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Stanhope weighs in on death penalty debate

By GnT 12 October 2007 42

Jon Stanhope has released a statement congratulating Robert McClelland for his stand against the death penalty. He says “it is necessary to present an undeviating, unswerving opposition to the death penalty at all times … One should be able to be opposed to the death penalty without being accused of supporting criminals.”

Plenty of folks have commented in the past how our Chief Minister should stay out of national and international concerns. However when it’s a matter of principle, I think it’s right to stand up for what you believe in. It’s sad that Rudd has decided to bow to perceived public pressure on this issue, when a strong moral stand would earn him a lot of respect.

For once Stanhope has said something we can be proud of.

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Stanhope weighs in on death penalty debate
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Woody Mann-Caruso 1:21 pm 27 Nov 07

Nice circle jerk there, guys. Which one of you got to eat the Sao while I was away?

Unfortunately, Woody didn’t have the balls to respond.

Fortunately, Woody had more important things to do.

Anyway, GnT said it all. If Indonesia told us we needed to have a death penalty, we’d say no for all sorts of very good reasons. We’d encourage them to try to understand and accept those reasons.

And if our political masters had any guts, they’d persuade them harder with economic and political sanctions, or, if their actions were heinous enough, with some hot f-cking depleted uranium through the sides of their backward heads.

In short, we’d have the moral and ethical intestinal fortitude to say “Hey! That’s wrong, you’re wrong, and you’re f-cked in the head if you think we’re just going to pretend it’s OK and we didn’t see it.” The proverb about good men doing nothing is as true as it ever was.

It’s pretty rich of you all to sit around here talking about balls, when it’s pretty obvious from your abject terror of offending our international neighbours’ delicate sensibilities that you don’t have a pair between you (or that you secretly agree with what they do, and can’t wait to roll it out here). Harden the f-ck up already.

Anyway, see you all in another six months. Oh, by the way Ralph – as I watched the election results, I imagined Kevin Rudd turkey slapping your pimply face. Sucked in, loser!

GnT 8:18 am 20 Oct 07

Hang on, hang on, hang on. Let’s be a little bit intelligent here:

1. Woody was being sarcastic.

2. Just because you’re against the death penalty doesn’t mean you’re in favour of the Bali bombers being released (which was the point Stanhope made in his original press release).

3. Likewise, just because you’re against the death penalty, doesn’t mean “you support illegal drug smugglers running heroin into Australia”.

4. Australia, does have a right (and a responsibilty) to tell other countries how to run their affairs when they are doing something “we” believe to be wrong, as in all the examples Woody gave (genocide, terrorism, child abuse etc).

5. Capital punishment falls into the category of something “we” as a nation (and myself personally) think is wrong. Therefore our leaders (including local ones) have a responsibility to speak out against it.

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