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Routine investigation or part of a broader trend?

By johnboy - 3 November 2009 25

The ABC has the shock news that the ACT’s outgoing Chief Magistrate Ron Cahill (Due to resign in month’s time) is to be investigated by the police:

Mr Corbell says the investigation is about the administration of justice but he will not provide any details about the case.

He says he was informed of the matter on October 23 and referred it to the Director of Public Prosecutions who in turn passed it onto police.

It has been reported that the investigation centres on a hearing that was aborted last week after a visiting Victorian magistrate revealed he had been given documents briefing him on the case.

The cynical might wonder if this will stop the plain taking Chief Magistrate dropping a bucket on the executive arm of government during his swan song. We can only hope the motivations are more noble.

What’s Your opinion?

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25 Responses to
Routine investigation or part of a broader trend?
vg 7:39 pm 04 Nov 09



I’d wager a dozen regular public servants have killed themselves since the event you mentioned. Is the ACT PS rotten to the core as well.

Nothing more embarrassing than someone who thinks they’re informed.

Blondcat 5:27 pm 04 Nov 09

The Cahill matter and Corbell’s handling of it reinforce the views of a lot of people that the ACT is way too small to be an independent jurisdiction with its own police force and judiciary. We have seemingly corrupt magistrates, Ministers doing ‘jobs’ on the court system, a treasury that can’t collect the rates and land taxes its responsible for, senior police officers committing suicide (sorry to bring this up) Bruce stadium scandals, Belconnen Pool scandals Commissioner for Revenue Scandals, Tu Pham scandals and Angel Marina scandals, when will enough be enough???

prhhcd 3:15 pm 04 Nov 09

Simon Corbell? Credibility = 0. An absolute idiot! Just as Gunghalin Al said – I listended to the interview on my way to work as well. Gagged, and he took that order seriously.
I don’t know enough to judge either, but hope that justice will prevail.

TheObserver 11:52 am 04 Nov 09

Mr Corbell’s only comment should have been ‘no comment’ and yet he can drop little media snippets to keep the wheel turning, but Cahill is gagged.

There is the whiff of a job being done on someone here, and it follows a trend with this ALP crew – first the Registrar, Jill Circosta, more recently the Supreme Court with the AG blasting the Chief Justice in the media prior to speaking with him -and now this with one of the foremost lawyers in the Territory.

I suppose this is just ‘lawyer envy’. Corbell is not qualified as a lawyer. He only knows what his flunkies tell him and lord knows, they don’t have much talent.

Gungahlin Al 10:33 am 04 Nov 09

Cahill was on 666 this morning and stated that he’d pursue restoration of his reputation “to the highest court in the land”. So doesn’t sound like someone prepared to be gagged.

I tend away from the “stench of payback” assertions. There *was* a trial aborted due to something that was done. That is no small matter legally or financially. So clearly something had to be investigated as to how/why this happened and whether anything untoward occurred. I’ve little doubt that Simon would have found himself in the rather invidious situation of having no choice but to refer it for investigation.

What I don’t understand is why any of this was released to the media though. Would it not have been better to allow whatever investigation to proceed without that muddying the waters? The only possible reason I can see is that Simon got a heads-up that it was about to go public anyway?

Then there’s the cost of restarting any trials he’s in the middle of…

Coach 10:08 am 04 Nov 09

Listening to Ron Cahill on the ABC this morning, I do not have enough information to form an opinion either way about his actions, so I will refrain from doing so(and hope others will as well). I do know he has served this community for a long time in a very important capacity.

What I do have an opinion on is… “How simple does someone have to be to write the first comment made on this posting???” (Bloody Hell…..grow a brain)

How long do we have to watch our Attourney General play out his issues with the judiciary in the media? How grossly unprofessional!

grump 10:02 am 04 Nov 09

I can’t see where someone makes the point about why providing a background brief for the magistrate hearing a case is a bad thing – wouldn’t this be normal? Is security the issue in that it was emailed rather than hard copy?


dvaey 2:23 am 04 Nov 09

What are the chances that this might spill over into an audit/investigation of some of Higgins’ decisions too?

54-11 9:29 pm 03 Nov 09

If it’s a choice between the credibility of Corbell and Cahill… Sorry, Simple Simon, you lose.

cranky 6:40 pm 03 Nov 09

The stench of politics and payback are all over this.

The word ‘arrogance’ springs to mind.

Granny 6:33 pm 03 Nov 09

Me too, sunshine.

AussieRodney 6:28 pm 03 Nov 09

sunshine said :

it would be a shame for Mr Cahill to finish his career off in this manner – i for one have the utmost respect for him.

As do many others in this town.

jackal 5:54 pm 03 Nov 09
sunshine 5:26 pm 03 Nov 09

it would be a shame for Mr Cahill to finish his career off in this manner – i for one have the utmost respect for him.

I-filed 5:15 pm 03 Nov 09

Let’s hope it saves us paying out his super …

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