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Smells like Oregano, Tastes like Rum

By RandomGit - 12 April 2005 26

I’m willing to bet a lot of money that Schapelle Corby is innocent.

Celebrity wannabe inmates notwithstanding, the possibility of someone choosing her as their unwitting mule is high. For example, Sydney airport has a fraud and conspiracies enforcement section. Officially, they are auditors for local security. Unofficially, they consume their time watching the baggage handlers, trying to catch the thieving criminal assholes red handed. Not that a camels head showed up on the radar. I especially love the Union reps comment to install more cameras. I suggest you install a V-chip to prevent your members blanking the lens with permanent markers as they have done in the past, ye goof.

Ever locked up your luggage and sighed contentment at avoiding the possibility of getting a strychnine drip in a Bangkok toilet with officials looking on? Did that bag have a zip? Oh dear, one well placed strike with a innocuous disposable ball point pen and your bag just made you a bitch. Ever traveled with a laptop in baggage? Did it make it to it’s destination? I guess you got lucky, handlers have a radar for gadgets in luggage, the weight tips them off you see.

What has this got to do with Canberra? The AFP of course. Everyone says they need to get off their asses and provide more actual policing work that doesn’t involve hearsay. Just fingerprint the bag and the suspect shall be revealed. Dude, baggage handlers wear gloves. For all that handling, don’t you know?

Schapelle, can I call you Schappas? Schappas, I feel for you girl. But you’re f*cked. They’ve had it in for happy goofs like you since Roman times.

The only thing that will save you now Schappas is a full scale invasion, but it’s sooooo 2002.

Maybe we should send in the Davey Navy.

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
Smells like Oregano, Tastes like Rum
vg 9:28 am 22 Apr 05

I find it a little offensive that people are drawing certain conclusions about another country’s judicial system, when ours isn’t example a bastion of justice. People (not necessarily here) have made a few comments that I found puzzling.

Why would she import it into Bali when its so freely available there? Well how do people think it gets there? Its not all home grown.

She has travelled there many times so she would know the ‘ropes’ of their customs system, unfortunately getting pinged this time.

I don’t doubt that the potential punishment meted out is way too excessive, put none of the evidence put forward in her defence would be admissible here, so why do so many cry foul when it isnt admitted there. Hearsay, theories and assumptions, thats all she had. What they had was the stuff in her bag.

As for the 9, well I don’t know how many times people have to be told about it before they listen. Take drugs intio that country and you can be executed. Dirty big signs in Denpasar, as well as pre-travel literature tell you that. No sympathy for them

LurkerGal 8:57 am 22 Apr 05

Boycotting indonesia will hurt the little people, and it is not their fault that their government have inhumane laws! It would be like everyone who works in tourism in Australia losing their jobs because everyone boycotts visiting here because John Howard is a terrorist!

And i think she’s innocent. And I think the other 9 are guilty, but I still don’t think they deserve to die for it.

johnboy 11:55 pm 21 Apr 05

I don’t honestly know VG.

But I do know the indos don’t try to reasonable doubt.

and that isn’t what we call justice.

vg 10:58 pm 21 Apr 05

Has anyone broached the possibility that she may actually be guilty?

macca 9:44 pm 21 Apr 05

Corby is in deep sh|t because the useless, gutless pollies like Downer et al, grovel to these feral d’heads with thier tribal excuse for a legal system. I have cancelled an upcaoming trip to Asia, and recommend all non-essential travel to ‘Indo’ be actively and vocally cashed in !! Let the bastards know how their economy will suffer if no one wants to go to their shitty legal backwater – and let them finance their own clean up operations for tsunamis etc. I aint donating a cent to the pricks !! FREE CORBY NOW !!!!

Shaun 6:52 am 13 Apr 05

As a side benefit to the snatch and grab we could also grab the dope on the way out and party on big time when we got back

johnboy 8:48 pm 12 Apr 05

Talking of sending in the Navy how about a simple snatch and grab over night raid by the SAS.

Only if you want to start a war.

Do we want Kopassus doing snatch and grabs to rescue indo fisherfolk as they ply their trade in our waters?

RandomGit 3:33 pm 12 Apr 05

It’s actually Dutch-Roman based law and legal system left by the colonial Dutch. Not much to do with Shariah law or anything else of a religious bent. Draw whatever parrallels you wish, but it ain’t the same thing.

Shaun 3:25 pm 12 Apr 05

Talking of sending in the Navy how about a simple snatch and grab over night raid by the SAS.

Shaun 3:23 pm 12 Apr 05

Yeah she is innocent for sure. I spend 6 to 8 months a year traveling around the world in my job and have been doing it for the past 9 years. And I have to say I haven’t really had that much trouble with my bags. However there have been a few incidences were I’ve noticed things not quiet right with my check in bag and know that it has been opened. I have just started to lock my bag even though all my valuables are kept in my laptop carry on. But that’s not the point. The main reason I lock the carry on is the drug trade and not wanting to end up like Corby.
What a joke the society over there is so corrupt it’s laughable and I wouldn’t trust any court decision. Also for a charge that could end up with some one getting executed by firing squad, I can’t believe they didnt even bother to finger print the bag and dna test the dope. But then again life’s cheap over there, especially non Muslim westerners.

RandomGit 1:54 pm 12 Apr 05

Wait’ll you see the one I’ve got ready to drop for tomorrow. It’s positively bonkalicious.

David Heidelberg 1:37 pm 12 Apr 05

I agree with you about Corby. The notion that someone would try to smuggle in a large quantity of a drug that is far cheaper and far more available in the destination country, is ridicules.

Please take about Hasselhof, he’s giving me a hard-on.

Ralph 12:59 pm 12 Apr 05

That picture of Hasslehof makes my skin crawl.

RandomGit 12:52 pm 12 Apr 05

a) It’s a rant about Schapelle Corby

followed by,

b) a funny animated gif of David Hasslehof. David is such a bimbo, laugh at the goofy picture of him. Yes the linking premise is thin, so what, laugh at funny Davey.

Boogy bored 12:31 pm 12 Apr 05

Can some one please explain what this is ?????

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