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Spread the rate card to save Kerces from Oak Flats

By johnboy - 19 March 2007 72

Well we didn’t make RiotACT a going concern in time to save Kerces from having to move to Oak Flats. Here’s the sign her local progress association is using to drum up civic pride:

And here’s the other side of it:

Yes, those are bullet holes. (No, I am not making this up, perhaps more progress would have been made if they’d put a location on there)

Save Kerces from poverty in Oak Flats! Save Johnboy from a fate probably far grislier! Get out there and start pestering businesses you have dealings with. Pester them with our rate cards!

Amusing and informing you via the internet is probably not going to be possible if I try pursuing sensible career moves.

What’s Your opinion?

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72 Responses to
Spread the rate card to save Kerces from Oak Flats
johnboy 10:05 am 20 Mar 07

Suggestion that bring in new readers are gratefully received and put away for future use.

But what we need right now are advertisers, we already have more readers than we can currently sell to advertisers.

sheer 9:57 am 20 Mar 07

JB you’re getting people trying to give you marketing ideas which go beyond “readers letting the business they have dealings with know this is a good place to advertise” but all I’m seeing is you shutting them down.

I can appreciate that us walking around with the rate card is the main tactic you’ve chosen to go with, but you’re telling us it’s not really working, and readers like Mess are going to give up trying to help if you keep telling them their ideas are ratshit. I think Mess’ idea has merit – the Beat The Drum comp is all about gaining exposure for the Js, and what better way to get advertisers onto RA than by getting it in on some of that too?

Rather than just telling Mess “yeah, no, that doesnt actually help “, can I (politely, if it’s not too late) suggest you try thinking outside that box a bit and see if these suggestions can be adapted to what you’re trying to achieve?

That’s my 2 cents for the day.

johnboy 8:55 am 20 Mar 07

Mess, the problem isn’t a lack of readers, it’s a lack of advertisers.

We’re working on our own marketing but what we’re after more than anything is readers letting the businesses they have dealings with know this is a good place to advertise.

sim_m_o 1:03 am 20 Mar 07

Well, at least it looks like you could have plenty of free fennel!

Mess 12:14 am 20 Mar 07

and i realise my last post has typos in it. My fingers are dyslexic. Dyslexics Untie! lol

Mess 12:13 am 20 Mar 07

johnboy, i gave you an idea that could help. I will post it here. My idea was to hold a triple j beating the drum style competition, with people trying to maximise the exposure of riot-act. The most original idea wins a prize. what that prize is i will leave up to the mangemnet of this site. I first stumbled across this site earlier this year looking for photos of summernats (cars not gilrs) and now i tell all my friends about it, and some of them have become regular readers. More readers = more advertisers. Spread the word! beat the drum!

vg 11:00 pm 19 Mar 07

26mm of rain at my place today, its green here too

seepi 10:23 pm 19 Mar 07

At least it is green out there.

vg 9:41 pm 19 Mar 07

I’m sorry, but I’ve always that Oaks Flats/Albion Park was/is the bogan capital of the planet. Makes Qbn look like Double Bay

Pandy 9:23 pm 19 Mar 07

Drop your rate card at the sex shops in Fyshwick

johnboy 8:35 pm 19 Mar 07

I think you need to be taking your anger out on the progress association.

simbo 7:49 pm 19 Mar 07

Well, if you’re going to be this rude about the place I was born, I’m definately not saving you now!

Growling Ferret 7:13 pm 19 Mar 07

Is Oak Flats even worse than Oaks Mistake, sorry, Estate?

johnboy 7:03 pm 19 Mar 07

Promising, why not get out there and push it and let us know how you get on?

DavidM 6:56 pm 19 Mar 07

How’s the advertising uptake been so far, Johnboy?

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