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RiotACT Sim Challenge Round Five – Jacqui Myers – Liberal for Ginninderra

By johnboy - 3 September 2008 44

The RiotACT Sim Challenge gathers pace on Thursday evening with the Liberal candidate for Ginninderra, Jacqui Myers, becoming both the first Liberal, and the first woman, to take up the challenge in O’Connor’s All Bar Nun.

Jacqui will be demonstrating her priorities while building a community of Sims and you’re all welcome to come along to offer the helpful advice for which the RiotACT community is justly famed.

It’s a 4pm start which means there should be plenty of action happening after 6. (it’s a three hour challenge but we do give candidates some warm-up time).

What’s Your opinion?

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44 Responses to
RiotACT Sim Challenge Round Five – Jacqui Myers – Liberal for Ginninderra
johnboy 12:29 pm 03 Sep 08

Tyler it will take a better writer than you to attack a person’s integrity in a “light hearted” manner.

You might want to consider using smileyfaces.

jakez 12:27 pm 03 Sep 08

The real question is whether Tylersmayhem will still love JB after the glassing incident.

tylersmayhem 11:58 am 03 Sep 08

I know, I’m just being facetious (imagine that). 😉

justbands 11:53 am 03 Sep 08

Hehe…I think you’d be pretty safe from being glassed by JB tylersmayhem.

tylersmayhem 11:50 am 03 Sep 08

Thanks for the update JB. I’m not sure I’ll risk fronting up to you face-to-face to discuss on Thursday. Based on your reaction to my comment of this and previous posts, I think I run the risk of being “glassed”.

tylersmayhem 11:46 am 03 Sep 08

I think you should calm down JB, and allow my opinions on this site without getting so emotionally offended and involved in your posts. This is not the first time you have gotten so bent out of shape about one of my posted opinions, and I think it is inappropriate of you to do so as an RA “overlord”.

I did not realise the photo had been hotlinked, and I merely suggested putting a note on the post to mention that the photo has been changed for reason recently outlined by Skid.

If it’s the light hearted “sell-out” comment you’re so upset about, I think you need to harden up a little as someone who is at the helm of this site, for your credibility’s sake. My understanding of your creative and rather random “Ed” comment, would indicate a rather interesting personal stab at me, which is fine and I’ll take it lightheartedly – and I’m not even in any position of responsibility of this site.

johnboy 11:33 am 03 Sep 08

I have now added a note to the blazer story explaining the changed image. Thanks for pointing that out, even in the form of an insane conspiracy accusation.

All candidates should have decent sized publicity photos on their websites, but very few do. In this case as I’ve linked to her site you can go and gaze on any that you personally prefer.

I chose the one I liked. Come along on Thursday and explain to me at any length you desire as to why other photos on her website were more meritorious, by all means.

jakez 11:27 am 03 Sep 08

Jesus you can’t win with some people. Jacqui gets in trouble for having photos that are too ‘politiciany’ and Adam gets in trouble for having a photo that takes the piss out of politicians.

Skidbladnir 11:24 am 03 Sep 08

Having just realised it was hotlinked, I withdraw my revisioning history of comment being directed at Jb, and instead direct it Adam Verwey, calling a blight upon him and his line until the seventh generation.

Skidbladnir 11:22 am 03 Sep 08

I too dislike the retconning of the Adam Verwey photo -after- people started commenting on it. Now it looks like we’re all out of touch with reality and attacking a guy for wearing a t-shirt.
Also, his comment in the later video posting then makes no sense at all.

Revisioning of history is doubleplus ungood, Jb.

And you liked the at a distance, barely able to make out detail, family photo rather than the individual publicity photo of her in the top left?

johnboy 11:12 am 03 Sep 08

Because I reckon you’re more Ed Norton than Brad Pitt, Tyler.

Let me get this straight. You’re abusing the candidate because you disagree with my photo selection? Highly rational. The value of your opinions is really rising.

And then, utterly unrelated, our hotlinking to a photo of Adam Verwey, which he has sinced changed the source image to (and this is the first I’ve heard of it) is proof of conspiracy and sell-out?

Oh yes Ed, the Verwey Millions have quite turned my head.

Get a grip.

tylersmayhem 11:05 am 03 Sep 08

Where does the term “Ed” come from?

I’m not taking a cheap shot at the portrait per-se, or of the appearance of anyone in the photo. It’s the cheesy use of them for political reasons that makes me gag.

As for the photo of Adam Verwey, I think it spoke for itself considering RA has already changed the photo to something more realistic. Perhaps that should be explained on the post so new readers understand why such comments were made. It seems young Adam already has political clout to get his original photo on The ACT censored. Or is that just JB selling out?

realityskin 10:13 am 03 Sep 08
johnboy 9:54 am 03 Sep 08

Take a pill Ed, it’s just the one *I* liked the most on her website.

Want to show us all your photo album before taking these cheapest of shots at others?

tylersmayhem 9:51 am 03 Sep 08

Whats with the friggin’ family portrait? First we have a gumby in a suit 8 sizes too big with a god awful polo shirt underneath – now a cheesy family shot? Whats with these politicians! Sorry…not getting my vote!

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