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Spider Season?

By our-interface - 4 January 2011 26

Here’s a horror story I feel compelled to share with you fellow rioters.

Tonight I got home (in Tuggeranong) from work at 1AM ( I should point out here that is the first time in just under a month that I am sleeping at home as I have been house sitting). I went in to my bedroom where I noticed several tiny black spiders on my curtains. I looked a bit closer and realised there were actually a few more than several crawling on my curtains and around the window. I grabbed some surface spray and sprayed at them then began to look around my room. This was when I noticed several spots of spiders on the corners of the ceiling and around the light. I sprayed these too ( a great distribution of noxious chemical..) and moved my curtains where I found a rather large patch of these tiny black spiders. I am severely frightened of spiders and at this point I freaked out, sprayed the hell out of the big patch of spiders and evacuated my room of my most important possessions ( ironically I am going away tomorrow so my suitcase was already packed!).

I would say there’s about a hundred or more tiny spiders crawling ( some alive, some half dead) in my room right now. The story gets better when I let you all know that after moving my blanket and pillow to the lounge (in the dark so as not to wake my Mother), I decide that I can’t really bear sleeping with the light off after all the spiders I have just seen so I turn the light on and am welcomed by a white tail on the lounge room wall. I get a shoe to hit the bugger and he falls to the floor and crawls under the couch…

I can safely inform you all that this girl will not be sleeping tonight…

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
Spider Season?
caf 12:04 pm 04 Jan 11

I call for a Spider Week of RiotACT photography to follow up Butterfly Week!

Kath 11:37 am 04 Jan 11

White tails like to eat other spiders too, the paranoia about their bite being deathly awful has been debunked pretty thoroughly. Might swell a bit though.

breda 11:26 am 04 Jan 11

Mosquitos are members of the respectable bourgeoisie of the creepy crawly world compared to spiders with their profligate and indiscriminate reproductive habits. No respectable madam mosquito would deposit 1000 wrigglers in somebody’s bedroom.

Suburban wrigglers grow up (or not) in tasteful water features or rustic pot plant bases. In the less desirable areas, they may inhabit old ice cream containers and abandoned oil/kero drums. But, they are not exposed to gratuitous nudity and sex in people’s bedrooms.

Postalgeek 11:07 am 04 Jan 11

The League of Mosquitos thanks you for your vigilance.

realityskin 11:04 am 04 Jan 11

fuck the bomb, get someone in to spray. We do that once a year and it’s fantastic. Only costs $120 or so and it keeps the freaky things away for 12 months.

Very Busy 10:48 am 04 Jan 11

Lets hope you’ve killed them all. Those little spiders grow very big, sometimes as big as a CD, then they hide and wait until you’re asleep and then crawl into your bed.

sepi 9:56 am 04 Jan 11

We had this too. We just put the entire curtain outside, and retrieved it a few days later – problem solved. The surface spray probably just made tham all jump off into your room.

EvanJames 9:35 am 04 Jan 11

I thank the day they invented surface spray. You can get them from a distance, rather than risking a broom (with a crawl-able handle). One day I noticed literally thousands of tiny translucent huntsmen, all over the walls and ceiling. I spent significant time killing them, knowing the ones I missed would appear above my head in coming nights. and they did.

You should set a bug bomb in your room before you leave, just set and forget.

facet 9:25 am 04 Jan 11

I reckon killing all spiders (bombs, sprays etc) actually encourages red backs as they come back quicker without competition from other spiders.
Spiders like to eat one another and I encourage daddy long legs to keep the others (redbacks, white tails etc) under control.
Your normal household fly spray does a bad job of killing really big redbacks (just seems to make them angry). Much better option is WD 40 or similar.

breda 9:07 am 04 Jan 11

Poor you. Sounds like there must have been an egg sac somewhere in the room, and they hatched while you were away. The hot spell a few days ago really brought on the hatchings – and the tiny ones can get through flyscreen wire and teeny cracks around doors and windows, no probs.

It is worth getting a decent surface spray and spraying around your windows and doors (on the outside), which will lessen the numbers a lot. But in summer, I usually send at least one spider a day to Spider Heaven from inside the house. No guilt either – they have the whole outside to live in, but if they cross the threshhold, trespassing attracts the death penalty around here!

DeadlySchnauzer 9:07 am 04 Jan 11

Bug bombs are going to do far more long term damage to your health than an infestation of tiny spiders.

/end hippy rant

ConanOfCooma 8:42 am 04 Jan 11

Those little buggers are everywhere at the moment, although surface spray is a bit of overkill, especially inside. Just your run of the mill fly spray will deal will them.

White Tails will cause a nasty bite, but that’s about it, so not too much to be worried about there, either.

Perhaps when housesitting, it might be worth continuing basic maintenance on your own residence – It will prevent this kind of thing happening in the future.

far_northact 8:41 am 04 Jan 11

Agree. Bomb the room, and the entire house. Trim back any trees/branches near the windows and spray surface spray on (outside) window gaps.

trevar 8:30 am 04 Jan 11

Hope you get some sleep while on holiday! Sounds like you might need to wage war when you get back!

Homeless 8:13 am 04 Jan 11

I would suggest buying a bug bomb and bug bombing the place. That or take off an nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

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