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Signs for the lost!

By johnboy - 9 July 2009 33

Jon Stanhope would like the aboretum to be his legacy, but I reckon it will be the signs. Signs everywhere. Signs in half-hearted txt speak. Signs reminding you to wipe your nose and put a jumper on (ok I made that last one up to the best of my knowledge).

The Chiefly One has this very morning announced more signs for the “community paths” (is this a re-naming of the off-road cycle path network?):

    The signs will help cyclists and walkers navigate the Territory’s community paths by providing information about direction and distance to major destinations.

    The first route, linking Belconnen to the City via Cook, has been completed and another three routes linking the City to Woden (via Yarralumla), Woden to Tuggeranong (via Torrens) and Woden to Tuggeranong (via Fisher) will be finished by October.

    The entire project will see fourteen priority routes signposted by the end of next year at a cost of $1.1m.

    “The ACT Government is investing in simple and consistent directional signs to link the Territory’s community paths,” Mr Stanhope said. “The signs will help cyclists and walkers to make quick and accurate route choices when navigating between town and employment centres.

This at a time when soon even entry level phones will have GPS. Oh well.

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33 Responses to
Signs for the lost!
MelonHead 1:11 pm 09 Jul 09

My new favourite has just appeared on Southern Cross Drive, facing west. It directs you to turn right into Starke St for Kippax Shops. So what? you say. But there is every chance that you have driven/ridden from, or past, the aforementioned shops to get to this sign. Or it has been placed at the wrong intersection. Starke St intercepts Southern Cross twice. Still a stuff up.

Well done that sign allocator. Next, arrange sign pointing to your bum. You probably need it.

Dagget66 12:18 pm 09 Jul 09

@ Mike post #11

I think the barriers are to try and stop adventurous car drivers entering cycle paths / shared paths / whatever they are called .

Apparently there is some history of that happening here ?

Hells_Bells74 11:23 am 09 Jul 09

Might have to start stealing ‘boring’ signs they could be worth heaps on the black market now.

**I’ve never stolen a sign in my life, but I’ve seen some doozies lifted of course.

Mike Bessenger 11:16 am 09 Jul 09

Yeah it’s great. Always wondered where Schlick St it. The more regular cyclists will also notice that barriers are also starting to appear forcing the two lanes to become one, for about a metre or so. I will try get some photo’s of one. Hoping it does not cause and accidents, as I see head on’s happening.

la mente torbida 11:12 am 09 Jul 09

Have been waiting with bated breath over the last couple of weeks to see a couple of steel posts finally completed with informative signs. Saw it this morning….sign said ‘Schlick St’ with a couple of images of a pedestrian & a bicycle. Money well spent.

RAGD 11:05 am 09 Jul 09

1.1 Million? Seriously? Where does that money go? Sign making must be a lucrative business.

jackthemartin 10:55 am 09 Jul 09

This signage sounds like a good idea (depending how it’s done).

As a frequent bike-path user, I have no need for signs myself. But visitors, new residents, and those cycling for the first time are frequently baffled by our extensive bike-path network, so often either cycle on the road even though they’d prefer a bike-path, or choose not to cycle.

In terms of the infrastructure itself, our bike-path network is comparitively excellent, and I beleive, at this stage, $1 million invested in signage (depending on whether its done well) will add more value to the network than what it could buy in reseals/extensions.

Free maps would also be good if the aim is to encourage bike path use, but maps have some shortcomings: (1) some find them confusing; and (2) stopping to get out a map every few minutes is inconvenient on a bicycle.

Hells_Bells74 10:55 am 09 Jul 09

Canberra neglects it’s needy (cyclists and otherwise) as always but has no problem with paying over a mill for freaking signs to look good pretending to care!
Can’t they just buy cheaper signs if they feel the need for them?
That’s ok it wasn’t long ago they put flippin’ signs for bubblers all over the city (non-existent ones sometimes). Wonder what that cost was?

Dagget66 9:54 am 09 Jul 09

Post #2


screaming banshee 9:42 am 09 Jul 09

Right, the other Uriarra road……crawls back into his hole

Thumper 9:00 am 09 Jul 09

It’s either that intersection or the Coppins Crossing/ Uriarra Rd intersection.

Thumper 8:58 am 09 Jul 09

Where it forms a T junction with Cotter Rd.

screaming banshee 8:55 am 09 Jul 09

Isn’t the southern end of Uriarra road in NSW therefore nothing to do with Stanhopeless

Mike Bessenger 8:39 am 09 Jul 09

Why not put that 1.1m into fixing the bike paths. Infact why not make the contractor that just resealed the bike paths a couple of months ago come back and have another crack at it.
We don’t need little signposts. For those that don’t know where they are going go buy a bike map. Even better put the 1.1m into free bike maps.
The last thing we need is more obstacles to dodge whilst we are riding around.

Thumper 8:31 am 09 Jul 09

Totally agree John. Have you seen the southern end of Uriarra Road? It must have the most signs per square metre in the world.

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