Someone thinks they’re SOOO clever…

johnboy 3 May 2007 53

Maelinar sent in this photo taken, I’m told, at Russell Offices.

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53 Responses to Someone thinks they’re SOOO clever…
terubo terubo 9:57 pm 10 May 07

If it fits, why not?

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 9:55 pm 10 May 07

I think the Smart parking is just an advert (viral marketing) for that car. Last week there was one (coincidently the same colour) parked the same way outside the Mercedes dealer in Collie St Fyshwick.

terubo terubo 10:32 pm 07 May 07

Wondered where you were, Thumps. Watching County cricket?

Thumper Thumper 7:03 pm 07 May 07

There is literally thousands of these little things driving around London, and even a sports version convetible which looks cool!

Overcast and raining here in Bath however…

edlang edlang 11:28 am 07 May 07

The non-redheaded people are merely insecure and jealous.

schmerica_ schmerica_ 10:27 am 05 May 07

Heavs what do you have against people with red hair… its just a hair colour?

andy andy 9:12 pm 04 May 07

Ant – some of us don’t have the option, and just got shafted out there.
I’ve been there since june 06, and it’s not THAT bad. i save money caus ei can’t go ospend it at lunch time..

Pandy Pandy 8:24 pm 04 May 07

Ant back from skiing with the Mormons I see.

However, my point is, what gives a parking inspector at BBP the right to book cars?

ant ant 7:39 pm 04 May 07

I quite simply wouldn’t work at BBP, because of the parking debacle and the mobile car park that is the roads to and from at rush hour. Charging city prices to park in a PADDOCK… fark, Queanbeyan could use the same justification, except they actually want people to come there.

andy andy 5:13 pm 04 May 07

nah, this happened a while ago

fnaah fnaah 2:31 pm 04 May 07

Intriguing, maybe that’s why i haven’t seen him for a few days – stress leave, perhaps? Good riddance.

andy andy 1:34 pm 04 May 07

and a couple of building contractors already got fired for throwing shit at him, or so the gossip mill tells me

andy andy 1:31 pm 04 May 07

fnaah, i’ve been pretty lucky too.
He has a mean streak for one of my colleagues though…
i’ve played the lottery successfully enough that I feel it’s ok to skip a month every now and then..
if i get caught, it just means thats a month of parking, so i’m more inclined to skip the next month..

Heavs Heavs 1:19 pm 04 May 07

C’mon, what else do you expect a ginger to do. Nobody wants them working in a real job. Outside away from the rest of us is the best place for them. Don’t underestimate the ginger menace.

Snahons_scv6_berlina Snahons_scv6_berlina 12:53 pm 04 May 07

quote “to bring them more in line with prices in the city” : what is funnier is that BBP is NOT in the city so what relevance does this sort of comparison have ?

fnaah fnaah 12:34 pm 04 May 07

That bloodnut parking inspector is a goddamn menace. He takes his job far too seriously, and should be strung up on a flagpole via his bootlaces so that people can throw things at him at lunchtime.

Although, he hasn’t booked me – yet. (I play the 1-hour ticket lottery about twice a week.)

andy andy 12:20 pm 04 May 07

And the reason so many people park at russell to catch the airport bus, is cause the parking is stupid out here.
they recently raised the prices, quote “to bring them more in line with prices in the city”
Despite the fact that, in the city, they offer 3-for-free, which CAG have specifically said they will NOT do, as “the prices are lower than the city already, we do not feel this is necessary”
And despite the services available out here not being any near in line with the city.

(not to mention the gridlock during peak hour, the constant works on the car parks that made it impossible to find a park at 11am..)

and the red-headed parking inspector..

i will note, that that stupid little car, or one like it, was parked uot at brindabella today, in a specifically marked-off car park (ie, a line across the end that’s normally open)

i’m almost certain he’ll be ticketed for parking outside designated car spaces..

andy andy 12:16 pm 04 May 07

seepi, incorrect. The DEWR shuttle was canned over a year ago.
The Department just subsidises costs on the Airport shuttle, so employees don’t have to pay.

liz liz 11:36 am 04 May 07

In fact, someone should send that image to the smartcar website, they’d love that kida of thing.

liz liz 11:34 am 04 May 07

Haha, good for them. All you miserable sods complaining should chill out. Very unAustralian of you 😉

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