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Stanhope on tourists and telemarketers

By Kerces 3 September 2005 4

Two odd media releases from our esteemed leader appeared in my in-box yesterday (his staff seem to be too confused by having two sites on which to post releases and haven’t put any up in weeks). Once again he is elevating himself above the local mayor role a lot of people wish he’d stick to and declaring that we will be part of not one but two national initiatives.

So what are they?

Well, the first is “a national approach to unethical practices in the inbound tourism industry”. You may remember the stories a few months back of tourists on the Gold Coast being taken to beaches that weren’t really famous and forced to buy uber-expensive dud souvenirs and pay to take pictures of the beaches and so on. Well this is pretty much in response to that.

Mr Stanhope does admit that nothing like this seems to be happening in Canberra, but said “it was important that the Territory remained vigilant”.

“We cannot afford to take chances with such an important industry,” he said. “Nor should we tolerate the idea that those who do us the honour of visiting our country should be subjected to the kind of treatment that has been alleged in some other jurisdictions.”

And the other great initiative we’ve been signed up to is the somewhat bizarre “national do-not-call register” aimed at stopping telelmarketing. The release is rather vague about what this actually entails, but says it is a bipartisan push (with federal Communications Minister Helen Coonan leading the charge and Our Gazza also putting his weight behind it).

However Mr Stanhope does say, “It is high time people had the chance to opt out of this particular form of marketing, which has significant privacy implications and intrudes directly into the heart of a household in a quite insidious way.”

What’s Your opinion?

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Stanhope on tourists and telemarketers
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bonfire 10:19 am 05 Sep 05

stanhope is just bizarre.

the australian direct marketing association have a ‘do not call’ register. its online. it works.

since i entered my details there the amount of annoying sales calls has decreased by at least 80%

in a perfect world it wouldnt be required, but it is.

of course i dont even pretend to be polite to these annoying fucks, usually i just hang up without saying a word.

johnboy 11:49 am 04 Sep 05

Oddly enough getting rid of your land line and living on a mobile will really put a crimp in these guys.

As for National tourism initiative we should remember two things, one is that if we kill off dodgy queensland operators we’re probably hoping to pick up some business that’s shaken loose (in practice Hawaii will probably get them instead).

But more important is the opportunity to send the Chief Minister and his staff to lots of extoic locations for the earnest hand-wringing and photo op sessions.

Mr Evil 6:29 pm 03 Sep 05

Well, yes we wouldn’t want any tourists forced to endure any dodgy ‘pissweak world’ kind of places in the ACT, would we! Is this guy for real? No wonder our schools and hospitals are in such a state: our politicians are off chasing fairies all the time.

And while I’m ranting…..

This bloody telemarketing ‘opt-out register’ bothers me no end too: the govt should be setting up an ‘opt-in register’ instead, so people can put forward their details if they’re stupid enough and would like to be bothered by the phone ringing all the time. Just because my number is in the phonebook, or because I bought some raffle tickets/gave money to a charity doesn’t mean I want to be called by some tossers trying to sell me crap I don’t want or asking me to save some deaf, dumb and blind kid in Asia!

I’ve found that yelling “eff off” down the phone as they start their speil seems to have stopped them ringing me now!

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 6:22 pm 03 Sep 05

I had to read “a national approach to unethical practices in the inbound tourism industry” a few times, and I still think it sounds like we are going to promote unethical practices, in fact, it sounds like the entire country is going to start/continue using unethical practices.

A national do-not-call register is interesting, but I wonder if the privacy policies of the existing state based DNC’s will prevent people from being automagically added to the new list? Oh, hang on, these lists have the opposite of a privacy policy, they instead send your details to the telemarketers so that they will (hopefully) not call you.

Once I establish a call is from a telemarketer i simply say “Sorry, not interested” and hang up, occasioanlly I hang around for their reply, which is usually “fair enough”. I’ve never had one argue about it, and never had one call back.

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