Residents name the worst intersections and biggest traffic gripes in Gungahlin

Lottie Twyford 4 January 2022 52
Car at intersection

The intersection at The Valley Avenue and Gozzard Street near the pool is problematic for locals. Photo: Damien Larkins.

The results are in – Gungahlin’s worst intersections have been named, as well as a raft of concerns about the town centre from disgruntled locals.

Residents cited too many traffic lights, inadequate car parking and too much traffic as their greatest concerns in a survey run by ACT Labor backbencher Suzanne Orr.

Ms Orr, who has a background in urban planning, will share the survey results with Minister for Transport and City Services Chris Steel and work with him on assessing some of the issues raised by the survey and what improvements can be made.

The online survey ran from 12 April to 25 August 2021 and received 613 responses from Gungahlin residents and some locals from surrounding suburbs.

According to the subsequent report, the five worst intersections in Gungahlin are:

  • Gozzard Street and Ernest Cavanagh Street near KFC
  • The Valley Avenue and Gozzard Street near the pool
  • Gribble Street and Ernest Cavanagh Street near Bunnings
  • Efkarpidis Street and Gungahlin Place West near Young & Frisky, and
  • Ernest Cavanagh Street and Hinder Street near the Aldi car park.

Residents concerns included poor visibility, delays caused by a drive-thru, car park and school traffic, overly narrow roads and out-of-sync traffic lights or a total lack of lights in places they are necessary.

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At the intersection of Gozzard Street and Ernest Cavanagh Street, residents claim the drive-thru restaurants and nearby supermarkets case major delays, that the lights don’t stay green for long enough and are out of sync, and that the roads are too narrow.

Some respondents called for the road to be turned into a one-way street to help ease some of these delays.

Respondents also indicated that the intersection of The Valley Avenue and Gozzard Street near the pool is far too congested and would benefit from traffic lights or a roundabout.

“During peak hour, it is virtually impossible to get back out onto The Valley Ave. The number of cars driving both ways impact on other intersections as you get to Burgmann School,” the report read.

At Gribble Street and Ernest Cavanagh Street near Bunnings, respondents said there is simply poor visibility and drivers struggle to turn right. They say this intersection should be made a left turn only.

Car at intersection

Also of concern is the intersection at Gribble Street and Ernest Cavanagh Street near Bunnings. Photo: Damien Larkins.

Similar concerns were raised regarding the Efkarpidis Street and Gungahlin Place West intersection near Young & Frisky. Respondents said there is poor visibility, the give way signs are confusing and that the traffic would flow better if buses were removed.

There were similar concerns about Ernest Cavanagh Street and Hinder Street near the Aldi car park.

Respondents said people often take dangerous risks when getting out of Ernest Cavanagh Street, that there can be long waiting times and turning right is difficult during peak times.

Survey respondents also held concerns about the intersections at Ginn Street (between the petrol stations), Warwick Street and The Valley Avenue, Gungahlin Drive and The Valley Avenue, Gundaroo Drive and Horse Park Drive.

Residents are also keen to see Gungahlin Drive – west of Gundaroo Drive – duplicated. This is followed by Horse Park Drive between Roden Cutler Drive and Gungahlin Drive.

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The survey also provided an opportunity for Gungahlin residents to provide their feedback and air their concerns about the Gungahlin Town Centre.

Around 15 per cent of survey respondents indicated that traffic lights are the biggest issue with the town centre. People claim there are too many and are not in sync, meaning commuters will get stuck at each one.

Others (12 per cent) said traffic is the biggest issue – that there’s simply too much of it. Another popular response was for the town centre to be completely car-free. Similarly, 8 per cent of respondents were primarily concerned with there not being adequate pedestrian access in the town centres.

A further 13 per cent said that car parks are the most significant issue – particularly inadequate parking.

Lastly, 4 per cent of people felt one-way roads – particularly around the fast-food restaurants – were necessary.

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52 Responses to Residents name the worst intersections and biggest traffic gripes in Gungahlin
Loviatar Loviatar 5:25 pm 13 Jan 22

People have been complaining about the Gunners roads for well over 15 years. The design is terrible, and wouldn’t suit a region of 25k people let alone 100k or more.

Bek Clark Bek Clark 11:58 pm 08 Jan 22

Cry me a river. Over here in South Town we getting mining licenses for the pot holes they’re so big. So big, they’ll paint them red and white striped around it, but not actually fix it.

Christine Jones Christine Jones 3:28 pm 08 Jan 22


Paddy Mail Paddy Mail 5:15 pm 06 Jan 22

They totally miss mentioning the worst intersection – Valley Avenue and Gungahlin Drive! It should be a mirror image rotated 180 degrees! Less people coming out of Palmerston than people turning right at Gungahlin Drive and blocking anyone trying to get back into Palmerston! (Not to mention the poor siting of the Burgmann School and frustrated traffic during term!)

JC JC 3:57 pm 06 Jan 22

My three pet hates are the intersection of Gribble and Earnest Cavenagh Street. In particular the cars who turn right off Earnest Cavenagh who think that cars going straight out of the Bunnings carpark need to give way to them.

Next are most of the intersections off crinigan circle. Just so busy, each really needs a roundabout to balance the flow.

And finally is Anthony Rolf and Hinder Street where cars seem to ignore the stop signs and for some reason think roundabout rules apply, especially when they turn right into the path of cars which are trying to go straight ahead.

Thanks Kate Carnell and Tony DeDominico for the wonderful town centre design you have left us with.

Futureproof Futureproof 1:54 pm 06 Jan 22

Who’d want to live in Gungahlin? It’s one massive heat island, where a coin is tossed to determine whether you want a clothes line of a tree in your backyard

bj_ACT bj_ACT 11:04 am 06 Jan 22

Good work Ms Orr.

All government members should be asking their local constituents these kind of questions.

Many Canberra Government MLA’s have long prioritised their own political interests or the party needs well above their local constituents needs. Here’s looking at you Gentlemen and Burch.

Donna Goodman Donna Goodman 7:06 am 06 Jan 22

I don't know what people are complaining about. The town centre is fine as long as you don't turn right at any intersection that doesn't have traffic lights. My motto is - Gungahlin town centre: just go left.

Monty Ki Monty Ki 10:40 pm 05 Jan 22

The original Burley Griffin plan was elegant and beautiful. Why were those concepts not built upon and continued in Gungahlin?

Greg Norris Greg Norris 5:01 pm 05 Jan 22

There are so many traffic issues that it makes you wonder if any sort of traffic planning was done. The gridlock that is frequently seen at “cholesterol corner” and the twin petrol station roundabout is evidence of a system that has already exceeded its capacity. Unbelievable.

Finally Relented Finally Relented 3:32 pm 05 Jan 22

Agree. The small block, as well, at KMart car park, along McDonald’s exit, and Siren, with Emergency services is a nightmare – even with lights, traffic blocks the main intersection of Anthony Rolfe and Gozzard leaving no-one moving anywhere, despite what the lights tell you to do. sdp.

Scott Abela Scott Abela 2:13 pm 05 Jan 22

Active marked police patrols, suddenly all the clowns remember the road rules and stop tailgating when they see a cop..

    Mark Katalinic Mark Katalinic 8:00 pm 05 Jan 22

    Considering one of the problem intersections literally has a police station on the corner I have little faith that would do anything

    Scott Abela Scott Abela 8:26 pm 05 Jan 22

    Mark Katalinic Actually people don't worry about driving past a building, but a cop in the next lane... yeah... they take notice of those because thats the one that might pull you over..!

Rachel Bambi Taylor Rachel Bambi Taylor 1:03 pm 05 Jan 22

Brittany Hurcum 😂😂😂they ain’t wrong. Been stuck there many a time

Gerard Jenkins Gerard Jenkins 11:59 am 05 Jan 22

Raze the whole region and start again. Gungahlin is a failed experiment. (No offence to my friends who live in Gungahlin 😇)

Ryan Hardy Ryan Hardy 11:49 am 05 Jan 22

The Barton hwy roundabout traffic light mess. What a joke.

    Ric Stumpf Ric Stumpf 3:50 pm 05 Jan 22

    Ryan Hardy worst still, people keep having accidents - so it’s not working correctly.

    John Dow John Dow 5:53 pm 05 Jan 22

    Ryan Hardy seriously? If you can't negotiate that roundabout and manage to start and stop with the installed lights, you need to hand your licence in on the grounds of incompetence

    Ric Stumpf Ric Stumpf 6:34 pm 05 Jan 22

    John Dow crashes almost every week. I think it needs to be an intersection with traffic lights and feck off the whole roundabout style roadway.

Rosalind Turner Rosalind Turner 11:21 am 05 Jan 22

Level the whole place and start again. It's a planning fail.

    Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Warren 11:55 am 05 Jan 22

    Rosalind, it is. The town centre has been a mess for 25 years, starting with a Liberal Government ignoring residents concerns after many months of “community consultations”.

    Mavis C Devries Mavis C Devries 12:06 pm 05 Jan 22

    Rosalind Turner I agree!

Cheryl Jack Cheryl Jack 11:18 am 05 Jan 22

Lachlan Jack are any of these where you had your accident?

Mark Bowell Mark Bowell 11:07 am 05 Jan 22

The whole gungahlin town centre is not worth visiting due to the roads another mr Barr lack of vision or doesn’t give a ####

    Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Warren 11:56 am 05 Jan 22

    Mark, the town centre has been a mess for 25 years, starting with a Liberal Government ignoring residents concerns after many months of “community consultations”.

    David Jones David Jones 11:44 pm 05 Jan 22

    Elizabeth Warren I think you mean Labor. other than the first marketplace building and a few houses circa 1998, the planning for the rest of the town centre and beyond has been at the incompetence of the continuous Labor governments for 22 years.

    Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Warren 7:06 am 06 Jan 22

    David, the planning of the town centre started well before 1998. I’ve been here since 1992. It started not long after we moved out here.

    David Jones David Jones 10:02 am 07 Jan 22

    Elizabeth Warren plans can be easily changed, they’ve had 22 years to make sure it was done properly and have done the opposite

Murray Brissett Murray Brissett 11:05 am 05 Jan 22

The stop signs on the corner of Anthony Rolfe and Hinder St need to be bigger, because almost every person I see, either can’t see them or just ignores them.

    Nick Gibbs Nick Gibbs 2:55 pm 05 Jan 22

    Murray Brissett It's the latter, they could be as big as a overhead highway sign but they won't do a thing of people just don't give a damn.

    But it's the same issue with the pedestrian crossings on Ernest Cavanagh just accelerate through when you are literally halfway through the crossing! There are so many units out there with no concern for road rules or even how soft & squishy human beings are compared to a car.

    David Jones David Jones 11:48 pm 05 Jan 22

    Murray Brissett standard response of 90% of Canberra drivers to stop signs, just roll on through and hope for the best.

Steve Whan Steve Whan 10:53 am 05 Jan 22

I think the single lane trick with no street parking is utter genius.

The single lane, one way, minimal parking on Hibberson, combined with no option for kerb access makes emergency services access to the roadway and adjoining high density commercial areas impossible without blocking the road.


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