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Smoke free in 10 days

By johnboy - 21 November 2006 42

Katy Gallagher has put out a media release to point out that the new smoking bans in bars are coming into force on 1 December, which is not far away at all.

Then we’ll find out if the non-smokers really have been waiting at home for the air to clear.

What’s Your opinion?

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42 Responses to
Smoke free in 10 days
ozmreeee 8:25 am 22 Nov 06

Will the govt be compensating clubs/pubs that lose revenue from banning smoking?

How much additional money (above their normal tax burden) have the clubs/pubs contributed to the health coffers to compensate for the care and treatment of smoking related health issues. Well, I guess they can’t contibute to the health whiners as well as the anti-gambling whiners.

NZ has been smoke free indoors for some time now … while there was an initial down turn in trade the numbers are now back up and everyone is quite happy with the legislation. Similar results in Ireland.

Get used to it, Canberra is not the first place to introduce smoke free indoors and it won’t be the last.

Danman 8:23 am 22 Nov 06

Ill be going out with a few hundred dollars worth of cubans and clove cigarettes.

Not much of a smoker (3 to 4 a week on a bad week) – but ill stick it to the man just for that night.

Business will no doubt suffer – but theres no smoking regulations around my brasier in the back yard – and the crowd and atmosphere are soo much better.

CouldExpire 8:22 am 22 Nov 06

hmm what will smokers now do when at a club with curfew not allowing anyone in after a certain time and dont have outside facilities to cater for the smoker?
Could be an interesting effect it could have on business, but on the flip side I see the need for the ban to happen too!

Thumper 8:21 am 22 Nov 06

Boo Hiss I say….

nyssa76 8:19 am 22 Nov 06

I don’t go to clubs anyway so it doesn’t bother me 🙂 I’ll still smoke in my backyard.

Oh boo hoo.

I’d be interested to see how many people will be outside smoking the day that comes into effect, as well as a “head count” from the first month compared to the month before it came in.

What can I say? I like figures.

Thumper 8:16 am 22 Nov 06

Besides, you have all been taken in by government advertising and over regulation.

Everyone knows that smoking makes you attractive and an international man of mystery.

Ah, that cool smooth taste of Laramines….

Thumper 8:14 am 22 Nov 06

Boo Hiss I say again to to you all!

Thumper 8:03 am 22 Nov 06

Boo Hiss!

I hope all you non smokers die from an influx of bird flu laden air. Smokers can’t catch bird flu you realise, all the nasty chemicals in the cigarette kill the virus…..

Well, that’s my theory, and I’m sticking to it.

Or get eaten by a self righteous green boogie man….

Okay, I really don’t care. i’ll just go outside for durrie. 🙂

Jey 7:25 am 22 Nov 06

Being a social smoker, only about once a month, I also say ‘Yay! for non-stinky clothes and hair!’

KaneO 10:26 pm 21 Nov 06

Will the govt be compensating clubs/pubs that lose revenue from banning smoking?
I know of one that closed after the smoking legislation requirements effectively banned smoking at that venue, and patronage diminished to the point they lost money and closed.
Also seen business fail/job losses after indoor smoking was banned in other countries.
But lets ignore that, as it doesn’t fit the anti-smoking crusaders propoganda.

bighead 10:19 pm 21 Nov 06

yeah, it is a good thing, much better for non smokers health. At least a few clubs have built outside areas.

Kerces 10:00 pm 21 Nov 06

YAY for non-stinky hair and clothes after a night out!

simbo 9:18 pm 21 Nov 06

It’s just you, threeze.

Although they are sterile in the sense that they don’t stink as much.

threeze 8:27 pm 21 Nov 06

is it just me, or are smoke free bars pretty sterile?

futto 8:24 pm 21 Nov 06

Suck it smokers!!! The silent majority wins this one.

ps. I will be going out that night too!

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