.

Steady Eddie 10:30 am 30 Mar 09

Gee, His Chiefliness hasn’t made any comment about “carbon emissions” from the bikes, or how the bikes are contributing to so-called “climate change”. Perhaps The Greens will exercise their usual influence and we’ll hear the usual PC bumph from the usual suspects on WIN News and the ABC tonight.

ant 9:59 am 30 Mar 09

Imagine the racket they’ll make on their “legal” noise-enhanced bikes. But god help any Daihatsu Charade owner who gets a hole in their muffler, they’ll be defected in minutes.

trevar 9:48 am 30 Mar 09

p1 said :

I am waiting of the Mayor of Canberra to issue a statement about how these large events bring money into the ACT (like Floriade and Summergnats).

Last week I heard His Cheifliness joke that the police commissioner was calculating what contribution 800 bikies would make to the ACT economy…

p1 9:40 am 30 Mar 09

I am waiting of the Mayor of Canberra to issue a statement about how these large events bring money into the ACT (like Floriade and Summergnats).

trevar 9:27 am 30 Mar 09

Living close to the Rebels’ clubhouse, I noted on my way to work this morning two shiny new black Holden Statemans (Statesmen?) followed by a large contingent of bikes heading in the direction of my home. Not sure if I want to go home tonight, but it is good to know why…

neanderthalsis 9:10 am 30 Mar 09

Hmmmm, Bikies heading from Quangers to Mitchell and then to Fyshwick. Is it a funeral procession or are they sampling the local delights?

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