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Stop Signs and Bridges

By KB1971 15 December 2012 21

So I thought I pretty well have the road rules sorted but something just happened to me that has got me thinking.

Tharwa Bridge. It has a give way on the northern end and a stop sign on the southern end.

The stop sign is there because you cant really see what is on the bridge so you need to stop to be safe, no dramas there.

This afternoon I approached the stop sign, stopped, nothing was on the bridge so it was safe to go. At the same time a bloke in a ute appeared at the give way sign at the other end and proceeded through the give way sign and onto the bridge. Assume he was going faster than the 20km/h speed limit as it took him a fair while to stop once I had started moving.

Anyway I get across and I wave but he shakes his head at me like I was an idiot.

My way of thinking is, I stopped, nothing was on the bridge, he wasn’t at the give way sign quite yet so I was right to proceed as I had already done my stopping procedure.

My wife sees it differently, she thinks I have to stop until all traffic is clear no matter what.

The Australian Road Rules are silent on stop signs on bridges but gives rules for a give way sign (unless I am missing a rule, I could not find it).

Anyway, thoughts? I am not having a rant, I just want to know how other people might approach this situation to trolls need not apply.

What’s Your opinion?

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Stop Signs and Bridges
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tim_c 10:41 am 15 Jul 15

c_c™ said :

I’m going to have to go with the other driver on this one, the OP was in the wrong.

Both signs have equal weight, in that they both require the driver to yield to traffic already in the intersection (or on a bridge in this case).

Just because it’s a bridge and not an intersection should not change anything at all. You would still treat the other traffic the same as you would oncoming vehicles from the side at an intersection. Which is to say that they have a Give Way sign and don’t need to stop, merely slow down, while you are required to stop and therefore your vehicle will require more time to move off.

The OP could see the other vehicle coming and chose to try and beat him. This is no different to the jerk at an intersection who drives across oncoming traffic trying to beat it.

“Assume he was going faster than the 20km/h speed limit as it took him a fair while to stop once I had started moving.”

Reading this, it’s clear that the OP moved off after the other vehicle was in sight.

I agree, except where you say both signs have equal weight. I could be wrong, but my understanding is that failing to stop at a stop sign incurs 6 demerit points while failing to give way is only 3 demerit points.

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