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Red Necks and Green Cycle Lanes – Alistair Coe Sets Out to Incite Hatred Against Cyclists

By Horrid - 28 June 2009 34

Liberal TAMS spokesman Alistair Coe clearly believes that inciting hatred against cyclists by complaining about the cost of green paint on cycle lanes (Canberra Sunday Times 28 June p,11- sorry not on-line) is smart politics. After all, given that the average cost per annum is about 36 cents per Canberran, and the massive benefits cycle lanes bring to our city in improving road safety and reducing traffic congestion, pollution and parking shortages, it can’t seriously be about financial management- this is just a pretext.  

Coe has clearly learnt nothing from his predecessor Steve Pratt, who adopted similar tactics in attacking cycle lanes and calling for their removal, for purely political reasons based on presumed electoral appeal to the motoring majority.

The tactic was fundamentally flawed;  firstly, many drivers appreciate the benefits of cycle lanes even if they still choose to drive; and secondly, the lanes have not created anywhere near the level of inconvenience to drivers that anyone other than hardened bigots would have changed their vote on the issue.

Conversely, many bicycle riders, and their families, voted on this single issue – their lives literally depended on it. The Liberals produced an excellent cycling policy on the eve of the 2008 election, but it was too late- years of attacking cycle lanes had already cost them thousands of cycling votes, and Pratt himself lost his seat by several hundred votes, with Liberal voting cyclists playing a crucial role in his ejection.  

Coe should take note of this recent history, set aside the politics of hatred, and concentrate on good sustainable transport policy if he really wants to improve the Liberals chances at the next election- and keep his own seat.

[ED – once more with feeling]

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34 Responses to
Red Necks and Green Cycle Lanes – Alistair Coe Sets Out to Incite Hatred Against Cyclists
caf 5:07 pm 28 Jun 09

dvaey, there is no excuse for not checking your blind spots before moving. Without fail. It is absolutely your responsibility, and you’re driving negligently if you don’t do it.

dvaey 4:37 pm 28 Jun 09

caf said :

That’s probably because you’re supposed to CHECK YOUR F.UCKING BLIND SPOTS before you move your bloody vehicle!

It’s just as likely you’ll run into another car as a cyclist if you don’t.

Except that a bike lane is about 18 inches wide and they seem to come and go as they please, as opposed to traffic lanes which are about 4m wide. When a new traffic lane appears, you also get a lot more notice, bike lanes just pop in from the side of the road, follow along for a few hundred metres then disappear into the bushland again.

As for blind spots, isnt that the reason why pedestrians and cyclists need to be cautious around vehicles? Any vehicle for that matterm whether a car, motorbike, truck or a train, its upto the smaller vehicles to be aware of their surroundings and stay safe. I imagine the cyclists who complain about cars not seeing them until the last minute, are the same cyclists who buzz past a pedestrian and leaving the pedestrian feel like their space was just enroached upon. The only difference, if you see a car break the law you can report it with a glimmer of confidence it might be checked up on.

Maybe the government should take all the millions theyre pouring into making on-road cycle paths, and spend that money to fix up the off-road paths instead. That way the cyclists still get their tracks (which are more direct than the road network), cars are no longer impeded, and we’d be able to stop whinging about cyclists on RA all the time.

Felix the Cat 3:48 pm 28 Jun 09

It would cost more to remove the cycle lanes than it would to mark them with green paint to begin with. They should get rid of the pedestrian crossings while they’re at it, white paint ain’t cheap either.

DrKarl 3:47 pm 28 Jun 09

When petrol is $3 a lt PLUS then you wingeing rednecks will be thinking about cycling too. We have just past Peak Oil people!! “Bio-fuel vs Food ya right?”

Any way since I started cycle everywhere now I have lost 10Kg and my cholesterol is in check, Now I have to watch out for you bloody dumb red necks thinking you own the whole road, as you are a possible greater heath risk. Its about time they started locking you idiots up and throwing away the key, “A dose of your own Justice”

“Save your selves ride a bike”

miz 2:43 pm 28 Jun 09

I love how green paint comes up in ACT politics every few years!

Clown Killer 2:39 pm 28 Jun 09

I don’t have any problem with the cycle lanes generally and certainly not with the ones on Streeton Drive.

This smacks of a desperate attempt to gain traction – any sort of traction on any sort of issue it doesn’t matter, so long as it grabs some press coverage. It’s a telling point really, that the Liberals have to troll like this to get some column inches even against Standope, Simply Simon, Incompetent Katie and Drunk Hargraves.

bigred 2:30 pm 28 Jun 09

Why doesn’t this moron take on TAMS or whoever over the stupid bike lane on Streeton Dr. No self respecting cyclist would ride in the lane because they would end up with a car/truck/taxi driving up their proverbial. They have also f##ked up the entry onto Streeton from near St Judes by herding all teh traffic into one lane. The rest of the lanes aint too bad.

caf 2:09 pm 28 Jun 09

That’s probably because you’re supposed to CHECK YOUR F.UCKING BLIND SPOTS before you move your bloody vehicle!

It’s just as likely you’ll run into another car as a cyclist if you don’t.

stonedwookie 1:42 pm 28 Jun 09

cycle lanes are stupid they hardly reduce congestion you only ever see a few people riding in them this isnt china. we dont have a huge amount of people riding bikes 2 work.
plus there normally built next to bike paths.riders will ride in your blind spot then get all aggressive and wonder why you almost just ran them over.

Full Tilt 1:19 pm 28 Jun 09

But they are painting them GREEN! Which ducks mistake for GRASS!

Won’t anyone think of the ducks?!?

TP 3000 11:21 am 28 Jun 09

The article ends with

The Opposition says the discovery is proof the Liberals are not wasting taxpayer’s money with a flood of questions on notice to the Government.

Mr Coe said the Opposition believed some cycle lanes should be relocated for the safety of cyclists

But after reading the article, he is just trying to make the news & wants a comparison between the cost of the green paint for bike lanes & the white paint for pedestrian crossings

Clown Killer 11:06 am 28 Jun 09

Can I be the first to say that I once saw a duck using a cycle lane.

Snarky 11:01 am 28 Jun 09

It’s about time this was raised on Riotact. It’s been nearly three weeks – THREE WEEKS! – since the last anti-cyclist spray delivered it’s load of bile-filled foamy goodness all over the page. Get your act together people! We have standards to uphold!

astrojax 10:50 am 28 Jun 09

aren’t they the same thing?

clearly the man is still on training wheels and needs to get out a bit more…

Thumper 10:38 am 28 Jun 09

Does that qualify as a a rant?

Or an ALP media release?

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