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Should live music venues get the arts grants?

By johnboy - 17 September 2005 39

NowUC have an interesting story on the financing of live music in Canberra with Brian from Toast suggesting that arts funding would be better spent on venues than on bands.

Tricky subject. I’d hate to see government funding supporting karaoke or bogan covers. How many covers in a set would trigger a funding review? Sample-heavy electronic acts not sufficiently original?

All those questions however should be surmountable. Perhaps rather than direct funding special lower cost licences would be in order?

What’s Your opinion?

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39 Responses to
Should live music venues get the arts grants?
Thumper 3:03 pm 20 Sep 05

Almost right Mael,

“what’s the big problem with someone getting up with a guitar at a pub and getting money for it “

This is where the problem lies. Venues have been killed off with regular monotony over the past 10 or so years.

The clubs no longer have real live bands, just sequenced duos, which are boring as shit. The live venues that used to exist have been regulated out of existance by noise curfews, OH$S issues, and whatever.

There just aren’t the venues around any more to go and play every thursday, friday and Saturday night.

Back in the late 80s till the mid 90s I was doing two- three nights a week no problems. In fact we used to knock jobs back because we were too tired or couldn’t be bothered.

Can’t do that these days.

Having said that, I don’t think grants to individuals or bands are the way to go. What are they going to do with them? Buy more gear so they can practice for when a job may come up?

If we are to talk grants then it needs to be to improve the infrastructure of venues so that they are once again viable for bands. ie, more opportunity in the way of government helping sound proof venues, less regulation on noise restrictions in places like the city, and agents need to stop pushing their profit making duos and start re-employing real bands.

And f&cking clubs removing half of their pokies!

Maelinar 2:43 pm 20 Sep 05

AD, you are so out of touch with amazing things.

I can turn water into beer. Beats Jesus and the fishes hands down every time.

Back on topic, I’m afraid I’m with bonfire on this one, success is the natural selection way of culling the inferior people. The reason I am sitting at my desk today is unequivicably related to the fact that my art looks very similar to art I produced when I was still in Kindy (Not that that’s a bad thing given the quality of shite that’s being produced as ‘modern art’).

My tax dollar isn’t intended to support some tryhard fool or some single mom with a warped ideology produce art.

Then again I feel that way about the AIS. Australia is cheating by training up athletes full-time, and should be penalised for allowing professionals to compete at the olympic games. (I’m a recalcitrant supporter of amateur sportsmen and women if you haven’t guessed that already)

Given that I’m not completely briefed on the issue, what’s the big problem with someone getting up with a guitar at a pub and getting money for it ?

In Ye Olde world it would have been called a Bard. Given Canberra’s infatuation with Ye Olde world pubs, shouldn’t it be a given ?

Or have I just exposed yet another reason why Canberra’s plastic irish pubs are and never will be authentic.

Thumper 2:09 pm 20 Sep 05

Venues is the answer and the problem.

Last time I was down in Hobart they seemed to have a live band every night of the week in just about every pub.


You just can’t do that in canberra….

bonfire 1:57 pm 20 Sep 05

konrad, mate, if noone PAYS to see you do your thing – take the hint. fuck off and harvest mung beans.

and if noone pays to see you do your thing – why should i donate my taxes to you ?

art and commerce always go hand in hand.

art and state patronage belongs to east germany etc.

Absent Diane 1:51 pm 20 Sep 05

Good call Konrad_Lenz – I don’t blame you for getting out…

Absent Diane 1:43 pm 20 Sep 05

Honestly I would rather my tax money go to assisting struggling artists (like myself – not that I am struggling financially just in relevance to time or lack-there-of) in having a crack…it seems only fair – the public service pays the way for so many useless pricks – and really why should they get a thing – it promotes a lesser gene pool – where as muso’s and artists turn communication into art…. which is the most amazing thing I can think of other than our existence itself

Konrad_Lenz 1:36 pm 20 Sep 05

Bonfire, you’re a dimwitted idiot. Before I go any further I’ll state the following – I don’t try and get grants, I’ve always felt uncomfortable about the idea of being funded by the government, mainly because I like the idea of being completely independant of any outside concerns for what that’s worth, so what I’m saying here is not out of self interest – but really, Ken Done is one of the most financially successful artists in the country, if you place your understanding of quality strictly in terms of sales then he’s a great artist, the fact that what he produces is bland shit doesn’t matter… & Kylie Minogue with her boring drone is one of our most brilliant musicians according to your logic, so start thinking about things Mr Bon and light the fire in your brain instead of lighting the droning dirge from out of your own arse… (by the way, have you ever heard of Vincent Van Gogh, he was never able to support himself as an artist)PS. The anorexic junkie you use as an example would be one of the least likely candidates to recieve an arts grant anyway Mr Fire.
The arts has never been an easy area to find financial remuneration and Australia isn’t exactly the easiest country for artists to live in. Out of hundreds of writers, musicians, actors, and painters, photographers, I’ve only known about five or six who’ve made a living out of the damn business & they’d be the last to claim that its strickly because of their talent. So if some artists rely on funding to get their work done, that’s fine by me…
As far as funding for venues as opposed to artists goes, what Brian suggested wasn’t an either/or, it was an as well as, and the idea that maybe musos AND venues should be recieving funding makes a lot of sense. As a musician in this town I’m tired of seeing quality local venues closing down. I’m not hanging around Canberra much longer, partly for this reason… Other cities in this country have a lot more to offer…
By the way, why does everyone who writes here do so pretty much anonymously under impenetrable psuedonyms? Adios – Konrad Lenz (the ego maniac king of the droning dirge ha ha ha).

bonfire 12:20 pm 20 Sep 05

i think the point here is – why should ‘artists’ suckle off someone elses teat. why not earn their own wage ? if they arent good enough to earn a quid – maybe they should become public servants instead of assaulting us with droning dirges.

seriously, remember that anorexic junkie that used to hang out near the civic merry go round droning on at all hours absolutely destroying any song she attempted ? oh yeah, give her 30k a year, shes an artist.

Absent Diane 11:16 am 20 Sep 05

No worries – cut the grants -but put all artists / musos on a public servants wage… at least society will get something meaningful out of it instead of just just paying a bunch of whiney fat useless overpaid cunts, that have meetings to decide the date of further meetings – as it is now

bonfire 4:26 pm 19 Sep 05

i second the motion.

less grants. no grants at all.

let artists learn to live away from the government teat. wean them into reality.

putting legislation in place that would make live venues less prone to vexatious whinging would be a bigger help.

Thumper 11:58 am 19 Sep 05

Why should there be grants?

What we need is more venues, more incentives, and less bloody regulations.

As well promoters and agents need to start pushing bands instead of bloody sequenced duos!

el 6:47 pm 18 Sep 05

Both good points JB and AD. At the end of the day, if there’s too much bullshit to deal with, a lot of venue operators aren’t going to (continue to) bother. Cheaper and easier licencing sounds like a great idea, and shouldn’t really be too hard to implement provided that’s something the local Govt can take care of.

Absent Diane 6:10 pm 17 Sep 05

don’t agree 100%…because just like bands – venues can be prone to failure as well…… what the city really needs is better support for venues…protecting them against noise level complaints…. in saying that I can’t really think of any canberra bands that have utilised the grant and really made something of themselves

johnboy 2:49 pm 17 Sep 05

balloons tell no tales, seem adequate on existing funding, and are mostly from out of town.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 2:45 pm 17 Sep 05

I’d rather see them fund the Balloon Fiesta first…

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