So what is RiotACT these days?

Cameron 9 October 2007 81

Plenty of people are commenting on how RA has changed.

It certainly has since I first starting lurking and infrequently posting (in 2003ish ?) – largely due to the fact that the number of readers/contributors has simply exploded.

A lot of the feedback has been that RA is turning into a whingefest, and that a lot of frivolous articles are being published. I’d agree with that somewhat, and also go to say that there is a lot more unnecessarily harsh posting than there used to be as a result.

The brief we get at the top of the site for every page view is “News, Information & Opinion”. The admins still approve posts before they hit the site, so that being the case, should we not accept that these are the articles that they want on their site and if we don’t like them just go elsewhere?

Or, do the admins need to be more selective with what they let through? Should the “opinion” part of the News, Information & Opinion brief be a little more controlled?

My take is that RA was better (in that it was more informative and a little less hostile) when the bulk of the articles were legitimate news and information, and the opinion part of it came in the comments on those articles.

I’m particularly interested in the opinion of the admins on this one…

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81 Responses to So what is RiotACT these days?
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junkett junkett 12:00 am 27 Oct 07

Informative? Maybe. Fun? Certainly. Worthwhile? Definitely.
I love it if only for the fact that ultimate public servants like “Bourke” can vent their spleen among the common folk who tip your garbage and serve your skinny soy decafe latte. Media outlets like the C&*tberra times & 2CC won’t let you voice your opinion if you’re not from the loony left….RA does!
Your doing fine Jazz and co. Keep on keeping on.

Cameron Cameron 9:51 pm 14 Oct 07

“The Weight” by The Band – covered by a whole bunch of others as well.

See here.

ant ant 9:46 pm 14 Oct 07

Crazy Chester is a character named in a pop song… can’t remember the name precicsly, Take a Load off Mary or something.

Cameron Cameron 11:01 pm 13 Oct 07

No doubt chester is sounding perfectly rational and reasonable at the moment, but I do recall some particularly nutty posting back when posting (aptly) as “crazy chester”.

I guess we’re all entitled to moments of craziness eh?

As for the definition of my name, besides the fact that it is my name, Cameron means “crooked nose”. Brilliant, no?

green_frogs_go_pop green_frogs_go_pop 10:57 pm 13 Oct 07

i’ve been here for..i have no idea, but too long (haha) and anyway, chester just confuses me. perhaps chester and sgs should be locked up in a room together. that would be something pretty entertaining, to tell the truth.

(and the definition of my name? well..if you put a green frog in a microwave, it goes pop. yea.)

cranky cranky 5:09 pm 13 Oct 07

Having only been round this site for a couple of years, I have to say that Chester makes a damn sight more sense than a heap of other posters.

I’m puzzled by the hostile opinions expressed by some of the other more (apparently) sensible contributors.

Perhaps I’ll be told in no uncertain terms the reasons for these attitudes. All lifes’ an education.

schmerica_ schmerica_ 12:19 pm 11 Oct 07

Dammit, NOW look what you’ve done… Mind you, I haven’t had my dose of crazy lately.

I continue to find it ironic that I was attacked by people who think it’s OK to go around advocating firing squads and other violence as a means to deal with those in society less arrogant and self-righteous than themselves.

So… uh.. why are you still here?

Maelinar Maelinar 12:16 pm 11 Oct 07

vitriol (abusive or venomous language used to express blame or censure or bitter deep-seated ill will)

Nope, not changing my use of the term.

My simple statement of fact was that you are a nutter, and this is my opinion. I have not swayed in this opinion either.

I think you may find though, that instead of the absence of ever having made a remotest attempt to refute anything you have ever presented, I have been calling you an idiot for a long while now.

I’m not confused over who Maelinar is. The extract is an incomplete chapter. I am not even going to remotely try to explain the dynamics behind this one – read the tagline from David Heidelberg on the merits of arguing with drunk people, but replace DH with me and fill in the blanks where appropriate.

Have you ever been referred to a mental health professional ?

bonfire bonfire 11:52 am 11 Oct 07

crazy as a coconut

chester chester 11:49 am 11 Oct 07

“The challenge, therefore, is to prove me wrong, instead of attempting to rebutt my comments with more vitriol.”

You have a very odd definition of vitriol. You’re not an ACT public servant are you?

No I don’t have to prove anything to you, Maelinar. Because despite your confusion in the opening para between “fact” and “opinion”, you are nevertheless expressing an opinion. Which you’re entitled to albeit one based on personal insult and in the absence of ever having made the remotest attempt to refute any fact I have ever presented.

In short, I ain’t losing any sleep over what somebody named Maelinar who seems confused as to whether they’re a living, breathing human being or a character from a role playing game, might think of me.

Maelinar Maelinar 10:24 am 11 Oct 07

Simple statement of fact can hardly be considered juvenile CC. That is my opinion about you, that you constantly reinforce with your rambling commentary and falsely elevated platform of self-worth that you appear to be standing on.

The challenge, therefore, is to prove me wrong, instead of attempting to rebutt my comments with more vitriol.

You will note that I don’t normally engage people in such a manner until they exhibit the qualities of a peanut – actually you probably will not have noticed that but other RA’ers will have.

In some terms this is frowned upon as lowering myself to your level, but in my line of employment I consider this as dealing with technological issues in laymans terms so that the peons can understand what they need to know.

Not once have you appeared confused by my statements so I rest my case. I still consider you are a peanut.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 hingo_VRCalaisV6 10:23 am 11 Oct 07

Ooops posted in the wrong thread. FFS

chester chester 9:43 am 11 Oct 07

“CC – you are nuttier than peanut butter. I am constantly amazed you have made it down this far along the evolution trail.” Posted by Maelinar.

But juvenile you unfortunately remain. I rest my case.

Ho hum.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 hingo_VRCalaisV6 9:15 am 11 Oct 07


The only place speed cameras have an effect on speeding are the areas which have them. People will speed up again after the zone. Therefore it would make more sense to have them in school zones. Its not rocket surgery, but I’m sure you’ll have another nice comeback which involves calling me a “dickhead” or “selfish”. I’m just stating the facts. I’m not blind, I do a lot of driving and witness these driving habits every day.

S4anta S4anta 9:01 am 11 Oct 07


Would some form of template provide a little more ease for posters and a loose guide to what would make a more coherent, reliable approach to doing things the RiotACT/’open journalism’ way?

as in announce, link, background, opinion, sign off/shot at the pool room – sit back and watch the commenting gold?

Thumper Thumper 8:41 am 11 Oct 07

Well said schmerica!

And that person seems such a lovely balanced individual obviously happy in life….


I wonder how badly they got flamed here once?

Maelinar Maelinar 8:29 am 11 Oct 07

But I think you’ll find my opinions on this subject very well formed (and informed) and consistent Comment by chester — October 2007

Tagline ! Tagline !

CC – you are nuttier than peanut butter. I am constantly amazed you have made it down this far along the evolution trail.

schmerica_ schmerica_ 11:36 pm 10 Oct 07

“A bunch of fat f*ckin PS pricks with 7hrs & 12 minutes to waste every day on meaningless sh*t that does not contribute to the world revolving in any way. After they have spent 7 hrs & 12 minutes ranting about topics they know nothing about (only online with fake names so no-one can tell them to their face how f*cking stupid they really are), they will drive home, yell at some cyclist, microwave their dinner, watch ACA, download some porn and call it a productive day.”

Although I don’t fall into the typical reader ‘profile’ as some of you may know, I don’t really think that i’m a prick… I haven’t witnessed/read about any overly prickish behaviour. I’ll gladly give this guy my name so he can come and tell me how ‘stupid’ I am.

I used to read RA all the time, but I don’t have that sort of time anymore. I check in occasionally and only read the topics which i’m interested in. I think the guys who are running the site now are doing a great job.
All the people who are whining about it either A) Go find another site or B) DO something about it, like submit your own article?

God, some people are such pricks.

caf caf 10:06 pm 10 Oct 07

Sometimes the “link to mainstream media” stories can be worthwhile – if the author has something significant to add to it (whether fact or opinion), like a local spin on a national story, or tying together multiple seperate stories into a wider story, or linking a story back to something that’s been broken or discussed recently on the riot.

ant ant 9:08 pm 10 Oct 07

I am puzzled by people posting links to a story in the mainstream media. There’s no extra info, nothing extra… we can all read the CT or the SMH or the Qbn whatever it is. I like to read stories/gossip from locals that hasn’t appeared elsewhere. This is a valuable outlet for that (despite the venom people hating it).

I also like the local eatery/food articles. Where else will you see these? from some CT journo who was comped? ha.

I see plenty of stuff that I reckon is boring/pointless but you know what? Who cares? It doesn’t hurt me that it’s here. I feel no need to spit hatred at the writer for hoisting it. I just move on to the next article. The minute someone starts the abuse, they’ve already lost the fight.

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