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Stanhope weighs in on death penalty debate

By GnT - 12 October 2007 42

Jon Stanhope has released a statement congratulating Robert McClelland for his stand against the death penalty. He says “it is necessary to present an undeviating, unswerving opposition to the death penalty at all times … One should be able to be opposed to the death penalty without being accused of supporting criminals.”

Plenty of folks have commented in the past how our Chief Minister should stay out of national and international concerns. However when it’s a matter of principle, I think it’s right to stand up for what you believe in. It’s sad that Rudd has decided to bow to perceived public pressure on this issue, when a strong moral stand would earn him a lot of respect.

For once Stanhope has said something we can be proud of.

What’s Your opinion?

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42 Responses to
Stanhope weighs in on death penalty debate
BigDave 8:22 am 13 Oct 07

What bloody right have we got telling other countries whether or not they should have a death penalty for Christ’s sake?? It’s none of Australia’s (or anyone else’s) business. We need to butt out of it!
Secondly, it wouldn’t be a bad thing if we had it here. It might do us all a favour getting rid of the scum. But unfortunately, it’ll never happen. Too many lefties and soft arses with soft arse attitudes…

bd84 11:54 pm 12 Oct 07

I’m not proud of him.

While it’s great that Mr Stanhope has an opinion on the issue, what it has to do with him is another matter. If he wishes to form policies on this issue he should resign from the Legislative Assembly (and do the ACT a favour) and run for the upcoming federal election. Until then his opinion on the issue is worth no more than yours or mine.

His focus would be better spent on local issues rather on using his position to voice his own personal issues.

Woody Mann-Caruso 11:26 pm 12 Oct 07

Silly me. I thought my vote was to elect the Assembly, a unicameral legislature, and that its role is to make laws that are binding on all citizens of the Territory – laws about health, education, transport, licensing, housing, human rights, property, crime, trade, elections…

I think the leader of an elected government having an opinion about something as serious as the death penalty is a far cry from “running our lives”, but then you are prone to histrionic exaggeration, aren’t you Mr Toad?

barking toad 7:48 pm 12 Oct 07

No woody.

We elect a local council to administer the ACT. Fixing roads etc.

Not to run our lives – much as though that’s what the hippies want

Pandy 7:21 pm 12 Oct 07

So where do I get a job as ACT hangman?

Woody Mann-Caruso 6:50 pm 12 Oct 07

he doesn’t abuse his position and try to make it the policy of the ACT

I thought that was a Chief Minister’s primary function – setting policy for the Territory they were elected to lead.

Mike Crowther 5:04 pm 12 Oct 07

I really don’t see much point myself. The ACT doesn’t have a death penalty and, if it ever tried to introduce one we would be overridden by the Feds anyway. Even if that didn’t stop us, the incompetence of this government would ensure that the rope would unravel, the trap-door wouldn’t spring and then Stanhope & co would spend two million dollars of our money hiring lawyers to try and shut down the inquiry held to find out what went wrong.

Anyway, who would we top? David Eastman? We couldn’t afford the never-ending legal stoush.

mutley 4:38 pm 12 Oct 07

Ah, but buried in an unclean meat menas burning foreevr in hell or something.

barking toad 4:17 pm 12 Oct 07

It’s 72 virgins booma. With little boys as an option.

I don’t mind nohope saying what his convictions are – as long as he doesn’t abuse his position and try to make it the policy of the ACT. He can say what he likes as an individual offering a personal opinion.

In this particular case he’s only repeating the ALP mantra. That’s where krudd made a dick of himself.

Personally, I hope Indonesia telecasts the firing squad offing the vile Bali murderers.

Deadmandrinking 4:00 pm 12 Oct 07

It kind of screws up the plan better if you don’t execute them, Mutley. No virgins in prison. Not for long, anyway.

mutley 3:51 pm 12 Oct 07

Islamic terrorists should be executed and buried with a slice of bacon stuffed in their mouth. That’s stop them getting their 40 virgins!

boomacat 3:16 pm 12 Oct 07

I think that no one has the right to take the life of another, whether it be a mass murder terrorist act or a state sanctioned execution.

To me, it sends a stronger message to say that murder is wrong in all circumstances.

Besides, I think that rotting in prison for the term of your natural life is worse punishment than execution, especially when (in the case of extremist Islamic terrorists for example) execution means they will be championed as martyrs by supporters of their terrible cause.

Thumper 2:32 pm 12 Oct 07

I agree with Stanhope on this one. Rudd caved in.

Hopefully this is not indicative of what his (Rudds) term as PM will be like.

Mr Evil 2:25 pm 12 Oct 07

Pity he didn’t feel it was so important to stand up and be counted on the issue of open and transparent government!

Deadmandrinking 2:24 pm 12 Oct 07

Stanhope – go to Federal Politics, do not pass go, do not collect $200.
I agree with you, though.

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