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Stalking – the hula hoop of the 2010 decade?

By troll-sniffer 19 December 2011 47

I’m like following the two like totally Gen Y young women near the Canberra Centre and like I wasn’t like listening but they were like talking pretty loud so I overheard, and like one says to the other: “I can’t believe it.  She’s stalking him.  They like split up 18 months ago and she’s still like stalking him. She rang him up the other day and like asked him if he wanted to meet for a coffee. Can you believe that?”

“Yeah, that’s like so totally wrong.  Like you guys have been going out for 18 months and she’s still like stalking him.  He oughta take out an AVO on the cow.”

Hey Gen Y bimbos… here’s a tip.  A phone call, or even keeping in contact with, or even trying to stay in contact with someone, does not constitute ‘stalking’. 

It’s almost as though being stalked is the new cool, that it somehow confers on the stalkee an air of mystery or desire, that unless you’re being stalked or have been stalked, you’re like such a loser.

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47 Responses to
Stalking – the hula hoop of the 2010 decade?
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GordonResidential 10:31 pm 25 Dec 11

johnboy said :

EvanJames said :

The young people of today have to be the most unpleasant crew yet. Idle and nasty.

Ahh, the same old chestnut as found on the walls of the pyramids.


Disinformation 9:12 am 22 Dec 11

chewy14 said :

Wow, do people actually believe that crap?

There’s a society for people who believe that the Earth is flat, too.
However, it does sound like you might already be a charter member.

fgzk 1:00 pm 20 Dec 11

Stevian : A negatively charged ion brain.

Shanski_0 12:56 pm 20 Dec 11

devils_advocate said :

Angelina said :

Obviously you expect some positive recognition for having the awesomness to learn basic home repair skills. That’s a very common negative Gen Y trait.

The sad thing is, these kinds of things really impress vacuous young girls. Things like performing basic car maintenance, living outside the parental home on an independent basis (like, OMG if you own your own home, or more than 1!), doing basic home renovations, having a passing knowledge of current political issues, and speaking with proper grammar and writing in sentences rather than SMS speak – this separates you from many 20 somethings.

This is true, Im Gen Y, my boyfriend is Gen X, when he fixes our leaky shower, or talks about the horrfic state of Australian politics, I get all hot for him.
Oh, and when an SMS comes, and he uses proper englishk, boy oh boy! *swoon*

Stevian 12:50 pm 20 Dec 11

00davist said :

If i listed that I could breath, would you assume I’m looking for praise?


Stevian 12:43 pm 20 Dec 11

pink little birdie said :

My friends complained when I was using the word stalking to describe meeting my boyfriend after his training. Trouble was he’d tell me a finishing time and training didn’t finish on time so I’d be sitting in the carpark waiting.

Now a certain friend doesn’t like it when we use the word ‘stalking’ so now we use ‘surprise visit’ or ‘planned meeting’ (planned meeting used when it involves waiting for him to finish training).
I and my boyfriend like the word stalking more.

Fair enough, but it might be even better if you learn what words actually mean and use them appropriately.

devils_advocate 12:06 pm 20 Dec 11

alaninoz said :

Wrong. I iron my view of reality every day.

So rather than having ridges, it’s ironic?

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