Roadside lovin’ (on the cheap)

Ralph 22 March 2005 8

A couple of locally-based truckies have recently informed me that there is a new girl ‘on the game’ in the vicinity of Limestone/Fairbairn avenue. She was described by them as ‘blonde, slim, tanned’ and ‘wouldn’t have any trouble getting business’. I said it was probably Limestone Lizzie, to which they replied ‘Nah, this one’s new’.

Last week Loadedog posted this encounter with a blonde lass on Limestone avenue. You can read the details of the meeting yourself.

In the meantime, I’m telling my mates to visit the optometrist.

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8 Responses to Roadside lovin’ (on the cheap)
7:29 pm 23 Mar 05

I’d hit it… (oops, sorry, this isn’t Fark, is it?)

LurkerGal LurkerGal 11:03 am 23 Mar 05

We saw her the other night. She’s pretty brazen, basically standing in the middle of the road with her skirt up and thumb out.

FB FB 9:17 am 23 Mar 05

There is another blond that has been seen hawking her wares on Limestone. You don’t see her often. She’s a bit better then the one on Loaded Dog but not much. Perhaps she is the ones your friends saw?

And no I haven’t used their services, I just happen to work accross the road from them.

Last Thurs I also noticed a new brunette (not Lizzie) thumbing up Limstone opposite Olims. Maybe we have another!

johnboy johnboy 7:07 am 23 Mar 05

in what sense?

compared to his armpit collection?

7:19 pm 22 Mar 05

I have to say it that there seems to be something very wrong about posting pictures of that woman on Loadedog.

shaun shaun 5:16 pm 22 Mar 05

Also in Civic on weekends, usually haning around the young bloke who spends his time at the interchange asking for his “busfair home”. Never seen him catch a bus though.

Ralph Ralph 4:58 pm 22 Mar 05

and apparently across the road outside the CSIRO offices…

Hacky Hacky 4:08 pm 22 Mar 05

I thinks it’s true, I’ve seen her several times going to work, always just before Olims. Further up the road that Lizzy

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