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‘Support Bus Drivers’ Rally

By Workers Solidarity Canberra 22 June 2010 31

ACTION Bus Drivers and Staff will hold a 24-hour work stoppage this Friday 25th.  They are asking for your support.

Drivers are currently engaged in an industrial campaign for a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement that doesn’t reduce hard-won pay and conditions.

Management are trying to force through changes including compulsory weekend shifts without penalty rates, plans to remove part-time worker restrictions, a change in the employment composition toward majority part-time, and an effective pay cut.

The modest demands put forward by the TWU – that employment and wage conditions simply remain the same – have been largely dismissed by ACTION, who threatened drivers with severe fines for participating in a planned fare-strike.

Our drivers will not accept these attacks by management, and will need our support in their upcoming action.

Workers Solidarity Canberra plans to hold a public demonstration to coincide with the industrial action, and to make a visible display of our support for the drivers.

Please join us, bring your friends, and show the ACT Government that we value our public transport service and support our bus drivers.

FRIDAY 25th from 12pm.
Legislative Assembly.

To find out more please email us at:

Workers Solidarity Canberra

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‘Support Bus Drivers’ Rally
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Henry82 11:07 pm 04 Aug 11

Sounds like an interesting event, i’ll take the bus there…. oh nevermind

Feng 10:33 pm 04 Aug 11

bugmenot said :

I will start giving a ship about bus drivers if they start giving a shit about passengers.
You know, like being on time, or actually turning up.
Stopping their whinging while they still earn more than most might help, too.


tidalik 7:20 pm 23 Jun 10

Can the drivers please ask for some more bus driver training as part of their salary package?

craig 10:10 am 23 Jun 10

LMR (post #5) You should be extremely grateful for having the opportunity of concession fares, When I worked in Victoria and in Queensland the students there had to pay FULL FARE – there were no concession fares for senior teenagers. I saw 14 year olds paying adult fare to go to and from school every day. So think yourself lucky. If you don’t have your concession card and you are charged full fare that can be compared to getting caught driving a car and not having a license.
On another issue some schools (in the ACT) would not issue concession fares to students who had part time jobs. Concession fares are in fact subsidised fares like the pension concession.There are strict requirements for the issue of concession (subsidised) fares. I think that requirement might have changed now.

troll-sniffer 10:08 am 23 Jun 10

In the immortal words of the Kerrigans: “Mate, tell them they’re dreaming”. (Paraphrased of course)

Genie 9:28 am 23 Jun 10

upstandingcitizen said :

That would mean the person driving your children to school will, more likely than not, have to be working a second job to make ends meet!

Oh no, the horror of horrors, having to work *two* jobs, because youre not getting enough hours. It might surprise you to learn this, but lots of people DO have two jobs. I suspect their problem though, is that not many second jobs they get, would be paying them the same hourly rate as driving a bus (which is apparently too low). My reason for thinking that, is because if they had a second job that paid more, surely theyd give up the bus-driver job for the higher paying one?

I dont think you guys seem to understand the main issue. YES they are getting offered a payRISE, however for the majority of them it will be a payCUT as they will be forced from full time work into part-time work.

How would you like it if the Government said hey we are increasing your salary, but you now have to work 25% less. Which also means you only get 75% of that salary now.

I-filed 8:48 am 23 Jun 10

I had to get on a bus to work early in the morning the other day because my battery was flat, and I only had a $20 note. Kind driver let me ride for free as he couldn’t change the note. Good on them all.

BigDave 11:54 pm 22 Jun 10

bugmenot, when a bus doesn’t turn up or comes late it’s generally not the driver’s fault. Either the bus has broken down (happens a lot) or the timetable is unreasonable (very common, hence late running).
Have you ever contacted Action or asked the late-running driver the reason why? No, of course you haven’t! It’s much easier to make false assumptions and come on here bravely making wild accusations when you can’t be bothered to find out why in the first place.
Until you do, perhaps it’s you who should stop whinging.

Clown Killer 10:37 pm 22 Jun 10

This rabble can shove their whingy little hissy fit up where the sun don’t shine, pull their buttocks up over their ears and waddle away like spastic turtles. This dispute is about little more than the unbridled greed of the unions and their members squabbling to get their fat snouts into the taxpayer funded trough.

Ian 10:37 pm 22 Jun 10

upstandingcitizen said :

Who wants ACTION managemet to reduce fulltime staff so that part time bus drivers have to wait six years or over until going fulltime?

Don’t like drivers having to work part time? How about giving back the past pay rises that were paid for by the drivers agreeing to higher part time ratios and split shifts? Problem solved.

The bus drivers care about their passengers – they wanted to give us all free rides for a week to make this point to management, what champs. But they couldn’t because ACTION management threatened to dock drivers most of, and in some cases all or MORE than, their pay if they did. The drivers have effectively been forced by ACTION management to do this instead. It sucks, but it’s ACTION management who are to blame, not the drivers.

Actually the management did not do anything the law didn’t require them to do. And free travel is hardly a magnanimous gesture by the drivers – its not their money they are giving away. And why should people get paid their full pay for doing only some of their job?

drunkdude 10:14 pm 22 Jun 10

I will NOT support the drivers because its a “public transport system” and the drivers are holding the public to ransom. If I do not get to work on Friday then I do NOT get paid. I need the bus to get to and from work. If there is no bus service then i will NOT be happy with the drivers as it is their decision to take this service away from me. I pay my taxes which means I’m entitled to the public bus system. I have now lost all respect for bus drivers!!!!!!

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