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So who wants to be in a vampire movie?

By johnboy 14 January 2009 20

Some of Canberra’s children of the night are trying to make a vampire movie right here in Canberra.

Right now they’re looking for outfits, contacts, blood and volunteers. It has a name, “Dark Valley” (Tuggers reference?), a main vampire called Alice, and a main evil guy vampire called Gene as well as hunter and family members.

If that floats your boat they’ve got a FaceBook group.

Happy hunting.


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20 Responses to
So who wants to be in a vampire movie?
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realityskin 9:05 am 26 Feb 09

theblondeofdoom ? hehehe

toriness 8:31 am 26 Feb 09

god i love it when people hear how they’re being talked about on RA so sign up immediately to defend themselves.

btw good luck with the vamp movie, theblondeofdoom, i would be genuinely interested in checking it out – will you be uploading to youtube or something? maybe you could provide a link here – even if it’s of production/behind the scenes.

theblondeofdoom 6:14 am 26 Feb 09

OK I’m the one who is making the dark valley film and it’s NOT like TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! yes i got the idea when i did watch twilight but i hated that they didn’t have any blood or hatred and a passion for killing. as for the character Alice she is insane and go crazy killing people, she not what they call as a stupid Vegetarian in this film. they are a vampire they will drink human blood!!! but for some of the character they have chosen to steal blood from blood banks only because they are to scared that they will be kill from the haunter.

Granny 3:18 pm 15 Jan 09

Yes. Whereas, as a woman of riper years, my involvement with vampires is kind of limited to Bram Stoker and the odd nightmare. And being scared of the dark. And sleeping with the covers right up around my chin. And being a tad freaked out by line about offering my throat to the wolf with the red roses.

Skidbladnir 2:11 pm 15 Jan 09

Twilight is just women’s wish fantasy, (like Pretty Woman) retold to young modern girls, and so it involves vampires.

I only believe in vampire marriage when both semi dead creatures are hot.

Sorry for the delay, I hadn’t checked this thread…

peterh 1:28 pm 15 Jan 09

where is VY?

waiting for the marriage comment.


Granny 12:38 pm 15 Jan 09

The local vampire Maccas …. Could be trouble at hospital!

poptop 6:37 am 15 Jan 09

I think Woden would be more the Dark Valley than Tuggers – easier access to the Blood Bank is nothing else.

Pandy 4:59 am 15 Jan 09


Granny 10:54 pm 14 Jan 09

In vampire terms that makes you a vegetable, Pandy!

*snicker snicker*

Pandy 10:18 pm 14 Jan 09

But I can be a beast sometimes.

poptop 10:14 pm 14 Jan 09

Vegetarian for a vampire means sucking blood from animals [I watched Twilight with my tweeny niece and know these things]

Pandy 10:09 pm 14 Jan 09

And a good mouth rinse. Oh wait they cause cancer.

Granny 8:25 pm 14 Jan 09

Sure, jessieduck! That’s what they all say ….

Then you let them get a little too close and … BLAM! … you need an industrial strength file to clean your teeth!

jessieduck 7:57 pm 14 Jan 09

Alice is a vegetarian.

Pseudo Nym 7:55 pm 14 Jan 09

Broodng optional?

bubzie 7:16 pm 14 Jan 09

Ahh, twilight nuts.. 🙂

Pandy 6:10 pm 14 Jan 09

Will Alice bite me?

Granny 5:22 pm 14 Jan 09

Hopefully they won’t be filming the night of the ghost hunt!

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