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Seven Storey Simon strikes suburbs

By Kerces - 17 August 2005 25

Zed Seselja has put out a press release about Simon Corbell’s varying the Territory Plan to allow a seven-storey development in Deakin.

This is despite the Planning and Environment Committee, which includes some of Mr Corbell’s own Labor colleagues, recommending only three to five storeys in the area.

The Planning Minister has also apparently ignored a petition of 450 Deakin residents opposing the proposed development on the Embassy Motel site.

Basically this is a fairly ordinary complaining presser, but I do like Zed’s new nickname for Corbell: Seven Storey Simon. More poetic than Earring Boy I think, and rather appropriate given his recent spate of high rise approvals.

(The Libs were getting poetic today, with Jacqui Burke also telling us all is not well at Ainslie Village)

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25 Responses to
Seven Storey Simon strikes suburbs
Maelinar 4:55 pm 18 Aug 05

And Mr Corbell, after we’ve finished discussing the policy, I would like to chat about how much light rail you could purchase for the infrastructure of this city instead of a new palace for yourself.

Maelinar 4:10 pm 18 Aug 05

Mr Corbell, I ask you how you can abide by a Territory plan policy, and allow another lobby group (NCA) to steamroll your department and assembly into allowing such a variation to go ahead without consulting the general populace ?

You cannot state that you oversee a policy that covers depth and width but not height, it falls outside all known rules of building and construction.

Thumper 3:46 pm 18 Aug 05

Maybe he is Mel Torme?

How do we know he is not Mel Torme?

Chris S 3:24 pm 18 Aug 05


This case points out everything that is wrong with the current planning system – a plethora of planning rules that no-one understands, the usual pointless round of “consultation” with residents, a developer-driven approach to planning decisions, and an anti-resident bias to everything that you and the planning authorities (plural) undertake.

What bothers me is that the proposed “reform” of the planning system is equally skewed against residents.

Chris Shelling

Spitfire3 2:52 pm 18 Aug 05

Hi Simon. I appreciate you giving us your side of the story.

Thumper 2:10 pm 18 Aug 05

You cannot be Simon Corbell as I would expect he could spell ‘recommendations’ correctly and not ‘reccomendations’

Then again, I could be wrong….

Simon Corbell 1:49 pm 18 Aug 05

Unfortunately the comments on this planning issue, and many others, are inaccurate, and unfair. The ACT Government cannot regulate the maximum building height for this site, only the National Capital Authority can. The reason for this is that the Deakin site is on a national approach route, and therefore the NCA have some planning responsibility. Importantly the NCA sets maximum building heights through Development Control Plans for these sites. The role of the ACT Government is to set the land use policies, this is why there is a Variation to the Territory Plan for this site, to include multi unit residential as a land use, along with accomodation ( i.e hotel/motel) uses. The proposal to include multi unit residential as a land use for the site was unaminously endorsed by the Assembly’s Planning and Environment Committee. I have not ignored the Committee’s reccomendations, however it is not within my power as ACT Planning Minister to set maximum building heights in this case.

Spitfire3 1:02 pm 18 Aug 05

Right, gotcha. Now it kinda works.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 10:50 am 18 Aug 05

It would have been more effective if I had mentioned that seven story buildings should roll down Black Mountain

Spitfire3 9:47 am 18 Aug 05

“(pun most definetly intended)”

There was a pun?

Thumper 8:09 am 18 Aug 05

Simon’s use, or that abuse, of his powers is now becoming a distinct worry.

Its almost as if he’s decided to annoy the feds by going against the old planning laws regarding the height of buildings.

Gotta love those call in powers….

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 8:00 pm 17 Aug 05

yeah I know I know….but I was on a roll (pun most definetly intended)…I should get some sleep.

johnboy 7:50 pm 17 Aug 05

Careful Sam, ASIO will justify another pleasure dome if you keep up the hate talk.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 7:43 pm 17 Aug 05

Well, the new assembly will have to have at least seven stories…maybe more, possibly 50 if it is going on City Hill.

Maybe they will put some special seven stories along the proposed busway.

We need something on top of Telstra Tower, perhaps the Stanhope Mental Asylum…chuck the lot of ’em in, throw away the key and push the seven story building down the mountain…if they survive, give them a bravery medal and ship them off to the moon.

johnboy 7:34 pm 17 Aug 05

I posted the following as a story only to see Kerces had beaten me by two minutes.

The vagaries of Simon Corbell’s thought processes as he undoes decades of Canberra planning have prompted us to ask before; Is he Mad? Or is he Bad?

(Or the increasingly common answer “a little of column A, a little of column B”)

To add to the mix Zed Seselja has put out a media release on Simon’s latest rough-shod riding over the Planning and Environment Committee (note the 2-1 Labor majority).

So if seven story development is cool in Deakin where else can we expect it?

And now the circle is complete…

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