Restaurant Review – Zierholz at the Brewery

Joe Canberran 27 August 2008 24

Having seen the free beer add on RiotACT for Zierholz at the Brewery I thought that it would be an opportune time to go and experience the venue. I have previously drunk a range of Zierholz beers at venues around town and even experienced the wonder that is their mini keg system but I was interested to see what would be on offer in the way of Germanic beer hall dinning.

I wont go on about the layout of the bar or the beer as other Rioter’s have examined this in depth in previous posts but will focus on the food.

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Now I’m no stranger to Germanic food having backpacked there in my youth and eating copious amounts of it at home given that for years my father thought we were of dubious Germanic background – to the extent he wanted to call me Klaus (but on closer examination of the family tree we don’t have a German ancestor).

On offer on the blackboard was a selection of about 6 meals, all 100% Germanic in style and all sounding mouth-watering.

Deciding to skip over the ever tempting wursts myself and another of my party settled on having ‘pork belly on spätzle (German egg noodles) with asparagus and sweet German mustard’ accompanied perfectly by a pint of Zierholz Weizen.

Not having had spätzle before I was amazed not only by the vibrant yellow colour of the noodles but their rich flavour. The pork belly was nice but the addition of the sweet German mustard turned what was otherwise a good meal into a truly memorable, top quality one.

Our other food taster opted for a steak with sauerkraut and again the obligatory mustard. The steak, ordered rare, looked as if it was cooked to perfection and from a normally chatty bunch all sound bar that of munching stopped as we savoured our meals. Even the consumption of the amber liquid slowed.

The cost of the meals was a very reasonable $15 each.

Overall I highly recommend the Zierholz dinning experience.

[ED – For the enthusiast they’re also doing a range of rather snazzy t-shirts. Available from the bar]

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24 Responses to Restaurant Review – Zierholz at the Brewery
enrique enrique 12:43 pm 15 Dec 08

Went out there with the wife on Sunday and loved it!

Had the beer tasting rack to start off to get a feel for the various beers on offer. I settled for the Weizen and and the missus had the German Ale.

We also enjoyed a massive platter for two containing three (or was that four) types of wurst, muscles, pork, salad, prosciutto and bretzels.

Left there with a smile and a definite desire to go back again.

I understand that the brewery follows the German Beer Purity Law – tops! For those that don’t understand the significance of this, it means you get some very clean beer that doesn’t contain preservatives. The only allowed ingredients of beer are water, hops and barley-malt (translation – little to no hangover).

My only suggestion is that this place opens up a venue closer to the city. Staring out into the ambience of a Fyshwick court car park just wasn’t really doing it for me.

realityskin realityskin 11:31 am 02 Sep 08

The schnitzel is the BEST EVER.

Danman Danman 7:37 pm 28 Aug 08

Wonder what they’re using to make theirs – a press, or a knife and board, or something else.

We used to use a ricer in the industry….. Dropped straight into boiling water and cut to size as they drop

johnboy johnboy 6:10 pm 28 Aug 08

FredJ said :

My other half has just arranged a trip there next Friday – Gawd bless her.
Can’t wait!

Don’t forget to take your vouchers.

Granny Granny 5:45 pm 28 Aug 08

Oh no … I am on a diet!!


(Only for two weeks, but!)

FredJ FredJ 5:41 pm 28 Aug 08

My other half has just arranged a trip there next Friday – Gawd bless her.
Can’t wait!

Duke Duke 10:40 pm 27 Aug 08

Mmmmmmm looks delish! Is that sauerkraut on top of that steak?

Johnboy, I say you organise the next RiotAct meet at Zierholz – we’ll all get loaded then head to the nearest rub n’ tug – get some mad RA threads going next day.

See you all there – Duke

Granny Granny 8:37 pm 27 Aug 08

Most probably.

*tee hee*

ant ant 8:32 pm 27 Aug 08

They are discriminating against Queanbeyanites. There’s no chicken schnitzel, and Queanbos won’t eat Weiner Schnitzel because it’s “weird”. Not to mention probably foreign.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 7:21 pm 27 Aug 08

Spaetzle are funny. I’ve had them short, long, die-cut, ragged, plain, in butter, with cheese, even with wild boar sauce. Wonder what they’re using to make theirs – a press, or a knife and board, or something else.

Granny Granny 6:47 pm 27 Aug 08

I am a beer philistine. I need a darn good edumacating.

: )

Sorry for the heart failure, but!

*tee hee*

GottaLoveCanberra GottaLoveCanberra 6:39 pm 27 Aug 08

Oh oh oh oh my deary me. Schnitty and a nice pilsner. SO There!

Granny Granny 5:45 pm 27 Aug 08

Never mind the beer, I’ll be going for the food.

*oink oink*

johnboy johnboy 5:31 pm 27 Aug 08

realityskin said :

Where did the buy one, get one free beer coupon go !?

Keep watching for the big ad saying “Free beer”.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 5:06 pm 27 Aug 08

You mean this one?

realityskin realityskin 4:49 pm 27 Aug 08

Where did the buy one, get one free beer coupon go !?

nicolae nicolae 2:00 pm 27 Aug 08

Well, Astrojax, German food sure isn’t meant to be pretty 😉 I went to Zierholz for a beer tasting (and subsequent larger samples) the other weekend – but the kitchen hadn’t got started yet. The staff were extremely friendly. We were told that Jan Grundlach from Flavours at the Fyshwick markets has had a hand in (advising on) the menu – that alone is enough to get me along there. And good to see from the blackboard that there is a source of proper bretzles, or pretzles, in Canberra. Yum.

Whatsup Whatsup 1:58 pm 27 Aug 08

The pictures of spätzle is making me hungry. I’m thinking I need to go there really soon.

johnboy johnboy 1:52 pm 27 Aug 08

That’s more a reflection on how good the beer is.

(and you get the beer when you order your meal at the bar)

astrojax astrojax 1:41 pm 27 Aug 08

i wouldn’t be eating there – by looks of the pics, waiters be having half ya beer before they bring it out… ; )

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