RiotACT Sim Challenge – How Owen Saddler went

johnboy 10 October 2008 10

The Community Alliance’s Owen Saddler graced All Bar Nun on Thursday night to show off his city management skills playing Sim City 4 in front of a crowd of drunks for the RiotACT Sim Challenge.

Owen’s “City of Holy Light” had a terrible environment rating (and getting worse) partly as a result of really taking mixed use development to new levels. He also got pummeled by a dreadful meteor storm which prompted the previously unheard line from a politician: “When a meteor destroys your coal fired power station you should see it as an opportunity”

Owen described his town thusly: “It’s a pretty average little city to be honest”

After ten years of game play he had good health, and great education ratings. Land value was middling, safety poor, and traffic pretty good.

Overall he had a six green bars of mayor rating.

Owen’s population reached 21,000 and he generally ran balanced budgets leaving him with $126,000 left in the bank and his low density city filling most of the map.

He built 20 odd community gardens, as well as numerous green belts, and his city attracted a university, but declined a stadium.

Candidates wanting to book in for the last week need to move quickly as we’re fast running out of spots.

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10 Responses to RiotACT Sim Challenge – How Owen Saddler went
RuffnReady RuffnReady 12:19 pm 11 Oct 08

I went to primary school with Owen – great bloke with strong principles. Good luck in the election, pal. 🙂

Granny Granny 10:29 am 11 Oct 08

Likewise, Overheard. It is really making a difference to me to get to see the personalities of the candidates as opposed to the speeches. You really do learn far more in all the ways that are really important.

Overheard Overheard 8:02 am 11 Oct 08

“When a meteor destroys your coal fired power station you should see it as an opportunity”

Anyone know where I can get two replacement lungs? I’ve just coughed mine out.

That is simply superb!

And bennyboi, suspend disbelief. Some of the most enjoyable evenings I’ve had in recent months have been at ABN in the company of fellow-Rioters watching candidates play their game, chat with the punters, go to the bar for a fouth pint while the tornado wipes out half their metropolis.

AND, for maybe the first time in the Toytown elections, I’ve had a damn good think about who I’m voting for and why (in preference to voting for the party of my birth-right or a protest vote thereof).

And while playing a computer game didn’t sway my vote, all of the stuff that went around it — their views, their interactions, their personable nature, how they approached the task and how that experience implied a microcosm of their operating style: I aleady know now who I’m voting for…. er, I was going to say next Saturday but I have about two days to find a pre-polling station.

And I watched them build a Sim City (not to be confused with Canberra City/Toytown) courtesy of the RiotACT.

Again, kudos maximosa to the RiotACT Overlords for the Sim City challenges.


bennyboi bennyboi 9:56 pm 10 Oct 08

Im drunk, count yourself lucky i am getting 90% of my spelling right.

Thumper Thumper 9:28 pm 10 Oct 08


Geez I hope that was spelling mistake….

bennyboi bennyboi 8:48 pm 10 Oct 08

I have 2 fridges at my residence. One for food. One for beer.

And i only drink the finest Australian brew – Blue Tongue Lagger.. Its like God blessed the hunter valley and made this beer.. At $75 a case you’d expect that..

Yeh my 2nd fridge has 3 cases in it.. Need to ensure its stocked to 90% capacity at all times.

johnboy johnboy 8:45 pm 10 Oct 08

After the election.

And it depends how much beer you’ve got.

bennyboi bennyboi 8:43 pm 10 Oct 08

You serious, you would film me playing games, talking about how awesome i am at said game and drinking beer? When you want to do this thing?

johnboy johnboy 8:31 pm 10 Oct 08

Well when you’re a registered candidate let us know and we just might. As long as there’s beer for us too.

bennyboi bennyboi 8:30 pm 10 Oct 08

Come to my house and record me play games and drinking beer on my couch.. Thats more exciting than Sim City.

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