Spitting the whole hog. Whole animal purchase in Canberra.

dvaey 1 February 2011 10

Following on from the great feedback in last week’s story of finding bacon in Canberra, Im hoping some Rioters might be able to help with my predicament.

A few weeks ago a friend bought a spit, which did a great job of a couple of legs of lamb for Australia day. Now Australia day is over, but the spit remains and so we are looking for what to cook on it next. We’re thinking of trying for a whole animal, and our first thoughts went to finding a pig.

What animals do Rioters like throwing on their spit for a party, and more importantly, where abouts in the ACT region does one go about finding them? Do you simply visit your local butcher, a meat wholesaler, an abbatoir, a farm or what?

Also, what ballpark figure would you expect to pay for a whole animal?

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10 Responses to Spitting the whole hog. Whole animal purchase in Canberra.
Jordo Jordo 3:07 pm 19 Nov 18

Just an update CSPH is now McHugh Hire – https://mchughhire.com
28 Barrier St Fyshwick

Jordo Jordo 5:43 pm 24 Jun 13

For whole pigs, lambs, goats and boneless easy-carve spit roasts and such check out Canberra Spits & Party Hire – http://www.canberraspitsandpartyhire.com

Jordo Jordo 9:03 am 03 Feb 11

Yep, for sure come on down and see us at the chop shop or check out our online store http://www.jordoschopshop.com .

Thanks for the thumbs up Trevar, as for being a bit pricey, you get what you pay for, remember there are about 10 grades of quality for every species that customers can choose from. ie. you wouldn’t head into your friendly Bentley dealer and ask for a Hyundai.

While I’m on the horse, I’d better set imarty straight, Lachlan Valley Meats do not supply a lot of butchers in the region, that’s just a marketing gimmick to flog garbage to tight arses.

Texpat Texpat 8:58 am 03 Feb 11

Another recommendation for Jordo’s Chop Shop. He’s got whole organic lambs, goats, and free-range pigs. The pigs range in size from 10kg up to over 60 kg, and they’re delicious. He’s also got boneless legs and forequarters for spit roast if you don’t want a whole pig. You can go to the shop in Wanniassa or buy it online and he’ll deliver. Great meat, great service.

JustThinking JustThinking 7:58 pm 02 Feb 11

crap….so expensive here
shoot a roo and put it on the spit for free….or a pig (if any are left around here)

trevar trevar 7:17 am 02 Feb 11

I’ve bought a whole lamb for our spit for $140. A pig is a larger animal, and more work to raise, so I would expect them to be significantly more expensive.

As for sourcing, first I’d back Spoono’s comment. The guys at Jordo’s Chop Shop are really helpful and source excellent quality meat. They are on the pricey side, though. Lachlan Valley Meats at Fyshwick are also really good and preparing what you’re after to order (a friend of mine needed something really odd for a film prop and they did the job). And I got my lamb, which was excellent, from Wyntrade Lamb, but I don’t think they’d do pork, as they’re a farm-to-consumer operation.

rosscoact rosscoact 10:57 pm 01 Feb 11

you can get whole animals at any of the Farmers Markets places, you just need to order. The right price is about $6 kg for a fully grown pig of say 70kg, and rising as you get smaller. If you want baconers over say 90kg then that’s generally a special order too..

Lambs you should pay about $8 for a 12-18kg carcass

Beef, never bought a half or quarter

imarty imarty 9:11 pm 01 Feb 11

Give Lachlan Valley Meats a call, they’re a wholesaler and supply a lot of butchers in the region.
Simco Meats in Jamison will also be able to help.
Actually if you speak to any butcher they’ll get you what you want.
With regard to prices, lamb is through the roof, expect to pay around $7-8 kg for a whole 16-18kg lamb.
Pork you’ll be looking at around $4 kg for a 50-60kg pig.

Beef is more variable and you’ll want a butt, around 40kg.

niftydog niftydog 4:50 pm 01 Feb 11

Have seen whole biodynamic lambs available to order from at least one supplier at the EPIC Farmers Market. I suspect you might be able to get pigs at another.

Spoono Spoono 3:40 pm 01 Feb 11

Here’s an answer pork at Jordo’s Chop Shop

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