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Red light cameras

By mudge-python 13 July 2007 30

Received this via email this morning, not sure how reliable it is maybe some rioters with inside knowledge can confirm….

“Canberra Ave and Hindmarsh Drive intersection has been fitted with Red light and Speed “loop” detectors, these are a new type of red light and speed camera, they detect how much time it has taken your car to travel from point A (first sensor) to point B (second sensor) instead of using radar, therefore they are extremely accurate.
They are implanted under the road surface and are completely undetectable, they are also only 300 mm in front of the white stop line at these lights, so if you over shoot the line even by less than half a car length you will be charged, even though you didnt proceed through the lights.

These are also installed at the north bound intersection of Canberra Ave and Captain Cook cres in Manuka.

These will apparently replace all existing speed and red light camera’s in the ACT within the next few years… ”

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Red light cameras
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PK 9:59 pm 15 May 08


Many people think that the sensors that are in the road at traffic lights (either before the line to detect that a car is waiting and hence trigger the light to change, or after the line to take a photo if you run the red) are pressure sensors. The truth, however, is that they are actually metal detectors. This is to prevent the lights from changing if someone say walks across it, etc. If you don’t believe me, simply take a 30cm x 30cm piece of cardboard, cover it with a few sheets of tin foil, and place it over the corner of one of these rectangular sensors. I guarantee that after a few seconds the lights will change and give your “lane” a green light as it thinks that there is metal above it – ie, a car.

We used to use the same trick when we wanted to use a private car park with a boom gate that had one of these sensors on the other side. As a car from inside the carpark went over the sensor, the gate would automatically open for them to let them out. We simply used to drive to the entrance, walk around to the other side of the boom gate, place our tin foil covered cardboard on the ground, and hey presto, the gate would open and we would use the car park.

So…here is some fun that you can have with these expensive new red light cameras…

1. Go to Metal Mart (or somewhere similar) and purchase two reasonable think or weighty flat sheets of metal, around 30x30cm.
2. Go to Bunnings and purchase a tube of Liquid Nails.
3. Go to an intersection where these red light cameras are one night while no one is around, and put glue on one side of each piece of metal sheet that you purchased in step one.
4. There will be two sensors ahead of the white line. Place one sheet of the metal on a corner of one of the sensors, glue side down.
5. Do the same to the second sensor slightly further up the road.
6. Make sure that your back is always to the camera, and that your car is not in view in case the camera goes off while you are doing this.

When the light turns red, the camera will sense that there is metal above each of its two sensors, hence triggering the camera. The photo will be taken each time the light turns red.

Now we can have some over paid public servant go through countless numbers of false alarms… and if someone finds these things and trys to remove them, they will need a crowbar as they are glued down.

Fun just for the inconvenience and “up yours” message to send to our toy government…

PK 9:46 pm 15 May 08

Just out of interest, has anyone actually been booked by one of the fixed speed cameras that have been installed on the Monaro Highway (either at Hume or near Isabella Drive)? The reason I ask this is that at other speed camera sites, as you go past the camera itself you can actually see the sensors that have been installed in the road itself which are the things that detect what speed you are actually doing. Neither of the ones I see on the Monaro Highway have these sensors, so I am thinking that they are either ones that use a different method to detect speed (eg radar), or…. are they dummy units just designed to make people slow down???

Secondly, I saw on the Barton Highway just near the GDE overpass that there is a camera in both directions. BUT… have a close look at these cameras. In the direction where you are going away from Canberra, there is a flash unit and a camera unit as expected. However, on the side of the road coming into Canberra, there is a flash unit only, but no camera unit – it is actually facing the other way to get people leaving Canberra. And, do these have sensors in the road? How can the unit take a photo of you as you approach Canberra if the camera is facing the other way?

The ones on the Parkway definitely have the sensors because you can see then, but at the other sites I mention, definitely not!

Just interested…

Felix the Cat 10:41 pm 11 Aug 07

Apparently the new cameras on the Federal Highway, Tuggers Parkway and Gungahlin/Gundaroo Drive (is there any more?) aren’t actually in operation yet but will be on Monday 12/8/07.

Felix the Cat 9:30 pm 03 Aug 07

I noticed today there are small “Speed Camera Ahead” signs on the Federal Highway about 100m before the actual speed camera (which is still facing the hotel/servo). They are not the usual large signs, these ones are quite small in comparison. Maybe the govt are hoping motorists won’t see them and continue to $peed.

Absent Diane 10:58 am 27 Jul 07

What I can’t believe is that people actually took notice of that email. It was obviously bullshit as most viral emails are. How long has email been around and people still haven’t worked that out. Stoopid.

Battle_Kath 9:58 am 27 Jul 07

The viral emails were incorrect. The speed and red light cameras will all be signposted and work exactly like all the others already in place.

Felix the Cat 10:06 pm 26 Jul 07

There was a brief article on the the local (WIN?) TV news tonight about this, apparently it is legit. Still reckon viral marketing is an odd way for the Govt to notify people of new/changed Speed Cameras – though probably no more odd than John Howard being on YouTube or other pollies being on Myspace.

Felix the Cat 10:12 pm 17 Jul 07

There’s another new fixed speed camera on the Federal Highway at Watson just before the roundabout adjacent to the Formule One Hotel and the Caltex servo. It is about 20m into the 80km/h zone facing downhill back to Canberra. There are no signs saying there is a speed camera there, just a sign a bit further up the road saying “Speed Cameras Used In ACT”.

Seems an odd spot to have a camera. There’s no way you are going to be doing more than 80km/h there unless you are Michael Schumacher in a Formula One Ferrari as you need to slow down to negotiate the roundabout. Admittedly there are plenty of people running off to the left as you exit the roundabout, especially in the wet, but there’s still no way you would be doing more than 80km/h.

Maybe the camera is to pick out drivers coming the other way, from Canberra heading out of town?

Maelinar 12:35 pm 17 Jul 07

Just run your damn car into the rear end of the camera van.

To really stack the odds in your favour, smoke some dope beforehand and blame the accident on your tortured upbringing and anybody else.

To REALLY make it a grand plan, be on the run from the coppers at the time you do it.

Maximum punishment in the ACT: a couple of weeks Periodic Detention.

jenpen 9:57 am 17 Jul 07

Sorry, these last two posts weren’t posted by jenpen – but her flatmate who neglected to logout and login as “brewbloke”. sorry 🙁

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