Signs for the lost!

johnboy 9 July 2009 33

Jon Stanhope would like the aboretum to be his legacy, but I reckon it will be the signs. Signs everywhere. Signs in half-hearted txt speak. Signs reminding you to wipe your nose and put a jumper on (ok I made that last one up to the best of my knowledge).

The Chiefly One has this very morning announced more signs for the “community paths” (is this a re-naming of the off-road cycle path network?):

    The signs will help cyclists and walkers navigate the Territory’s community paths by providing information about direction and distance to major destinations.

    The first route, linking Belconnen to the City via Cook, has been completed and another three routes linking the City to Woden (via Yarralumla), Woden to Tuggeranong (via Torrens) and Woden to Tuggeranong (via Fisher) will be finished by October.

    The entire project will see fourteen priority routes signposted by the end of next year at a cost of $1.1m.

    “The ACT Government is investing in simple and consistent directional signs to link the Territory’s community paths,” Mr Stanhope said. “The signs will help cyclists and walkers to make quick and accurate route choices when navigating between town and employment centres.

This at a time when soon even entry level phones will have GPS. Oh well.

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33 Responses to Signs for the lost!
taco taco 4:45 pm 10 Jul 09

sepi said :

Yes! I hate that Canberra thing of putting up huge roadsigns that say “City” or “Gordon” but don’t actually have the street name – hopeless.

It’s not just a Canberra thing – navigational signs in Sydney are terrible too – one that gets me is a fork on a major motorway – both forks just say “Airport” but don’t tell you which road is which!

Thumper Thumper 11:33 am 10 Jul 09

Sign, Sign everywhere a sign
Blocking out the scenery breaking my mind
Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign

sepi sepi 11:09 am 10 Jul 09

Yes! I hate that Canberra thing of putting up huge roadsigns that say “City” or “Gordon” but don’t actually have the street name – hopeless.

miz miz 10:59 am 10 Jul 09

How about properly signposting roundabouts in the Tuggers area instead? For many, you have to drive right round the roundabout to find out if it is the correct turnoff, as only one direction has signage! No wonder we have a bad rep for roundabouts. Also, it’s annoying to have signs saying things like ‘to Monaro Highway’ but leaving off the name of the road (eg Johnson Drive). When you look up a map before travel and get lefts and rights, you rely on the street name.

It would also be nice if they put the word ‘Airport’ on a few signs, instead of that dinky kindergarten picture of a plane. Yes, I know it’s an international symbol (and I’m not saying get rid of it completely) but I for one look for words, not pictures.

In contrast, Sydney and Melbourne have done it correctly with very clear signage all the way to their respective airports, from every direction.

jackthemartin jackthemartin 10:11 am 10 Jul 09

Dagget66 said:

I think the barriers are to try and stop adventurous car drivers entering cycle paths / shared paths / whatever they are called .

Apparently there is some history of that happening here ?

There is – I’ve encountered cars on the bike paths near the lake a couple of times, presumably while barriers had been removed for some reason.

But there are safer solutions than to narrow the path, which as well as creating collision risk within the narrow section, sometimes also force cyclists to come to a near standstill while still on the road. A single bollard in the middle of the path seems safer

Hells_Bells74 Hells_Bells74 6:16 am 10 Jul 09

Many more millions Horrid, they need many more. Would rather them fix the problems before putting almost gold/neon signs about it up.

Hells_Bells74 Hells_Bells74 4:40 am 10 Jul 09

Tourists in Canberra, if they cycle much at all do it at the lake with the ancient bikes you hire. In the day normally, quite feeble people mostly, not game to test the boundaries a little or a lot. If they were venturing out beyond the realm of fantasy they would either be prepared, have a friend here with them or bloody lost anyhow regardless of signs, but some signs too wouldn’t hurt (I just think the Govt. has lost it’s head with the prices swindled out of them).

Spend a mill getting shiny new bikes for hire and a shiny girl to run it. Sure that would make everyone slightly happier. (could be outdated if they are updated)

Don’t matter it went on signs anyhow 😛

Pandy Pandy 12:14 am 10 Jul 09

Will no one steal the Arboreteum signs? I see that they never seem to be grafitteed.

Mike Bessenger Mike Bessenger 11:27 pm 09 Jul 09

Anyone know what the recent resealing of the bike paths has cost?

Horrid Horrid 10:44 pm 09 Jul 09

I suspect that the problem for many is not that the money has been spent on signs, it’s that it has been spent on cycling full stop. For some, the mere mention that a tiny fraction of cyclist’s own taxes has been spent on cycling brings immediate rage.

But presumably those who think this money is wasted would also like the immediate removal of all road signs. After all, drivers can also stop up every few minutes to check maps or GPS, so they wouldn’t have any double standards would they?

In many suburbs of Canberra, especially with no landmarks visible, the paths and immediate surroundings all look the same. That goes double at night. Even experienced riders on semi-regular routes can get confused and disorientated, and tourists have no chance. A million dollars once every 30 years or more (the previous brown signs, of which a few survive, date from the 1970’s) works out to about 40K per year- in terms of capital works spending that’s nothing- except, of course, to those bigots who believe that this is precisely what cycling taxpayers should always always get.

Jazz Jazz 3:00 pm 09 Jul 09

Love it. There is such an unrecognised need to make QUICK decisions on route choice while walking.

taco taco 2:53 pm 09 Jul 09

Sorry to double post, but I also agree that we have too many on-road signs, each extra one is a hazard for people to crash into, and potentially fatal for motorcyclists.

taco taco 2:51 pm 09 Jul 09

While some paths are in desperate need to fixing (mostly due to tree roots lifting them), I also think some more navigation signs on the off-road cycle paths would be a good thing – even with the map it’s often confusing as to which exit you need (the maze of under passes near the belconnen soccer club on william slim comes to mind)

Road drivers take for granted the green navigation signs, but it’s very confusing learning the cycle network as the routes are often non-obvious.

Feathergirl Feathergirl 2:26 pm 09 Jul 09

Why not put that 1.1m into fixing the bike paths

I am so with you there Mike B. Fix the bike paths and the regular paths. The paths around Kambah are horrible, I feel sorry for the older people who have to trip over cracks and raised bits, wade through dirt and sand and even find paths at all under all the grass that’s overgrown them. Hell, I feel sorry for myself sometimes, but then I write comments on Riotact and I feel a tiny bit better.

We need to have a Riotact comp. to send in pictures of the ACTs worst paths, I bet I could find a winner.

Wraith Wraith 1:46 pm 09 Jul 09

Hells_Bells74 said :

Might have to start stealing ‘boring’ signs they could be worth heaps on the black market now.

**I’ve never stolen a sign in my life, but I’ve seen some doozies lifted of course.

I’m with you here, time to start stealing some, at $1.1m, I want my share back, that’s a ridiculous price.

Thumper Thumper 1:26 pm 09 Jul 09

Speaking of signs, has anyone seen the sign on the road at the intersection of tilyard drive and ginninderra Drive?

that’s a winner of a place to put a sign.

CapitalK CapitalK 1:25 pm 09 Jul 09

What are the signs around Barton Hwy, Federal Hwy (to at least Gundaroo turnoff), EPIC that are yellow and folded in half ie you can’t read them? Is this something to do with Summernats??

MelonHead MelonHead 1:11 pm 09 Jul 09

My new favourite has just appeared on Southern Cross Drive, facing west. It directs you to turn right into Starke St for Kippax Shops. So what? you say. But there is every chance that you have driven/ridden from, or past, the aforementioned shops to get to this sign. Or it has been placed at the wrong intersection. Starke St intercepts Southern Cross twice. Still a stuff up.

Well done that sign allocator. Next, arrange sign pointing to your bum. You probably need it.

Dagget66 Dagget66 12:18 pm 09 Jul 09

@ Mike post #11

I think the barriers are to try and stop adventurous car drivers entering cycle paths / shared paths / whatever they are called .

Apparently there is some history of that happening here ?

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