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Someone thinks they’re SOOO clever…

By johnboy - 3 May 2007 53

Maelinar sent in this photo taken, I’m told, at Russell Offices.

What’s Your opinion?

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53 Responses to
Someone thinks they’re SOOO clever…
seepi 5:22 pm 03 May 07

I think it is great! Anything that saves a bit of space.

That street is so wide and empty – why don’t they just do nose to gutter parking down one side?

bonfire 5:12 pm 03 May 07

under chief minister bonfire this woudl be legal.

as long as it wasnt in the electric car bays id have installed in all major parking areas.

plug your car in while you work.

neanderthalsis 4:35 pm 03 May 07

I had a friend that drove a MightyBoy, the worlds smallest and perhaps stupidest ute. We used to (4 of us) pick it up an place against walls, between other cars etc.

Absent Diane 4:18 pm 03 May 07

its still sticking out a fair bit…

Pedant 4:17 pm 03 May 07

Oooh, look how cranky and jealous you get when somebody does something that you can’t 😉

andy 4:12 pm 03 May 07

that’s lame.
Just cause you choose to drive a stupid, small, ugly car, with a lame name, doesn’t give yo special parking priveliges. Park legally like every other person has to.
I sincerely hope they get booked.

Sammy 4:03 pm 03 May 07

Well f-off back to Europe then 🙂

Pedant 4:00 pm 03 May 07

In Europe that is the normal way to park a Smart.

CraigFromCurtin 3:57 pm 03 May 07

Yes they would be issued with a parking infringement notice because they are not parked parallel to the kerb. As a side note, people who park in the street but facing the wrong direction (we’ve all seen these) can also be booked – for parking too far away from the kerb!

Sammy 3:56 pm 03 May 07

I believe you can be ticketed for parking in the wrong direction, so it’s likely this could be ‘ticketable’ as well.

FC 3:49 pm 03 May 07


FC 3:49 pm 03 May 07

There seems to be a sign up on the light pole, maybe it is indicagtion that you can only park on one side of it.
I wonder if this person would get a ticket if a cop came past? anyone know?

Al 3:49 pm 03 May 07

Pity the person behind trying to get out…

Sammy 3:48 pm 03 May 07

Hahaha, that is classic.

LlamaFrog 3:39 pm 03 May 07

classic, well done to the driver, that saved at least a twenty meter walk from the end of the line!

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