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Simon said no to pay and display parking at the Hospital

By johnboy - 10 April 2007 26

This morning Katy Gallagher was talking to the ABC and admitted that if you are going to have pay parking at a hospital then maybe it isn’t the brightest idea ever to expect people in need of the hospital to guess when they arrive how much money to load into a pre-paid voucher. At some point in the future she’d like to fix it but hey, it’s not like she’s ever responsible for anything so why start now?

Later today Brendan Smyth dropped the bombshell out of his FOI gleanings that Simon Corbell also thought pay and display was a piss poor idea for a hospital (see the note above).

It appears that the only reason they pushed on with pay and display was because it would make them more money, to some considerable degree from suffering people who wouldn’t know how long they’d need to budget for.

Well done Simon for having the decency to put your opposition in writing. It’s just a shame about the “no fuss” super-mum minister raking in the cash from the sick and suffering.

UPDATED: The ABC reports that Simon has been sent out to explain to the media that he really did support Pay and Display by the end of the process.

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26 Responses to
Simon said no to pay and display parking at the Hospital
Maelinar 9:44 am 11 Apr 07

Respekt the Che

che 9:34 am 11 Apr 07

its 6AM to 9PM every day, so it is only a revenue raising activity
even Calvary has pay parking which would not have had any “scum sucking corpse rats” to start with, which just re-inforces the idea that it is only a revenue raising activity

Avacry 9:17 am 11 Apr 07

Johnboy you are partially right, but if that was true the pay parking would be for business hours.

This tax loving Government figured that people go to hospitals on public holidays and weekends so they have made it 9am-9pm every day even on weekends and public holidays.

johnboy 9:01 am 11 Apr 07

Is the point of the pay parking to raise money? Or to ensure those who need to be there can get a park?

If the latter then anything other than making a loss should be acceptable. That appears not to have been the view taken by Katy Gallagher.

mattress 8:10 am 11 Apr 07

The current layouts of the hospitals don’t allow for boom gate parking, especially at Calvary, without spending large amounts of money to re-design what is in place or build a multi-story car park. The car parks are spread out with multiple access points. The Governments not interested in providing the funds to fix these problems.
On another note, before paid parking came in it was nearly impossible for any of the evening staff to find a car park at calvary, apparently due to people parking at the hospital and catching a bus into Civic. Since paid parking the complaints from staff have stopped.

simbo 7:13 am 11 Apr 07

The problem is, JB, the boomgate system costs money. The pay-parking sytem they’ve got makes money.

In an el-cheapo world like we’ve got at the moment, pick the option you’re going to go with.

Incidentally, there’s a fair bit of free 2-hour parking just outside the hospital zone at Canberra hospital (and there’s some free-range dirt parking at Calvary, as I discovered recently when visiting a friend there a number of times).

Lessa 12:00 am 11 Apr 07

I’ve always thought the pay parking at the hospital was low but I agree that the boomgate idea is a better system if there has to be any at all.

last time I was there, I got taken by ambulance (which was $625) and the person who came to pick me up spent 7 bucks on parking.

The ticket ended up having two hours or so left on it so we gave it to someone else on our way out.

johnboy 11:25 pm 10 Apr 07

Parking at the hospital has to be paid because unfortunately there are scum sucking corpse rats who work in Woden and were filling up the hospital car parks.

But a boom gate system with real patients getting their parking validated would have killed all the birds.

Genie 11:13 pm 10 Apr 07

I cant believe the Government wants to make money out of people misfortunes. Most of us dont choose to have to go to hospital, and we sure as hell dont choose to spend 6 hours in the ER waiting for a doctor. Not happy – they should revoke the whole pay parking at hospitals.

seepi 10:29 pm 10 Apr 07

Good for Simon – so he does have some sense after all.

It is so sad that life in Canberra is so chaotic now, that we just accept things like people in hospital gowns out dealing with parking machines.

iceu 9:50 pm 10 Apr 07

I’m going to the hospital tomorrow. Great to add another stress to the day — guessing how long I’ll be there — when it’s not exactly the most relaxing time to start with. I’ll let you know how much I overpay.

Who listens to health ministers anyway? Psssh.

el 9:38 pm 10 Apr 07

d) Contest any fine received due to circumstances beyond your control.

emd 9:34 pm 10 Apr 07

So next time I need to go to hospital, shall I:
a) Drive and take a guess at parking costs… although that could be anything from 2 hours to 2 days based on my previous experiences.
b) Call for an ambulance, although the 000 line doesn’t have a good rep if media over the past year or two is to be believed.
c) Call a cab and hope the automated booking system works.

johnboy 7:52 pm 10 Apr 07

I’m pretty sure if it wasn’t his initial he’d have been saying something about it instead of refusing to comment.

cranky 7:49 pm 10 Apr 07

Can anyone explain why the signature above ‘Simon Corbell’ on the memo is not really anything like the ‘S’ at the bottom of the written notation?

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