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So does this mean Mr Stanhope supports Hussein’s dictatorial leadership style?

By Indi - 8 November 2006 68

Now we all know that the death penalty is a pretty extreme form of punishment that is (mostly) delved out for horrible crimes against humanity. Of course here is Australia we chose long ago to abolish such an approach to delivering justice, I believe mainly because we had become a mature nation with no need to go down the path of an ‘eye for an eye’ road.

But my conscience starts to waver when we see that Mr Hussein has finally been delivered a piece of his own form of ‘justice’ and will now be given the hang ’em high treatment.

True to form Mr Stanhope has seen fit again to contribute, passing some interesting judgement about another country’s legal proceedings as they relate to the sentencing of Mr Hussein – now granted Mr Howard did see fit to comment as ‘our leader’.

The comment I found most interesting from Our Brave Leader here in the ACT was enlightening to say the least:

Mr Stanhope said Australia ostensibly opposed the death penalty, yet its refusal to reiterate that opposition when other nations handed down death sentences – except when it involved Australian prisoners – created an air of ambivalence that was impossible to dispel, at home or abroad.


a) the spawn of satan himself should be allowed to roam the planet again even though an undisclosed number of people from all arabic tribes in and around Iraq suffered for decades under his torturous rule. OR

b)take the medicine dished out to him by a court of law mandated by its government to deliver the death sentence as it sees fit. OR

c) Mr Hussein should be provided with an undisclosed, underground residence (much like the one in which he was found quivering in whilst hiding from US forces) for the term of his natural life.

[ED – Personally I like T-Shirt Hell’s take on this.

Please please please Mr. Stanhope write them an outraged letter as I’d love to see it on a thing page]

What’s Your opinion?

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68 Responses to
So does this mean Mr Stanhope supports Hussein’s dictatorial leadership style?
Absent Diane 9:12 pm 08 Nov 06

johnboy I do agree with that… that him being alive means there is a threat of him coming back.

I would just like to see him live to a ripe old age.. lonely.. with nothing but his memories and the odd bit – well a fair bit – of tormenting.. in a dank cell somewhere in the USA.i think my punishment is more fitting and more sadistic to be honest.

The only issue other than what johnboy said that i can see is that if he is alive it would give his followers some kind of hope. but killing him also gives them cause for revenge.

but ultimately he would suffer more alive.

barking toad 8:42 pm 08 Nov 06

and adding “whining arrogant cunt” improves it

barking toad 8:40 pm 08 Nov 06

“pathetic grandstanding”

sums it up it well poptop

Spectra 8:33 pm 08 Nov 06

johnboy: you could say the same thing of murderers – if we don’t kill them, they could be let out or escape and kill again. Frankly, you could make the same argument for any crime. What makes being in power while you did it a special case? Or are you suggesting, as your first line seems to imply, that every dictator removed from power should be killed on the spot, “just to be sure”? (I’m not trying to put words in your mouth here – I’m seriously trying to understand your stance).

poptop 6:15 pm 08 Nov 06

Regardless of the diverse views about invoking capital punishment [for the record I’m against it] I think it is a breathtaking example of arrogance and opportunism by our Chief Minister.

There have been about 50 people lethally injected by the judicial system in the USA so far in 2006. I don’t recall seeing those media releases from Mr Stanhope.

Pathetic grandstanding.

Special G 5:57 pm 08 Nov 06

There are many different cultures around the globe. Some of them still support the death penalty.

Its not up to us to pass judgement on other peoples laws. If you go into someone elses house you live by their rules. Simple.

Its been shown the death penalty doesn’t stop people committing crimes, but then again the ACT Judiciary doesn’t stop anyone doing anything they want.

barking toad 5:45 pm 08 Nov 06

I don’t really care if nohope expresses a personal opinion condemning the death penalty of the murderous thug. Or even if he offers his opinion as leader of the local labor party.

But it fucking pisses me off when he puts out a taxpayer funded press release purporting to offer his misguided opinion as mayor of Canberra on our behalf.

My opinion of an appropriate sentence for saddam would be for an impaling ala Vlad’s method with prime time free-to-air coverage complete with surround sound and slow motion close-up replays.

And it seems the mayors of surrounding towns don’t find it necessary to express opinions on international affairs on behalf of their communities.

RandomGit 5:17 pm 08 Nov 06

AD, you want to lock him up privately with jerk material for the rest of his life? How generous you are.




johnboy 5:06 pm 08 Nov 06

Things change and fortunes reverse.

If he isn’t dead he could always be coming back.

Absent Diane 4:59 pm 08 Nov 06

I see what your saying.. but I think the fact that he has been deposed and incarcarated for life (hopefully under conditions in which he can’t forget what he has done) is sign enough that world won’t suffer tyranny. And he would be living proof of it.

boomacat 4:58 pm 08 Nov 06

I agree with Spectra.

Either you agree with the death penalty or you disagree with it. You can’t have it both ways.

Either you agree with the execution of Australians like Schapelle Corby (remember there was a possibility that she could have faced the death sentence), Scott Rush, Van Nguyen et al as well as Saddam Hussein, the Bali bombers and other such unsympathetic types or you disagree with it.

When Australian leaders give the nod to the death penalty for vile types like Hussein and then cry “oh no not our citizens” when an Aussie’s life is on the line, it just makes us look like a bunch of racist, ignorant hypocrites.

I say execution is too easy for him. Make him suffer the remainder of his natural life in gaol like a common prisoner. A humiliation such as this for a man like Hussein, who obviously has some ego, seems like a much worse punishment to me.

johnboy 4:54 pm 08 Nov 06

I disagree, if you’re going to depose a king you have to kill him too.

To be unwilling to do that is to, at the end of it all, to tolerate tyranny.

Anyway surely democracy must allow that other people in other polities will come up with different laws.

Absent Diane 4:53 pm 08 Nov 06

I think it would be better to lock him in a cage and repeatedly replay the kind of atrocities he was responsible for on a video screen. killing him is letting him off too lightly.. and you have to remember in his head he will probably thinking he is off to paradise as a martyr.

Spectra 4:46 pm 08 Nov 06

If you really think we’re mature enough to not lower ourselves to “eye for an eye” style retaliation, you can’t really say “except for this guy, because he was really really bad”. Either you’re opposed to the death penalty, or you think there’s a place for it and it’s simply a matter of the degree of the crime. Personally, I’m in the former camp, and am disappointed to see leaders of countries that claim to share that view refusing to condemn it in this case because it might be unpopular to do so.

On the local angle, I’m not convinced that it’s our CM’s place to be commenting on this, but it’s certainly consistent with his previous form.

johnboy 4:40 pm 08 Nov 06

I imagine the comrade is hoping the mobs of angry parents will follow his merciful example come December 13.

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