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Simon gets his hands on euro style plates (and a nice beemer)

By johnboy - 24 July 2012 39

euro style plates

Simon Corbell has announced the actual arrival of the much announced euro styled slimline number plates to fit european cars.

European number plates that are specially designed for European styled vehicles are now available for the first time in the ACT, Attorney General, Simon Corbell, announced today.

“These European number plates are available in some other jurisdictions, and following several inquiries about their existence in the ACT, I am pleased to be able to announce the roll-out of these new additions to the number plate selections in the Territory,” Mr Corbell said.

“This is the first time that specific plates, that fit European vehicles have been available for purchase in the ACT, and I am sure many motorists will be excited to get these plates on their vehicle.”

[Photo courtesy Simon Corbell’s office]

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39 Responses to
Simon gets his hands on euro style plates (and a nice beemer)
Holden Caulfield 3:50 pm 24 Jul 12

JessP said :

$400 for the pleasure of owning wanky number plate? FCS!

A small price to pay for owning a wanky car, right Jess? 😉

SnapperJack 3:44 pm 24 Jul 12

$400.00 for generic Euro plates when the Brumbies plates cost $180.00? How did they arrive at those pricings?

JessP 3:31 pm 24 Jul 12

$400 for the pleasure of owning wanky number plate? FCS!

p1 3:16 pm 24 Jul 12

I have a Japenese car. When do I get my Asian vehicle plates?

Holden Caulfield 3:14 pm 24 Jul 12

johnboy said :

To be fair it’s not a matter of record just to whom beemer the beemer belongs.

Plus it’s only a relatively inexpensive (same ballpark as a Prius), and incredibly ugly, 1 Series.

Sammy 2:54 pm 24 Jul 12

Wow, what a bunch of twats some of you are.

I’d be willing to bet that is not Simon’s BMW.

Chop71 2:54 pm 24 Jul 12

Where’s ya Lego?

johnboy 2:53 pm 24 Jul 12

I’m pretty sure the continent of europe will not be going anywhere. European import cars will get massively more expensive however if the greeks, spaniards etc leave the euro and stop making german and french exports artificially competitive.

PantsMan 2:50 pm 24 Jul 12

Corbell, Simon Corbell.

dungfungus 2:49 pm 24 Jul 12

“Mr Corbell said these custom European number plates were designed to fit the specifics of a vehicle”
I have a car with 4 wheels and 4 doors. Will the plates fit my vehicle?

Also, if the EU (got it right this time johnboy!) ceases to exist in a weeks time are the plates still going to be called European?

Are they made in Goulburn gaol or China? With a $400 price tag I would expect they would be made in Milan.

johnboy 2:48 pm 24 Jul 12

To be fair it’s not a matter of record just to whom beemer the beemer belongs.

PBO 2:44 pm 24 Jul 12


Most of you will not know who i am, I am……ss-s-Simon …Corbel. Attorney-General, Minister for such and such and all round person who has words that need to be spoken to you as fellow ACTilan’s.

I have a Beemer and you dont, HA HA! It shows how much i get paid! Its not even economical because, really, who can put a price on swag?

Even my friends and lesser constituents have said words about it, these are actual quotes from people who have been graced with its presence in the two days I have owned it…

‘Well it runs’ – Previous owner

‘Its comfortable anyway’-Brother

‘Has it been crashed before?’ -Friend

‘At least its got rego for the next few months’ Father

‘Wow’ -Potential Romantic Interest who has a disability

‘Gee, 2 headlights…’ – Passer-by

Isnt that cool? Everyone loves a beemer!

I have to go now as i am booked in to get my headlight fluid checked.

Corbell out.

Holden Caulfield 2:10 pm 24 Jul 12

About time! 😛

G-Fresh 2:04 pm 24 Jul 12

Corbell used to drive a silver Prius. We need to bring him down a peg or two

shirty_bear 1:49 pm 24 Jul 12

Presumably there’ll be a rush of suit-and-scarf-wearing fops just dying to get their well-lotioned hands on these things.

No really, they’re faaaaabulous. If that doesn’t win these clowns an election, nothing will.

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