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School redevelopment community consultation

By Special G - 25 September 2007 26

The comrade has brought in Purdon Associates to “consult” with the community on what to do with the existing school sites once they close. The word on the street is they have to submit the report by next week so the one and only chance to put your say in is happening now before the gubmint decides what to do with them.

Apparently there is a stage two consult where they tell us what they are doing and let us bash our heads against the wall trying to oppose the bad decision.

Many pages on Purdon’s website are down – coincidence maybe?

List of meetings.

Location – Marathon Room, Australian Institute of Sport
(Entry via Visitors’ Centre)
Leverrier Cres, Bruce
25th September 2007
Start: 5:45pm for 6:00 pm
Finish: 9:00 pm

Woden/Weston Creek
Location – Olympus Room, Helenic Club
Matilda St, Phillip
27th September 2007
Start: 5:45pm for 6:00 pm
Finish: 9:00 pm

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
School redevelopment community consultation
sepi 7:44 pm 25 Sep 07

ps – I meant to say that they should also be considering demographic shifts into the future, and the possibility that they may one day need to put schools back into these suburbs. Especially the older suburbs with big blocks which are getting subdivided, and more people are moving in.

sepi 7:43 pm 25 Sep 07

Nah – they’ll keep one for community groups, so they can talk about it forevermore. Probably the smallest one – or the one with the most vocal supporters.

Special G 7:22 pm 25 Sep 07

I figure the whole process is a sham and the decision has already been made to demolish all the buildings and sell the land off to the highest bidder – money for govt. Then more cash with the sale of the land on to home owners in the form of stamp duty.

Its like having and pie then getting to eat it twice.

LIC 7:22 pm 25 Sep 07

This is yet another example of “tick the box” consultation, ie it only happens so the public servants can tick the box on consultation, not because anything will be influenced by it. Pointless exercise. Why waste your time participating in the sham?

Pandy 7:14 pm 25 Sep 07

Somewhere where dysfunctional teens or Amber can go and smash windows and smoke bongs.

Thumper 4:45 pm 25 Sep 07

“the only two options that cannot be considered are the re-opening of the schools or the conversion of all of the land within each site to public open space”

Sounds suspiciously like they are setting up to sell the land for development.

What was it Henry Ford said about the model T ford?

‘You can have it any colour you want, as long as you want black’.

sepi 4:23 pm 25 Sep 07

off lead dog zones

bonfire 4:18 pm 25 Sep 07


sepi 3:41 pm 25 Sep 07

I just had a look at the site. They are also including Downer Primary (which has been the CREDA business centre for years) and Nth Curtin which closed some years ago.

This is intersting:
“Please be aware that the only two options that cannot be considered are the re-opening of the schools or the conversion of all of the land within each site to public open space.”

– I dont’ see why they can’t make the sites into public open space.

their options are:
Fully redevelop site
Partially redevelop site
Use bldgs for community uses, and land for urban open space.

They note that there are not enough community uses for all the old school bldgs.

Maelinar 3:11 pm 25 Sep 07

My street appears to be the only one in Canberra that gets hand-delivered all of these ‘community consultation’ invitations, so I have had ample time to prepare for this meeting.

The problem, prevalent among my peers and neighbours, is that none of us can be bothered going along to these meetings which are simply diversional therapy for old people and the occasional communist party representative complete with green hooded coat, che guevara t-shirt, several red pins and in need of a very good scrubbing.

This is probably why my street gets delivered the invites in the first place, because the gumnuts know we can’t be bothered going along.

Mr Evil 2:53 pm 25 Sep 07

The report may be due to the ACT Govt by December? That doesn’t mean that Purdon won’t have already started writing the damn thing though.

In my opinion, three meetings run in the space of a week doesn’t make this an open and transparent process at all: instead it’s almost like the decisions have been made, but they’ll just string it along a bit to keep the voters happy.

bonfire 2:38 pm 25 Sep 07

no doubt the report is already written and a finger is poised on the ‘send’ button until the anointed hour.

les 2:24 pm 25 Sep 07

they actually said the report was due in mid december on the radio this morning but who ever lets truth get in the way of a good rant, eh.

Thumper 1:58 pm 25 Sep 07


As in when they decided to close the schools, and then consulted about the closures…

Mr Evil 1:55 pm 25 Sep 07

Welcome to open and transparent government.

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