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Remember when it used to rain?

By Loose Brown - 26 March 2009 83

Apologies all – the water use thread has sparked some thoughts.

I have many fond memories of growing up in Canberra. One of my favourites was walking in the rain when I was delivering junk mail. I used to get sopping wet walking around O’Connor and Lyneham – but I was a kid and didn’t really care. I knew that a warm shower and trakky daks were waiting for me at home.

I remember the lead up to sports or swimming carnivals and the like. We would listen to the radio to see if it was going to rain – it was a real possibility. If it was raining, we’d listen too because Turner Primary or Lyneham High would announce that the carnival was postponed and to come to school as normal for a day inside instead.

Riding around the place was great in the rain. Sometimes the drains would block up and you’d race your BMX through the water while standing up on the seat to avoid getting wet.

We’d all crane our necks in the car when passing over bridges to see how full the stormwater drains were.

Rain meant the half-pipe at the Belconnen skate park wasn’t an option – you’d slip over too much, so you’d think of something else to do.

The base of Bruce Ridge had a permanent reed bed pond that was always full of water and we’d trap tadpoles in glass jars and watch them grow legs at home.

Our hockey club was raising money to install a drainage system on Southwell Park to make it less muddy (no-one had heard of greywater recycling)!

Old people had plastic bags over their bicycle saddles so they could taken them off and use the dry seat when they had finished at the shops.

Mum used to be annoyed by ‘grass stains’ on our clothing.

I used to own and regularly use a rain jacket.

I’m sick of the extended, never farking ending drought/global warming/impending ice age/figment of my imagination.


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83 Responses to
Remember when it used to rain?
Granny 4:08 pm 26 Mar 09

Your raincoat is jinxing us all, p1. Get rid of the blessed thing!

p1 4:03 pm 26 Mar 09

Have to admit, my raincoat doesn’t get used very often.

Granny 4:01 pm 26 Mar 09

Me too. Or experience real grass.

Danman 3:52 pm 26 Mar 09

I remember a few months back, getting caught in 2 huge torrential downpours on my 16k ride home.

I got home, soaked to the bone, including squelchy shoes and socks, but was smiling ear to ear.

Whenever it rains, I always go outside and stand in it for a while.

I refuse to buy wet weather gear for riding to work as that will just jinx us forever.

Most of all, I miss the fact that our kids will never have water fights and play under the sprinkler.

Granny 3:49 pm 26 Mar 09

I love your writing, Loose Brown. It was a very different Canberra. The other day when it rained for about two minutes I went and stood outside in it just because and just to remember.

peterh 3:43 pm 26 Mar 09

ah, yes… southwell park was the mud pit on a good day’s game, we scored a goal with a lump of mud, our goalie was standing on the ball…. Up united!

ginninderra falls in full flood, without having to use the dam and spillway to generate any “normal” waterfalls, riding over the causeway on lake ginninderra in an inflatable boat, lying in the grass on a summer’s day, under some trees, not on a blanket, but on the sweet smelling grass, watching the storms roll in on a summer afternoon….

AngryHenry 3:42 pm 26 Mar 09

It’s raining in my heart.

el 3:38 pm 26 Mar 09

Yeah deezagood – seems that it only ever rains for about 5 minutes, just enough to get everything damp, followed by strong winds blowing dust all over everything.

sepi 3:38 pm 26 Mar 09

I looked at raincoats in the shops recently and then thought I wouldn’t bother – it is lucky to rain once a month, and i never have to go out in it.

deezagood 3:36 pm 26 Mar 09

I got excited today when I saw some cloud cover … but again, over she blew without a drop. I miss the rain 🙁 Hmmm – maybe I should plan a big BBQ (that has usually induced rain in the past)

Pommy bastard 3:31 pm 26 Mar 09

If like me you are a regular viewer of the BOM radar site you will have been treated over the last few days to the regular sight of large patches of rain approaching the ACT, then neatly parting and dissolving once they hit the borders of Canberra. Astonishing!

realityskin 3:27 pm 26 Mar 09

Slip’N’Slide down the grassy slope in the backyard was great !

Danman 3:25 pm 26 Mar 09

We used to hang out under a drain bridge in Giralang and watch the water level rise whilst sneaking a smoke in (My friend lived in the first house closest to the end of the drains in Giralang).

We would ride from giralang to Jamison to Hawker to Giralang, rain hail or snow, and do sprints between ped bridges and rest under each one until the rain eased.

We used to forrage through the pond down the bottom of Giralang after each major storm, looking for tennis balls and the like.

AngryHenry 3:17 pm 26 Mar 09

I wish I could remember what it was like to blow my nose after I mowed the lawn and not end up with a hankie full of mud.

Die Lefty Scum 3:13 pm 26 Mar 09

I remember floating little objects down the gutters until i’d traversed 3 suburbs. And I swear it rained for my birhday party 7 years straight in the 80’s. I blame this cursed luck for turning me into the bitter prick I am today.

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