Stanhope rules out inquest appeal

Kerces 16 August 2005 6

Jon Stanhope has graciously decided not to appeal the Supreme Court’s decision to disallow the government’s application to have Coroner Maria Doogan disqualified from the bushfire inquest.

In this (rather short) press release, Stanhope says, “I look forward to the speedy resumption of the inquest and the finalisation of the Coroner’s hearing.”

He said his reason for abandoning any thoughts of appeal is that it would be a disservice to the Canberra community to draw out the inquest any longer. However, he does emphasise that this is only a decision on the ACT’s part and that any of the other individual plaintiffs could pursue an appeal if they wanted to.

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6 Responses to Stanhope rules out inquest appeal
Thumper Thumper 8:07 am 17 Aug 05

Very perceptive K. Stanhope would have some trouble explaining how, after he’d already wasted $1.8m, that he was now going to waste some more, all to make sure that something that the community want done, is not done.

Does that make sense?

Kerces Kerces 12:06 am 17 Aug 05

And of course his reasons for deciding not to pursue the appeal have nothing to do with it being revealed that the initial legal action’s cost not quite $1.8 million. In a deficit year.

johnboy johnboy 8:49 pm 16 Aug 05

first you log in, then view the site as normal, then comment.


hit “submit news” if you want to send a story.

Rear_View Rear_View 7:09 pm 16 Aug 05

I’m dumb – just worked out where to put it… 🙂

Rear_View Rear_View 7:06 pm 16 Aug 05

First time posting not sure where to put this – did anyone notice a media release put out by an Opp Minister, Smyth I think, complaining that Stanhope had created his own website?

I’ve seen the site, nothing wrong with it – why shouldn’t a Chief Minister have a website if our PM has one.

I can’t see how that could be justified!

Thumper Thumper 5:28 pm 16 Aug 05

Ah… let me get this right. First he champions his own, rants and raves about the whole process being flawed, about his people’s right to have a fair hearing, about bias against his people and government, about ensuring that the whole thing gets dead and buried and the facts don’t come out, and then..

he looks forward to it finishing because its a disservice to Canberra?

So the whole thing was a waste of time.

Do we, the community at large, get a chance to sue the government for ewasting our time and money? After all, Hargreaves hasn’t ruled out recovering monies from the STR.

I still can’t see the Comrade letting this one go. I’m sure there will be some backroom dealing going on that no-one wil know about. He doesn’t back down that easily….

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