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Reclaim the afternoon and early evening

By johnboy - 29 October 2006 47

I had the pleasure on Friday afternoon to saunter past the “reclaim the night” rally in Garema Place

Oddly enough it was still bright daylight at the time. Sadly I couldn’t hear the speakers over the top of the buskers next to King O’

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47 Responses to
Reclaim the afternoon and early evening
Jey 10:09 am 30 Oct 06

Thankyou RG. I didn’t know whether ppl were trying to be funny or genuinely didn’t know what it was, so I didn’t bother explaining.

RandomGit 9:52 am 30 Oct 06
RandomGit 9:52 am 30 Oct 06

People should be free to walk at night and not worry about being attacked. In this case in particular, women should be free to walk about without getting raped.

So a law and order… lobbying? Advocacy? protest group? Whatever, they want to draw attention in order for attitudes to change.

bonfire 9:45 am 30 Oct 06

is it an anti daylight savings movement?

seepi 8:15 pm 29 Oct 06

I dunno – the daytime start could be fairly appropriate. After a few more of Sheik Halali’s speeches Australian women could be reclaiming the day as well.

KaneO 6:44 pm 29 Oct 06

What is all that about? Some bunch of streetwalkers wanting their corners back or something?

Pandy 6:28 pm 29 Oct 06

Can’t see too many pussies in the picture. You need your eyes tested.

lateralis 6:17 pm 29 Oct 06

Around for 30 years and they still haven’t claimed it yet? Are they looking in the right spot?

Jey 4:05 pm 29 Oct 06

‘Reclaim the Night’ has been around for about 30 years now.
It’s not that bloody odd.

Vic Bitterman 2:07 pm 29 Oct 06

“reclaim the night” is a rather obscure name.

Are they rallying against daylight saving or something?

lateralis 1:42 pm 29 Oct 06

I imagine the place would have been swarming with cats.

bonfire 1:38 pm 29 Oct 06

what exactly is being reclaimed ?

Pandy 1:11 pm 29 Oct 06

What about “reclaim the meat” rally? Not PC eh?

futto 12:38 pm 29 Oct 06

Obviously, they all need to be home by dark so as to cook dinner for their men.

*boom* *boom*

ant 11:34 am 29 Oct 06

I remember the “curfew on all men” shitfight at the ANU back in the mid 80s. There’d been a series of particularly violent rapes and women were meant to call security if they needed to move around the campus at night (like from the library to the ressies etc).
So the Women on Campus mob did a very clever campaign. They printed up official-looking posters and put them up everywhere, stating that due to the recent violent acts perpetrated by males, all males (over an age, 12 I think it was) were to be indoors and not at large on the ANU campus after dark.
It was brilliant, men got very indignant and bombarded ANU Admin with complaints about their liberty being curtailed like this.

It certainly drove the message home.

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