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johnboy 7 April 2010 6

Andrew Mottram’s been running a Facebook group asking people to get involved into the Legislative Assembly’s long running Inquiry into Live Community Events.

Andrew’s sent a recent missive which I think bears repeating:

Hi everybody!

I thought I’d write to bring everybody up to speed on what’s been happening with the Inquiry 🙂

Firstly, thanks to everyone who’s joined the group! There are now over a thousand like-minded, music loving and politically activated members showing their support for Canberra’s music scene. This is good good news!

Secondly, a new batch of submissions have been posted on the legislative assembly’s website! That brings the total number of submissions up to 27, which is much better than the 14 that existed when the group started. But sadly, we can still do much better! For example, we’re still 21 submissions behind the same committee’s inquiry into inner north redevelopment… when you consider that the inner north represents just a fraction of Canberra’s whole community, ask yourself: is 27 submissions the best that *Canberra’s entire music community* can do to influence our own future? I think not!!

So what’s next? The first thing you should do is come check out the main group page again, to see some quotes from the recent submissions and their gallant authors:!/group.php?gid=323340292403

Or head straight to the Legislative Assembly’s website to check out all of the submissions in full:

Then once you’ve had a read and are super inspired to get involved, make a submission! Some submissions are just a few hundred words long, but all of them are valuable. If you have something to say and you want to make a contribution to Canberra’s music future, check out the discussion area for instructions on how to put a submission together!

And finally, you can always take a few seconds to click on the ‘invite people to join’ link at the left-hand side of the group page and help get the message out. Know anyone who might want to get involved in the inquiry? Make sure they can have their chance!

A specific closing date for submissions still hasn’t been set but the Committee Secretary confirmed with me last week that it’ll be mid to late April. That’s *under a month left* to have our say. Get writing Canberra 🙂

“I do not wish to live in a silent city where the law prevents music from being heard on the streets.” – submission #16 author Nicholas Walsh

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6 Responses to Supporting local music?
Thumper Thumper 1:31 pm 15 Apr 10

That said, I’ll still keep turning up and playing until I cark it.

So will I…

PM PM 12:56 pm 15 Apr 10

This is related:

It seems skewed against live music.

Fender Fender 11:15 am 15 Apr 10

As a working player I feel qualified to make comment on this subject.
There is plenty of live music around and the scene is alive and kicking in both the originals and covers capers.
The main problem is lack of support as in the punters turning up to gigs. If it rains or if it’s a long weekend there will often be 10 people in the joint and half of them will probably be regulars there for the beer. The venue owner is then presented with the bill from the band and if the beer takings don’t cover the cost then they start to think if it’s all worth it.
Gone are the days when every pub or club had a band on Thur/Fri/Sat nights. As a band we now have PLI to contend with, testing and tagging of the equipment, Workcover regulations, noise restrictions and a generation of youth whom would prefer to drop a couple of eccy’s and go to a dance part all night rather than see a band of any sort.
That said, I’ll still keep turning up and playing until I cark it. Musos do it for the fun and not the money. If you love live music then get out and support it. Buy a meal at then venue, have a beer, tell your mates about it. Tell the venue owner you enjoyed it.

Muttsybignuts Muttsybignuts 12:28 pm 08 Apr 10

Live music is paramount to the culture and soul of any city. Sadly the sad, bitter, old NIMBYS who have nothing else in their lives to do except complain about something that was there long before they were, will probably win because they and developers have lots of money. And the ACT government loves money.
Just further cements what the rest of the nation says about Canberra being a boring, soulless city.

the booth the booth 11:04 am 08 Apr 10

Speaking of local music there’s a gig on at Transit Bar tonight with great locals Voss, Old Ace and from Brisbane, Cascadeer. Check the Canberra Times today for a rundown. Kick off round 8.

cegee cegee 12:56 pm 07 Apr 10

just submitted my letter!
i encourage everyone with an interest in live music to do the same.

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