School student not allowed to smoke after all

GnT 7 November 2007 8

After a very vigorous debate here on RiotACT, as well as stories in all major news outlets across Australia, it turns out claims that Stromlo High School gave permission for a year 10 student to smoke are false.

Note to journalists: check your facts.

I’m pleased to note that a few of the comments here were sceptical of the story, especially when poo666 was able to set us straight with a copy of the statement from the principal. Remember folks, don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

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8 Responses to School student not allowed to smoke after all
tybreaker tybreaker 7:26 am 08 Nov 07

I find most things that appear on RiotACT turn into beat ups by the vigilante attitude of participants.

Lord Mælinar Lord Mælinar 7:03 am 08 Nov 07

DMD I believe it is a policy, not a law. (although I’m quite willing to be corrected). Government policy is there is no smoking on ACT Government property.

How this is interpreted is left to the heads of respective departments. A wise person might assume that if it is disregarded, the Government takes punitive measures, such as suddenly reducing funding, until the policy is more appropriately followed.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 12:42 am 08 Nov 07

Then what is that law going to change, Nyssa? Sorry, I’m genuinely interested. I don’t know what the law is concerning that. I only know I was never fined for smoking at college.

fhakk fhakk 11:21 pm 07 Nov 07

Is anyone actually surprised Stromlo High is denying this happened? I know I’m not. As if the school’s going to go and say “Sorry, my bad, we did let her smoke but not any more”. They’d be in enough trouble with the department and the minister as it is. Meanwhile, the interview with Smoko Girl and her mum at WIN on Monday night was priceless…

Queenie Queenie 6:56 pm 07 Nov 07

Remember folks, don’t believe everything you read on the RiotACT.

nyssa76 nyssa76 6:47 pm 07 Nov 07

DMD, no.

There’s an actual law prohibiting smoking on Govt property e.g. schools.

Staff are already abused if they smoke anywhere in the vicinity of the school, including the carpark.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 4:21 pm 07 Nov 07

“Note to journalists: check your facts.”

Since when has a journo (or their Chief of Staff anyway) let the facts get in the way of selling copies??

I wonder how much resources were wasted by all and sundry dealing with this B/S yesterday?

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 3:19 pm 07 Nov 07

“”The ACT Government has a strong policy on non-smoking in schools, and as of next year, smoking will be banned on all school grounds,” Mr Barr said. “This means no teachers or students will be allowed to smoke anywhere on the grounds, and visitors will also be asked to refrain from smoking.”

Does this actually mean Nyssa76 was wrong?

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