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Red light cameras

By mudge-python - 13 July 2007 30

Received this via email this morning, not sure how reliable it is maybe some rioters with inside knowledge can confirm….

“Canberra Ave and Hindmarsh Drive intersection has been fitted with Red light and Speed “loop” detectors, these are a new type of red light and speed camera, they detect how much time it has taken your car to travel from point A (first sensor) to point B (second sensor) instead of using radar, therefore they are extremely accurate.
They are implanted under the road surface and are completely undetectable, they are also only 300 mm in front of the white stop line at these lights, so if you over shoot the line even by less than half a car length you will be charged, even though you didnt proceed through the lights.

These are also installed at the north bound intersection of Canberra Ave and Captain Cook cres in Manuka.

These will apparently replace all existing speed and red light camera’s in the ACT within the next few years… ”

What’s Your opinion?

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30 Responses to
Red light cameras
Genie 10:02 pm 14 Jul 07

I noticed that speed camera tonight on the parkway – feel sorry for the guy in front of me if it is turned on – he was doing at least 150k’s. Drove past me like i was standing still!

Although i’d like to think its not quite on yet – dont they have to legally put up signs informing drivers that they are there ???

J Dawg 3:54 pm 14 Jul 07

Despite all of this wonderful technology, I can’t help but wonder whether some more marked police presence on our roads wouldn’t be a more effective and desirable solution.

Of course that would be a better solution. But then it would just deter drivers instead of taking our money then deterring.

JC 5:13 am 14 Jul 07

You know I kind of thought this was the type installed EVERYWHERE in the ACT. IIRC correctly the only radar type was a trail on Northborne/London Circuit years ago. With the red light you will find that you have to break both sensors to be done. Ie you can trigger the first, but you must be moving through to get done for running a red.

bd84 8:59 pm 13 Jul 07

In other related good news..
The permanent speed cameras are beginning to erected on the Tuggeranong Parkway in both directions just on the city side of the Cotter Road overpass, the north bound one is already in place, I doubt it is turned on as yet, but you never know.. One 500m section of the Parkway will now be 100km/hr the rest will still be travelled at about 120km/hr+ lol

caf 2:23 pm 13 Jul 07

I’m sure those cameras are highly effective at catching people that run red lights at those intersections.

Thumper 2:22 pm 13 Jul 07

I heard that they have black radar deterring helicopters that fly around at night spying on people who may or may not be thinking about speeding or going through red lights and…

Actually, I might be lying about all the above.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 2:18 pm 13 Jul 07

Despite all of this wonderful technology, I can’t help but wonder whether some more marked police presence on our roads wouldn’t be a more effective and desirable solution.

les 1:20 pm 13 Jul 07

heard the RTA guy on 666 the other day explaining these and you don’t get the fine for hitting the first sensor at 30cm over the line. As the start of the article aove states, there are 2 sensors, with the second sensor at 2m over the white line so if you do pass from the first to the 2nd then yo get fined because 2m over the line is way over and in the way of pedestrians or other trafficaving said that, it is still wrong (and an instant fail in a driving test) to go over the white line.

barking toad 12:10 pm 13 Jul 07

Woody’s right

A colleague got pinged for going through a red light. What he did was stop at the intersection then rolled across the line in anticipation of the lights going green when the other lights went red.

skaboy12 12:08 pm 13 Jul 07

They sound like the cameras that NSW has been using for years. They are far from undetectable, look at the camera on Lanyon Drive and you can see where the sensors have been laid in the road.

Most that info sounds like crap. But the best way to avoid finding out is don’t speed and stop behind the stop line like it tells you to in the road users handbook. Geez it doesn’t take genius…

Woody Mann-Caruso 11:59 am 13 Jul 07

being fined when you haven’t committed an offence

You’re the copper so I’ll take your word for it, but isn’t it an offence to fail to stop behind the line at an intersection? I think you can lose points off your licence for it, anyway…

Spectra 11:56 am 13 Jul 07

I got the same email, and don’t really get it…how is this different from how the red light/speed cameras work now (except for the thing about being charged for a tiny overshoot, which sounds like a bit of an urban myth)? Look at the road at any of the red light cameras and there’s quite obviously two wire sensors embedded in the road (though hardly “undetectable”) just beyond the stop line. I presumed that was how they’d always worked (seems way cheaper and more sensible than fitting a radar to each one).

Sammy 11:47 am 13 Jul 07

The device is called an amphometer, and I believe legislation exists in the ACT permitting their use.

Thumper 11:44 am 13 Jul 07

I got the same email Nik.

And it does sound like a furphy…

Ntp 11:41 am 13 Jul 07

Sounds like a gee up to me. The locations and hte adding new camera may be right but the type of cameras and being fined when you haven’t committed an offence sound like complete bollocks.

Did your email come from a reliable source?

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