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Signs on Coppins Crossing Road

By Evictor 19 April 2005 19

Anyone know what the go is with those ‘Not Happy Jon’, “Owners not Renters” and “Don’t Treat Farmers like Dirt” signs which are painted on big sheets of metal as you drive down Coppins Crossing Road?

They’re placed on the land of chap who owns the farm I’d say.

What is his beef ?

What’s Your opinion?

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Signs on Coppins Crossing Road
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seepi 10:17 pm 21 Apr 05

They have already said they won’t be doing anything for residential property. I can’t find any reference to it now, but I remember it being said at some point a few years ago.

johnboy 9:50 pm 20 Apr 05

Just remember that large tracts of the rest of Canberra (particularly in Liberal Land – The inner South) are about to hit the end of their 99 year leases too.

If the Government decides to take back the land I predict we’ll see blood in the streets.

GuruJ 1:34 pm 20 Apr 05

Well, that certainly doesn’t *sound* fair.

I suppose it depends upon the nature of the lease — for example, if the farmers were granted the lease at a discount on the basis that they were able to conduct profitable activities on it for a limited time period, then I suppose you could argue that the government has no obligation to pay them out since the farmers have had the benefit of the land for XX years.

However, if the government tried to do the same thing to my residential property when its 99-year lease expired, there would be hell to pay, since I have no expectation of profit other than the capital appreciation in the land values. Have any ACT governments refused to renew residential leases in any part of Canberra? Anyone know if the same processes apply?

seepi 12:22 pm 20 Apr 05

They only have to compensate you for ‘improvements’ eg new buildings. You get NOTHING at all for the land. So if you are a rural type with a few run down buildings, you get zip. and you have to get permission from them to put up new buildings. Lose Lose lose situation.

Evictor 12:07 pm 20 Apr 05

They’ll need to get Denis Denuto onto this quick smart.

GuruJ 11:51 am 20 Apr 05

Actually, I was wondering how and if people got compensation once the 99-year lease runs out.

Aside from the question of fair valuation, is the government obligated to pay you when not renewing the lease? Or can it just say, “thanks very much, we’ll take that?”

sk8erboi 8:45 am 20 Apr 05

Didn’t anybody listen before they voted for Labour? This is the new Molonglo Valley development area that was in the spatial plan. Apparently the consortium of private developers that rule Canberra convinced ACTPLA that we HAD to have new housing out there right quick (while land values are still booming methinks). Rural lessees are over a barrel, getting screwed, they don’t even get a choice of barrel.

Thumper 8:02 am 20 Apr 05

Sadly it all comes down to the mighty dollar and this government never lets that opportunity pass. There’s lots of land out there and that means lots of houses and big bucks for the government.

For christ’s sake, can’t they leave this place alone! I like Canberra as it is, not as Stanhope wants!

12:45 am 20 Apr 05



Bassman 12:06 am 20 Apr 05

Yes, the signs are on the farmland owned by the Coonans (next door to the Tullys). They are upset, because Stanhope and Corbell have told them that they are not going to have their leases renewed, and they are not going to be fairly compensated… Considering what a 1/4 acre block goes for in Canberra at the moment, you’d expect a pretty good price for all that land wouldn’t you?? Forget it. Reminds me of when the Government reclaimed all the land for the suburb of Cook and paid the farmers $1.60 per acre….

Kerces 9:47 pm 19 Apr 05

A month and a bit ago I interviewed David Coonan, whose father Frank owns one of the three properties concerned, about this for NowUC ( ). I won’t tell you the whole story (you’ll have to wait for our next issue for that), but I can tell you that the three properties concerned have a special kind of lease on them that the Commonwealth Government granted in the 1950s and the ACT government is basically buggering them round with the renewal. The property owners have known there was going to be a problem since about five years ago, but it’s all blown up since the 2003 fires. Apparently there was some coverage in the ABC and CT last year before the election. More on this sometime in May (don’t worry, I’ll let you know).

seepi 7:05 pm 19 Apr 05

The government treats rural lessees like Sh*t in the ACT. And they get away with it because there are relatively few of them, and the leases dont’ all come up at the same time.
My mother was thrown off her land, and I will never forgive Simon Corbell.

Santa 2:42 pm 19 Apr 05

Damn skippy. The only saving grace I have round near where i live is that the ACT govt allowed hardy’s to build a vineyard over the orad. However now that looks like its could be puled out and converted to another high density slum. How dissapointment.

LurkerGal 2:28 pm 19 Apr 05

I agree with you Santa. It would be nice to have something that remains scenic, rather than building another frigging ugly ngunnawal / palmerston / gungahlin.

Santa 2:23 pm 19 Apr 05

Earmarked for development. That being said, I reckon the good f9olks should stay there as I quite driving through passed their property every day. heaps better than duelling death with the rest of the half asleep public servants trying to get down tuggernong parkway in record time

RandomGit 2:12 pm 19 Apr 05

The leases are indeed coming up and the governation has all that land earmarked for suburban development.

Thumper 2:03 pm 19 Apr 05

They were there just after the jan fires so maybe it was protest against what happened then.

Then again, I have no idea….

LurkerGal 1:38 pm 19 Apr 05

We go that way every Saturday. They’ve been there since just before the election.

che 1:18 pm 19 Apr 05

I’m guessing the family is coming upto the 99 year lease mark and want to keep their property

I’m pretty sure the Tully’s farm across the road in Cook would also be coming upto that point as they have been around since 1910 or so

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