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School Canteens to be cleaned up by 2009

By johnboy - 9 May 2006 34

The Canberra Times has the happy news that school shops are going to be forced to clean up their act and stop selling junk to children in the name of profit.

Certification, however seems to be a bit onerous.

The process typically takes a year to complete, and schools must requalify every two years.

While I know some of the kids will walk to the local shops and buy their chocolate and potato scallops, this is still going to make sure the lazy ones eat better.

What’s Your opinion?

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34 Responses to
School Canteens to be cleaned up by 2009
Thumper 3:29 pm 09 May 06

Hmmm… Good point Oh Evil One…

And is it a breach of Human Rights to deny the kiddies all the junk food they want.

After all, it must be their decision?

Mr Evil 3:12 pm 09 May 06

Has Stanhope Inc consulted with the UN on this issue?

I think they’ll find that kids have rights to eat whatever crap they want to!

RandomGit 2:45 pm 09 May 06

bonfire, your ignorant comment once again prompts a moral obligation in me to set you straight.

They play Playstation and Xbox, not Atari.

Just watch yerself in future, ya hear!

emd 2:40 pm 09 May 06

I think it’s a good thing, in general. Kids that get pocket money will make their own decisions, but if you make it harder to buy crap then they might get more accustomed to eating good food.

My complaint is that the guidelines aren’t freely available. The Canberra Times said something about full-fat milk being banned, and I want to know if they just mean flavoured or plain too. But do you think I can find these guidelines anywhere? No chance!

johnboy 2:21 pm 09 May 06

There was a spot of bother with the bananas in qld getting whacked by a cyclone.

now we’re not allowed to eat furrin bananas so as not to do down the aussie battler queensland banana farmers.

markets might have some at outrageous prices.

lenny 2:18 pm 09 May 06

slighty off the topic, were can you buy bananas these days, woolies doesnt seem to stock them anymore..

GnT 1:41 pm 09 May 06

My biggest concern (same as the issue of junk food advertising) is what classifies as junk food? Coke? definitely. Pies? Maybe. Fruit roll-ups? Muesli bars? Flavoured milk? Ice-blocks? Peanut butter? All these foods have some nutritional content, but are also high in sugar/fat. And (as bonfire said) active kids need comparatively more fat and sugar than adults.

Blewy 1:27 pm 09 May 06

Absolutely. I’ve grown up in a family with parents that have blamed everyone for their misfortune in life. There hasn’t been a day in my life that i have spent with my parents without either whinging about the banks, Government, Schooling, Woolworths, or any other large organisation. Growing up with this, it is so hard as an adult to break out of this pattern, but now that i have, it really gets under my skin when crap like this is actually a social issue.

You got it in one Abesent Diane, products only sell because we buy it. Stop buying it and they’ll stop selling it.

Absent Diane 1:03 pm 09 May 06

A lot of parents do seem to be looser on their kids in general….. ever been to the mall lately ?the little shits are everywhere running amok..eating crap and participating in gross acts of obese consumerism… when I was kid the last thing I wanted to do was go to the mall (that hasn’t changed much).. I wanted to run around like a nutter playing sport or something….. ok sure I carry some extra luggage now… but that is mostly because I quit competitive sport and took up beer…

So my vote is for cleaning up parenting…. and the reality is that if the kids don’t want it / aren’t allowed it.. the canteen’s won’t sell it…

Sssanta 12:54 pm 09 May 06

high five blewy. As far as i am concerned, you got the nail on the head. This obesity whoo-hah and the subsequent blaming of society rather than the parents, whose really are responsible for the passing on of life skills is beginning to wear a bit thin with me.

Blewy 12:39 pm 09 May 06

How about spending some time educating your kids on the importance of eating healthy instead of blaming the schools/canteen/Government or which ever random soul happens to be in the way. And yes Bonfire, agreed. These are the same parents that let their kids sit around playing computer games for hours on end eating crap and then blame the canteen for selling bad food. It’s always “They” when it comes to taking control of your live. “They” told me it was ok! “They” have the bad food, so it’s their fault i’m fat. They told me to jump off the bridge, so I sure as hell did it!!! It’s like that fat guy suing McDonalds for not kicking him out of the restaurant, or the drunk guy paralysed for crashing on his car on the way home and then suing the pub for serving him alcohol. Idiots!!!!

Get over it and take some kind of responsibility for your own actions.

Thumper 12:36 pm 09 May 06


When I was a kid I think I was allowed to have a pie once a fortnight, and coke was definitely not on the menu. It was the old vegemire sangas and an apple.

Apart from that I ran around playing footy all day.

I think this is a really good initiative but it needs to supported by an education program and a fitness program within schools, especially primary schools.

Get them when they’re young and they’ll generally be right.

bonfire 12:07 pm 09 May 06

i think a meat pie on a cold winter day si ideal tucker for a little scamp.

its the litres of cola they jam down their gullets that cause the real damage.

and the fact that mum lets them sit on their arse playing atari for hours after school.

Blossy 12:06 pm 09 May 06

When I was a kid it was very simple.

We had no money. So we couldn’t go to the canteen willy nilly. That was a privilege reserved for the very few days that our parents would allow it, in which case it was OK to eat sausage rolls for those few and far between occasions.

The rest of the time we either ate the salad sandwiches and fruit Mum had packed, or we went hungry.

Thumper 12:04 pm 09 May 06

I know the wheels of government work slowly, but three years?

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