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Rent reminder Bega Flats style

By MissMoniker - 26 October 2011 59

rent reminder

Hi Rioters,

A friend of mine works for a not-for-profit community organisation and had to visit someone at Bega Flats yesterday afternoon.

She was more than a tad horrified to discover these posters, plastered on every floor in each block of the flats.

Is this the softer/sarcastic side of Housing ACT shining through or just a new (and appalling) approach to communicating with their clients?

Either way, is it ok? I think not.

UPDATE: This in from Joy Burch’s office:

The decision to place posters at Bega Court, Jerilderie Court and Reid Court was taken by a Housing Manager without approval from Senior Management, and was is in no way authorised or condoned by Housing ACT. Housing ACT is in the process of removing the posters.

What’s Your opinion?

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59 Responses to
Rent reminder Bega Flats style
matt31221 4:24 pm 26 Oct 11

I knew ACT Housing would not of condoned that. It is pretty cruel and disrespectful. Not everyone in those flats are screwing the system and are high on drugs. I bet the public servant who wrote it has the cushiest overpaid position in Housing and has had everything handed to him on a plate. Sometimes people in public housing need a hand to get their affairs in order.

devils_advocate 3:47 pm 26 Oct 11

It is ok purely for the amount of joy it has brought me to see it.
As to queries about its origin (genuine APS feebleness or sarcastic commentary on an uncaring bureaucracy) unintentional hilarity is my tip.

Jane Proxy 3:31 pm 26 Oct 11

Are the housing managers DHCS employees? If that’s the case, and this actually came from one of them, then it could be argued that this constitutes a breach of the public service code of conduct.

I’ll grant that there might be some context that I’m not aware of. Even assuming that there is, I don’t think that passive-aggressive notes are ever constructive, and in this case I really think it’s inappropriate.

It’s just occurred to me that it’s not entirely outside the realm of possibility that this is somebody’s way of protesting the housing manager’s lack of compassion, but I wouldn’t put money on it.

Chop71 2:55 pm 26 Oct 11

save the time and effort in collecting the rent and bulldoze the place.

poetix 2:13 pm 26 Oct 11

Lovely. For many people in these flats I can imagine the choice might be rent or presents. Yes, some spend too much money on cigarettes etc., but so do a lot of others in the community. Formal letters to defaulting tenants are the way to go, not this type of pseudo-jolly note posted on every floor. Imagine explaining it to a kid who might think someone was actually putting up something to do with Christmas.

And they’re an equal opportunity offender, carefully avoiding the C word.
(Christmas, that is.)

Henry82 1:51 pm 26 Oct 11

I understand the reasoning behind it, I think they should have worded it better, and not put it on invitation paper.

Nifty 1:42 pm 26 Oct 11

I don’t envy Housing ACT’s employees one little bit. If they don’t try to collect rents they are derelict in their duty, if they do they are subject to criticism like this from do-gooders (themselves probably paid out of ACT Government grants) for daring to remind tenants of their obligations.

David Eastman was eventually evicted from the neighbouring Jerilderie Court despite the fact that he apparently always paid his rent in full and on time. However, compared to some who have used the Bega Flats as a drug shooting gallery in recent years he was undoubtedly tenant of the month material.

Ty001 1:33 pm 26 Oct 11

Oh but it’s done on such pretty party paper reminding people (that are obviously struggling if they can’t pay their rent) that on top of everything else you might be going through you could very well end up being homeless, Merry Christmas!!!!! No number where you might be able to get some financial help oe support like advice on budgeting etc…

Keijidosha 1:11 pm 26 Oct 11

There’s some subtle humour in this flyer that I found amusing. Firstly it is printed on what looks like birthday invite stationery, and secondly the line “TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN” is amusingly ironic because the tenants that this flyer is directed towards probably aren’t concerned at all about paying their rent.

matt31221 1:10 pm 26 Oct 11

OMG I hate that hole of a place. I hate having to go there and on occasion I am forced to.

Could someone also remind some of the tennants that they also need to pay their electricity bill? Also tell them that no – I don’t need to provide them advance warning when cutting off their power for non-payment (after they have been sent several letters and been phoned several times) so that they can finish their internet download.

DUB 12:51 pm 26 Oct 11

I say “Well done”, don’t see an issue here.:-)
But expect to see comments from RIOTers if the tax payer’s dollars went on printing this.LOL

You 12:51 pm 26 Oct 11

Considering the history of that health hazard, it seems perfectly reasonable to me.

Classified 12:50 pm 26 Oct 11

Sheesh! It’s a nice way to remind people to pay their rent. Clearly this has been an issue in previous years, so this year someone obviously thought to remind people ahead of time as a means of reducing the problem.

Living in government housing doesn’t absolve one fo the need to pay rent when they don’t feel like it!

Morgan 12:41 pm 26 Oct 11

Get over it, its better than a Notice to Remedy/Evict

mareva 12:40 pm 26 Oct 11

LOL hilarious. If my landlord put this out I would surely lol, not take offence.

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