Simon’s solution to Civic Parking

johnboy 28 November 2006 12

Having totally arsed up Civic’s parking situation with what he calls “planning” Simon Corbell has come up with a new plan.

“Many new buildings will need to provide bike racks and other cycling-related facilities such as showers and lockers to meet the Government’s latest bicycle parking guidelines”

That’ll be a real help with getting the groceries home.

(If we didn’t have a Simon Corbell we’d have to invent him)

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12 Responses to Simon’s solution to Civic Parking
RichRick RichRick 4:54 pm 30 Nov 06

Geez, don’t stir me up again about Civic parking. I used to go there at least once a week but after the last time when it took about an hour to find a spot, cost about $5 and I was so far away that I had trouble finding my car again, I’ve given up. Sad, sad.

Winston Smith Winston Smith 11:01 am 29 Nov 06

Just think the Simon in tight fitting lirca, as he rides to work.

Winston Smith Winston Smith 11:01 am 29 Nov 06

Just think the Simon in tight fitting lirca.

Pandy Pandy 9:04 pm 28 Nov 06

Guys, them parking regs have been L.A.W. for many years. Simon was just spewing old news to divert the media from his next mental breakdown.

gurunik gurunik 8:54 pm 28 Nov 06

next the pedal-pushers will be getting a massage with a happy ending for getting on the pushy to get a carton of milk. showers and lockers? piss off….pay rego and i’ll move over. till then you’ll get a close shave and air horns.
btw, i like getting out the treadly. where it is safe and doesn’t piss off the bigger, heavier, harder impacting machines on the streets. i.e. bike paths.

barking toad barking toad 7:34 pm 28 Nov 06

I think some of you lot are getting a bit cynical.

Simon The Sad is only doing what his advisors tell him.

And he needs something to take the heat off from the punters for flogging public assets off for the square root of fuck all.

The new bike lane on Newcastle Street opposite “Simon’s Gift To Developers” aka “Epicentre” has almost worn out with bicycle traffic.

I’m waiting for the hitching post half way along for the birds to crap on.

seepi seepi 6:16 pm 28 Nov 06

Simon should offer up his Legislative Assembly parking spot for bike parking, and ride to work to set an example.

Steve Steve 5:22 pm 28 Nov 06

Echo your comments Shauno. This reallt gets me – pretending to be ‘green’ by selling off public assets (such as carparks)…hmm whilst they rake in the cash (and blow it) on the land sales, I wonder how much energy (and subsequent pollution) will be generated by the buildings that are built there? More than the cars that would have parked there I would bet.

shauno shauno 4:58 pm 28 Nov 06

For Fuck Sake

Thats all I can say also thats the first time I’ve sworn on this website.

Ralph Ralph 4:48 pm 28 Nov 06

I’ve got an idea, if we’re going to start imposing costs on society for the benefit of cyclists, how about we start charging them registration fees?

But really, ‘bicycle parking guidelines’, it’s getting quite sad.

Thumper Thumper 4:46 pm 28 Nov 06

Gold… Pure gold…

Surely we are depriving some village of it’s idiot?

Ralph Ralph 4:40 pm 28 Nov 06

I’m missing something here, is it April Fool’s Day??

You can never have too much regulation….. They’re getting closer to a full centrally planned utopia.

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