Share your views on trees in Canberra – Monday 15 Feb 2010

Vonbare 11 February 2010 16

I know there has been a lot of discussion of the various trees in Canberra on the forum before, so I thought readers might be interested in the following:

Share Your Views on Trees in Canberra

The Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment is undertaking an Investigation into the Government’s tree management practices and the renewal of Canberra’s urban forest. Terms of reference are at:

As part of the Investigation the Commissioner is conducting forums to:

  • inform community participants of some issues relating to tree management and the urban forest in the ACT;
  • identify issues for consideration for the report on the investigation;
  • provide information on how the public might participate in the Investigation, particularly through making submissions.

You are invited to join the Commissioner on:

  • Monday 15 February 2010, 6-8:30 pm
    Bradman Room, Manuka Oval, Canberra Ave, Griffith

Everyone is welcome to attend

RSVP: 6207 2626 or for catering purposes

Authorised by Maxine Cooper, Commissioner, Office of the Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment

[Ed – there was another session tonight but has been edited out due to timings]

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16 Responses to Share your views on trees in Canberra – Monday 15 Feb 2010
miz miz 3:32 pm 14 Feb 10

Stonedwookie, only a few years ago a boy at (I think) Brindabella Christian School died after a eucalypt branch broke and landed on him. They aren’t called widowmakers for nothing, you know.

I-filed I-filed 1:24 pm 14 Feb 10

I didn’t bother to go – seeing as it was two ACT public servants in the very tree protection department who illegally cut down a massive and valuable tree in their back yard next to mine, sans permission. And didn’t even get rapped over the knuckles despite my formal (ignored) complaint …

miz miz 2:39 pm 13 Feb 10

Eucalypts are also mono-culture tree – nothing will grow under it, and they are only so prevalent now because of all the burning indigenous Australians did (see Back from the Brink by Peter Andrews – also featured on ABC’s Australian Story). AND they are a massive fire hazard. They should NOT be planted in Canberra.

Growing deciduous trees and exotic or native shrubs is a far better strategy in this city, as they in turn set up a proper micro-climate that moderates temperature – something Canberra (being a city subject to such temperature extremes) could certainly do with.

stonedwookie stonedwookie 11:57 am 13 Feb 10

whens the last time you’ve heard of someone dying from a tree branch falling on them in canberra? leave the tree’s alone dont forget they let you breath

sepi sepi 10:29 am 13 Feb 10

It is hard to think of how i feel aboout trees – I mean trees just ‘are’.

I would be very sad to lose our Canberra street trees, and I think the govt’s ‘urban renewal’ program is tragic, misguided and destructive. where is the ‘renewal’ in cutting down perfectly good mature shade trees, and replacing them much later on with twiggy saplings which dies from lack of care almost straight away.

In European cities -and even Victoria – there are trees of 100 years old in cities. Why should Canberra trees get such a limited lifespan?

It sounds so sappy to go on about loving trees = but really – our streets would be so depressing without them. Also lawns survive much better/longer with a bit of shade around.

cleo cleo 11:56 pm 12 Feb 10


Not only are they messy but dangerous, eg: falling on houses, cars and people! And for the record I do like trees, I know Canberra is the BUSH Capital, but we are also a growing City!

bd84 bd84 8:56 pm 12 Feb 10

Gungahlin Al said :

As I mentioned in another post, as a community rep on the Commissioner’s reference panel, I welcome comments/feedback on urban tree concerns. Here or to me at president at

I didn’t think the G had any trees..

urchin urchin 3:28 pm 12 Feb 10

I think all the trees should be replaced with ents.

LMR LMR 2:47 pm 12 Feb 10

Trees are awesome, they have lots of roots!

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 2:24 pm 12 Feb 10

I vote we remove all trees as they present a danger to drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. We could seel the timber to a woodchip manufacturer and use the proceeds to purchase more public artworks.

youami youami 12:35 pm 12 Feb 10

I hope the trees get invited, shouldn’t really talk about them behind their back.

Buzz2600 Buzz2600 11:59 am 12 Feb 10

Hey Cloe, sorry eucalypts don’t fit your neat-freak take on urban living, maybe you should go live in a bubble.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 11:42 am 12 Feb 10

As I mentioned in another post, as a community rep on the Commissioner’s reference panel, I welcome comments/feedback on urban tree concerns. Here or to me at president at

Thumper Thumper 8:31 am 12 Feb 10

I like trees. They’re kind of tall and leafy, except when they short.

cleo cleo 1:55 am 12 Feb 10

I don’t like the gum trees in the city or close to homes, so messy! There are no koala’s around here.

bd84 bd84 10:13 pm 11 Feb 10

They have trunks, branches, leaves and stuff. The die and need to be cut down sometimes.

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