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Shane Rattenbury calls for more expensive booze [With poll]

By johnboy 17 May 2011 34

The Greens’ Shane Rattenbury is tackling binge drinking by calling to end alcohol discounting in supermarkets.

“The Attorney has powers in the liquor laws to stop supermarkets from selling alcohol at sharply reduced prices which encourage binge drinking. We want the Government to use these powers and to act in a preventative way.”

The call for the laws to be enforced also comes on the back of the supermarket price wars where the large retailers have engaged in aggressive competition behaviour which has driven prices below the recommended retail price in some instances.

“Enforcing the laws would also take on the supermarket price war which has seen the price of pre-mixed drinks cut to irresponsible low levels. This is bad for health and public safety.

“There is a well established link showing the lower the price on alcohol, the greater the risk of binge drinking. Extreme low prices on pre-mixed drinks are especially concerning as these are often the drink of choice for young people.

“Under the ACT’s new liquor laws, licensees face a $5,500 fine if they are found to be advertising in a way that promotes irresponsible drinking. The Attorney needs to enforce this law on the major retailers, not just the local bars and nightclubs around Canberra.

“There is a very fine line between standard retail competition in action and an irresponsible and out of control price war that harms young people. The Attorney needs to be clear with the large supermarkets on where the line is drawn in the ACT under our law,” Mr Rattenbury said.

Because if only those earning like MLA’s can afford to do it it’s not a problem?

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34 Responses to
Shane Rattenbury calls for more expensive booze [With poll]
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averagejoeaussie 12:28 am 02 Jun 11

Here we go again; hasn’t this idiot heard about the Alcopops tax and the amazing affect that had in reducing binge drinking? All the kids did then and would do now is buy bucket loads of goon (look it up, Shane – it’s really cheap, available and it does the job). What would stop me binge drinking is some sensible laws passed by sensible politicians from sensible governments. Not idiot zealots aligned with a minority unrealistic ideology party.

Clown Killer 3:52 pm 18 May 11

I’d define “binge” drinking as not really drinking anything most of the time and then really hitting it hard when you do – like abstaining all week and then having twenty drinks on Saturday night.

Nevertheless, this is just another dour piece of bullsh!t policy from the folks that would have us all wearing hair shirts after they’ve forced us to share all our possessions. It’s the same tired ‘command and control’ approach favoured by watermelon extremists because it entrenches the role of the State as wet nurse and minimises free choice.

Holierthanthou 3:05 pm 18 May 11

Do the guidelines actually call that binge drinking?

No, the guidelines give limits over which regular consumption may have negative impacts on health. A “binge” is not defined. For some people 3 beers will be a binge, for others not.

Thoroughly Smashed 12:36 pm 18 May 11

Do the guidelines actually call that binge drinking?

Diggety 10:36 am 18 May 11

Thumper said :

Of course, under the new Roxon Health regime (c) three beers a night is now classified as binge drinking.


Even if this legislation achieved what it designed to do, it would be wrong.

I never asked the Government decide what/when/how/why is best for me. They should butt out and leave individual choices to individuals. And individual actions to individual accountability.

BimboGeek 10:28 am 18 May 11

Actually the three drink binge is the truth. It was downgraded from 5 a year or two ago. Anyone working in the industry started saying “would you like a glass of binge?”

The most hilarious thing is that public healthcare policy is powered by booze. Even the binge drinking conference finished with drinks.

Thoroughly Smashed 10:13 am 18 May 11

Thumper said :

Of course, under the new Roxon Health regime (c) three beers a night is now classified as binge drinking.

Is it?

The Frots 9:47 am 18 May 11

Thumper said :

Of course, under the new Roxon Health regime (c) three beers a night is now classified as binge drinking.

Which means I binge every simgle night of the year.

LOL – you should be ashamed of yourself! Without having a label for it back in my misspent youth, I’d say I ‘binged’ every now and then – in fact, I recall it was compulsory where I grew up.

Thumper 8:06 am 18 May 11

Of course, under the new Roxon Health regime (c) three beers a night is now classified as binge drinking.

Which means I binge every simgle night of the year.

BimboGeek 11:16 pm 17 May 11

If you’d wanted to stop binge drinking in my day you’d make the following things illegal: lemonade (made even the worst goon delicious), pineapple juice and ginger ale (whatever was in the punch, these were the predominant flavours) and all those nasty artificial “liqueurs” like whatever went into the college bucket of fruit tingles. We were happy to buy Smirnoff, cooking wine, cooking sherry, Melbourne Bitter, whatever was going, as long as we didn’t have to taste the stuff. Alcopops were for special occasions, definitely not for a binge!!

Obviously politicians are getting old and well past their student days.

Even in high school I was as likely to drink a single vodka and red cordial as I was to drink a single raspberry RTD.

Kids just can’t afford alcopops and never could.

nobody 6:30 pm 17 May 11

I started drinking excessively at 14. I could buy bottles of spirits from my local supermarket, was rarely asked my age, and if I was I would simply answer 18 and then be served. At 16 I could drink at most pubs in my country town. No-one tried to stop me, and most peers joined in. I would have been better off and appreciated some Government led moderation. The supermarkets and pubs where simply about more profit, and take no social responsibility.

zippyzippy 6:24 pm 17 May 11

neanderthalsis said :

So more expensive grog will act as a deterrent in the same way that more expensive cigarettes have stopped smoking, more expensive petrol has stopped people driving and more expensive electricity has saved the antarctic from becoming a tropical paradise.

Wait are second. Are you sure those things aren’t a deterrent? Petrol prices definitely impact on people’s travel choices. More expensive electricity has made people change their energy habits. Don’t know about the cigarette one though…

dvaey 5:12 pm 17 May 11

Clown Killer said :

And how exactly does he intend to stop me buying wine and spirits on-line at significantly less than what you would pay in the liquor store?

It doesnt stop you doing that at all. It does stop a couple of kids putting 5 bucks together and buying a 4-pack of RTDs at the local. Most people over the age of 18 have figured out that its significantly cheaper to mix your own drinks than buy alcopops anyway.

keepitup 3:56 pm 17 May 11

It will penalise us mature-aged Canberrans who do our binge-drinking at home . . .

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