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Road closures for the Australian Running Festival

By johnboy - 12 April 2012 18

Territory and Municipal Services are warning about their road closures to support the Australian Running Festival:

These road closures will affect participants and visitors to the Auto Italia car show and the Kingston old bus depot markets. Motorists are asked to factor possible delays into their travel time or find alternative routes.

Road closures will be in place from 8 am Saturday 14 April to 1 pm Sunday 15 April 2012. Affected areas include Acton, Barton, Kingston, Parkes, Forrest and Griffith.

Barriers as well as warning and diversion signs will be erected to alert people to the closure. Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times.

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18 Responses to
Road closures for the Australian Running Festival
RaTTyRaTT 9:21 pm 15 Apr 12

Well the irony is that while I have been busy working and that, imagine my surprise to find the roads blocked today. Oh that’s right – such a great job advertising that “everyone” knew it was on. Duh! please someone think a bit. 6 suburbs, combined with some ‘very’ major thoroughfares (eg: Commonwealth Ave down to 1 lane…) does actually cause some effects ironically…
Now, many people would say – “ooh you should have heard or read about it” to which I reply “where? and why would I waste my time checking those sites for possible disruption that may/may not impact me…”
In the end, I got round it, but there were some stupid places where the roads were blocked – and i pity the poor bastards who lived behind the barriers. (really, I mean some roads blocked at nearest cross-street, leaving about 500m of road not even being ‘run’ on. DUHHH!)

GardeningGirl 8:05 pm 13 Apr 12

I was thinking of going to the AutoItalia. Thanks for the link Felix, I’m not sure that info was there last time I looked, or perhaps I just missed it. Well done to the organisers for putting up a useful map of the event and surrounding roads. Why can’t TAMS put a map on their website instead of just a list of the streets that are closed?

buzz819 11:24 am 13 Apr 12

Felix the Cat said :

Has instructions on what roads are closed how to access show, really not hard.

Damn, I really wish I didn’t have to do this

*whistle blow*

10 Minutes in the penalty box for excessive use of common sense, be warned, next time your out for the rest of the game.

Felix the Cat 10:49 am 13 Apr 12

Has instructions on what roads are closed how to access show, really not hard.

buzz819 9:40 am 13 Apr 12

I really do find it funny, if there is something on, that someone doesn’t like, or agree with, they take it personally.

Dungfungus “I’m going to take my $35 else and waste more money driving somewhere else.”

I bet if you guys lived in Sydney you’d still be there beating your drums when they shut down the harbour bridge for there marathons and publicity stunts, get over yourselves, you live in a community, which means you have to put up with what others in the community want to do.

They never said you couldn’t get to the Auto Italia, they said that getting there maybe disrupted.

dpm 7:20 am 13 Apr 12

If people like the complainers here had their way, perhaps AJ etc would be right, and Canberra would become a boring place?
Luckily there are lots of people here who like to do differerent things (that may or may not ‘conform’ with your weekend plans). Humans are like that. It’s one of the things that makes the world an interesting and better place, IMO.
Enjoy life! Celebrate and enjoy diversity! TGIF. 🙂

geetee 11:12 pm 12 Apr 12

dungfungus said :

Why the hell do these people need to close down 6 suburbs for? What sort of events happen at a “Running Festival”?

Perhaps you’ve just moved to Canberra….since the Canberra Marathon has been held around this time on this same course for maybe the last 20 years…

As a former resident of Kingston, I always found the disruption minimal.

Jethro 10:28 pm 12 Apr 12

Well, to be honest, only two whingers.

Jethro 10:25 pm 12 Apr 12

I’m with Morgan.

So many bloody whingers.

dungfungus 10:23 pm 12 Apr 12

Morgan said :

Its a once a year event, with many visitors to Canberra. No big deal

That’s “no big deal”only if you are one of the festival participants? In otherwords, everyone else can get stuffed.

LSWCHP 10:21 pm 12 Apr 12

A couple of years ago I’d booked the tennis courts at Barton to have a few games with some friends on a Saturday afternoon. I got to within about 30m of the courts to discover that the road was blocked off for a stupid bloody running event. There were no runners in sight anywhere, like within a kilometer or so, but the imbecile at the barrier wouldn’t let me through in case I drove into a runner who wasn’t there. He refused to listen to reason, and I considered disabling him with a quick rabbit punch to the kidneys to get him out of the way, but I managed to roll back the read mist just in time. I eventually parked my car up near the Kingo pub and walked about a mile to the courts.

Given that there are miles and miles of nice open tracks in the forests around Canberra I simply can’t understand why they need to block off whole suburbs for extended periods.

Primal 10:15 pm 12 Apr 12

dungfungus said :

What sort of events happen at a “Running Festival”?

Would you believe… running events?

More precisely, 5k and 10k runs on Saturday arvo and marathon, half-marathon and ultra-marathon on the Sunday morning. 5000+ runners expected.

Morgan 10:11 pm 12 Apr 12

Its a once a year event, with many visitors to Canberra. No big deal

c_c 9:53 pm 12 Apr 12

Oh FFS! Screw up access to all the national institutions and two big events on a weekend, during mid semester break and with a heap of inter-state visitors in town. Can’t they use the same damn tracks the bikers and rally drivers use out in Stromlo.

dungfungus 9:47 pm 12 Apr 12

Well, I was planning to go to the Auto Italia but apparently, as there are no sporting facilities available for these “runners” over the next weekend, I will drive to the vineyards and spend my dollars there. Why the hell do these people need to close down 6 suburbs for? Surely they can find somewhere else like the Aboretum perhaps? What sort of events happen at a “Running Festival”? Hope they have lots of confrontations with the local cyclists.

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