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Spectators can now enjoy smoke-free sport

By GnT - 23 February 2008 23

It’s about time. As of this weekend, Canberra Stadium (and Manuka Oval) will be smoke-free.

Granted, it’s still only a partial ban, since smoking will still be allowed in the outer grounds and the forecourt. But at least I can take my kids onto the concourse without worring about someone’s filthy, disgusting cigarette smoke.

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
Spectators can now enjoy smoke-free sport
Danman 8:11 pm 23 Feb 08

Ahh the eons old debate weaves its eternal path.

Nyssa, its true that smokers are steadily becoming the modern day lepers. You do not have to like this fact.

I did not like where the views of those who smoked were heading so I quit…..Mind you I had to quit cheffing before I could quit smoking (Ever seen a chef let off for a 5 minute do-nothing-o as opposed to a smoko?)

All teh same, I did not like the gathering momentum of the anti smoker laws so I quit as soon as I had the ability…

Its great you taste and smell things so much better – and if you make a go of it, you can lose 20 something kilos as well (Not saying you are fat – I was… Once I could breathe easier I could hit up the intense cardio exercise).

The Jas 7:57 pm 23 Feb 08

Um, are smokers not drug addicts also? Because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s not a drug and doesn’t mean they aren’t addicted!

Special G 7:49 pm 23 Feb 08

I’m with Ingee – if no one calls it in your night at the footy won’t be bothered.

On the other hand the junkie would have spent the $35 on smack and couldn’t afford the footy.

nyssa76 5:42 pm 23 Feb 08

Ingee, most human beings aren’t utter bastards though.

Ingeegoodbee 5:26 pm 23 Feb 08

Nyssa, if some sh!tbag druggies carcked it two rows back, the people I sit with would think nothing of covering the maggot with a rug or somthing so our game wasn’t interrupted – if anyone asked we’d simply tell them the guy was “Dead tired”. After the game, we’d simply retrieve our rug and leave the useless dead ar$swipe to be swept up with the rest of the garbage when the cleaners moved through.

sepi 3:20 pm 23 Feb 08

Maybe stick with enjoying the indoor dining if you’re that paranoid about smokers.

nyssa76 2:26 pm 23 Feb 08

Kramer, I’m afraid not.

The police and ambulance in attendance for OD’d addict could also force you to move away from the game due to added noise, need for more room and the rubber neckers.

Therefore your ‘comeback’ (for lack of a better word) is flawed.

Kramer 1:56 pm 23 Feb 08

“Funny how we don’t shit on drug addicts in the same way…..”

That’s because I can still enjoy the rugby while the heroin addicts two rows behind me ODs during the game, but a smoker doing the same would ruin my night.

Kramer 1:54 pm 23 Feb 08

“We’ll still have to worry about your filthy disgusting kids though.”

Yeah, but smoking will kill you before my kids get the chance.

nyssa76 1:26 pm 23 Feb 08

GnT, I never said you did.

I am sick of people having a go at smokers.

GnT 11:20 am 23 Feb 08

nyssa, I never said anything about smokers. I said cigarette smoke was filthy and disgusting.

HC, I agree. Although a pie and a beer at the rugby could count as an outdoor dining experience.

Holden Caulfield 10:45 am 23 Feb 08

Inane comments from both parties aside, how come I still can’t enjoy an outdoor dining experience that is smoke-free, but I can watch a bunch of bum sniffers without inhaling someone else’s smoke fumes?!

nyssa76 10:41 am 23 Feb 08

Funny how we don’t shit on drug addicts in the same way…..

Sammy 10:08 am 23 Feb 08

About bloody time. You filthy disgusting smokers with filthy disgusting kids can go and be filthy and disgusting someplace else.

paddytrick 9:30 am 23 Feb 08

We’ll still have to worry about your filthy disgusting kids though.

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