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Simon unveils DECCEW bike fleet

By johnboy - 23 July 2009 23

Simon Corbell has announced a token bike fleet’s unveiling at the Department of Environment, Climate Change, Energy and Water (Pronounced “Deck You”).

    The fleet will be used by staff at the department to get around town and will initially consist of five bicycles, more will be added if there is sufficient demand.

    “This is a great way for staff at the department to reduce the carbon emissions generated through their work-related travel,” Mr Corbell said.

    “So many of the meetings take place within close distance to the department’s offices in Lyneham and this project makes good sense.

So would you borrow a fleet bike to jet across town? And if you were so inclined would you already have a bike there instead of driving to work?

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
Simon unveils DECCEW bike fleet
bd84 8:48 pm 23 Jul 09

I somehow don’t expect to see too many executives in business suits peddling their way to their meetings.

Ian 8:22 pm 23 Jul 09

Why don’t they just teleconference?

MrPC 7:29 pm 23 Jul 09

So much effort and media spin, just to paper over the fact that their staff are utterly incapable of operating the videoconferencing equipment they are provided with.

barking toad 6:29 pm 23 Jul 09

Heard one of the plebs from DECCEW on our ABC spouting how much this will do to reduce greenhouse gases. Probably be better if they pissed off all the wasteful, meaningless meetings.

AG Canberra 4:28 pm 23 Jul 09

mmmm and what about the nits with all that helmet sharing – or will all staff be issued with official stackhats?

LG 4:18 pm 23 Jul 09

Can you imagine all those high-level meetings with all those sweaty people

p1 4:03 pm 23 Jul 09

I am curious about how they factor travel times etc into this? And appropriate bike clothing, and its appropriateness at meeting?

Because if I worked there I wouldn’t mind being paid for a hours ride across town to a meeting, then paid to ride back afterwards. Especially if the alternative would be a ten minute drive. Of course I would have to ride very slowly so that I don’t arrive at the meeting all sweaty.

astrojax 4:00 pm 23 Jul 09

i’m guessing that taking your own bike, like your own car, might have implications in the event of any compensation claim for incidents arising, which the ‘fleet’ obviates..?

and ‘yes’ to the question of would i use one if it were available to me… ; )

housebound 3:53 pm 23 Jul 09

This was done by other ACT Government sections years and years ago. Even so, it’s good they’re finally playing catch-up.

S4anta 3:50 pm 23 Jul 09

Will employees of this Agency get TA if they bring a couple of these along to the next RA Bike Crawl?

dr phil 3:46 pm 23 Jul 09

It will be all fun and games until someone gets hit by a truck!

Gobbo 3:46 pm 23 Jul 09

I remember when the first got this fleet together, there was 3 bikes 10 years ago.

I guess adding another two to the ‘fleet’ warrants a media release and a bit of a party.

Mike Bessenger 3:41 pm 23 Jul 09

Those who want to ride a bike don’t need to borrow a bike.
The whole fleet think has failed in many countries and will fail here too.

jackal 3:41 pm 23 Jul 09

I don’t know if 5 constitutes a fleet, just yet (there are more to come, apparently). Bring on the Segways!

tvf 3:39 pm 23 Jul 09

Simon’s been watching the Hollowmen

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