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Surprised at the lack of comment over the suspended sentence for the admitted rapist of the 14 yr old girl.

By Impassive - 16 November 2007 44

As a new contributor to this site I am a little surprised at the lack of comment on the suspended sentence and community service that 31 yr old Craig Noon got on Oct 31st for raping his 14 year old girlfriend. What message does this send to the paedophiles in our community?

Justice Grey thought it an appropriate response for an adult who lived with a child and forced her to have sex on numerous occasions. This is clear evidence of how out of touch the judiciary is in the ACT and that the concept of lifetime appointment needs to be debated.

The public have had no say in this man’s appointment or his continued service and can reasonably expect that this sort of sentence will be repeated. Do we really want someone on the bench who thinks that it is a minor issue for a 31 year old man to live with and rape a 14 year old girl? I think not, but there is nothing we can do about it.

What’s Your opinion?

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44 Responses to
Surprised at the lack of comment over the suspended sentence for the admitted rapist of the 14 yr old girl.
Impassive 12:01 pm 16 Nov 07

In the days when homosexuality was considered a crime and a disease, they tried a whole lot of treatments to ‘cure’ the ‘sufferers’ and it didn’t work.

Paedophilia is in the same category, and paedophiles will tell you that they love children and that there is nothing wrong with what they do.. and is some societies they would be agreed with.. and I would suggest that they move to those places where what they do is acceptable, because it isn’t here.

Deadmandrinking 11:59 am 16 Nov 07

Quit your job.

There’s no never in science.

Impassive 11:54 am 16 Nov 07


Deadmandrinking 11:50 am 16 Nov 07

How do you know that, Impassive? A psychological expert are you?

vandam 11:47 am 16 Nov 07


Haven’t you heard of the show Jerry Springer. Australia is getting more and more like America thanks to Little Johnny (except their prision sentences!). Sadly I think you can expect more of this behavior to happen and more lenient fines.

Impassive 11:42 am 16 Nov 07

There is no treatment or cure for paedophilia.. so is it appropriate to consider the concept of ‘punishment’ and then release? Surely we need to be protected from these dangerous people.

The sicko that killed the little girl and got out recently after 15 years said that he’d “done his time” and should be left alone – to attack someone else’s kiddy..

Knock them on the head or lock them up for good – there is no rehabilitation for this perversion.

nyssa76 11:34 am 16 Nov 07

Now, are we living in the Middle Ages were it’s ok for a 31yo male to have a 14yo ‘bride’?

Hell no.

The 14yo may well have ‘consented’ but as a minor it’s a moot point. His arse should have been locked up.

vandam 11:16 am 16 Nov 07

I’m surprised he got a suspended sentence and community service.

I guess the courts thought it was appropriate that he can do community service so that he can scout his next 14 year old!

Deadmandrinking 11:16 am 16 Nov 07

Although I’m usually in favor on less jail, more rehab, in this case, I don’t think this man should be walking the streets.

Pedos commit sick crimes, one’s that damage children (and their families) for the rest of their lives. There’s no way in the world you can justify subjecting children to this kind of risk.

That being said, however, pedophilia is considered in many scientific and psychological circles to be an actual disorder (obviously, something has to be majorly wrong). Perhaps steps should be taken to treat this WHILE THE OFFENDER IS LOCKED UP.

But in no way should that offender be free before such treatment is taken. When it is developed (if it is? Perhaps someone, not lazy me, has researched this?)

Snahons_scv6_berlina 11:06 am 16 Nov 07

with you serendipity…

Serendipity 10:55 am 16 Nov 07

I think that the “traditional” situation of lenient or non existent sentences for serious offenders fronting the ACT courts has become such a common (but sad) occurence that our population has come to think this is the norm. People just shrug their shoulders and accept it. That doesnt make it right. The criminal scumbags know that if they are going to be caught for a crime that the ACT is the place to do it. Its a joke. I wonder if that judge has a 14 year old daughter. It must be frustrating for the cops who put the scumbag before the court to see things like this happen. This civil libitarian attitude that infiltrated our Canberra society (government/judiciary etc) has a lot to answer for I think. Whatever happened to the priciple of “do the crime, do the time”. Does anyone else share these views? Maybe its me who is wrong???

Impassive 10:41 am 16 Nov 07

I’m trying to think of ANY situation where the sentence for a 31 yr to be having sex with and assaulting a 14 yr old should be so lenient..

No, can’t imagine one.. What circumstance could there possibly be that would excuse such a sentence?

People are more severely punished for having pictures of 31 yr olds having sex with 14 yr olds.. and we have become a society of apologists who mistake reasons for behavior for excuses..

Absent Diane 10:19 am 16 Nov 07

this case is a little perverted. This guy is the perfect candidate for my pyschological testing lab/jail. Lock them in a lab, run tests pyshcological tests on them, learn how there minds act, learn new rehabilitation/preventation techniques they give back to society. creates more jobs for pyshcologists. I know it makes me sound like some nazi-esque nut job.. but I think there is merit in it, especially if it is done in manner that could be considered baseline humane.

Snahons_scv6_berlina 9:52 am 16 Nov 07

I find it bizarre that:

1. a 31yo would want a relationship with 14yo school kid – wtf is wrong with this guy ??
2. a 14yo would want a 31yo as a boyfriend.

and how the hell does a 14 end up living with a 31 boyfriend ??

this is just plain sad and scary…

EtFb 9:35 am 16 Nov 07

While I can see cases where judges are clearly on crack and need to be retired for the good of humanity, I’m not sure you can get a complete and reliable understanding of every case just from a newspaper report and a bit of gut instinct. You’re welcome to comment on the issues as you understand them, but the fact that the judge has actually heard all the evidence and weighed it up in light of his experience (however slanted that might be) has to count for something.

Consider, for example, that I can make some assumption about you, dear reader. Perhaps you had a girlfriend once and you broke up. From that, I can guess that you cheated on her with an entire team of cheerleaders, leaving used condoms in her teapot on the day she had planned to invite the vicar over for tea. What a bastard! It’s you who should be locked up, you two-timing rat!

And so on.

I’m not saying Justice Grey isn’t a raving knee-jerk reactionary loonie with the brains of a goat… but I’m not saying he is either. I’m agnostic: I don’t know whether he’s wrong or right, and I don’t believe you do either.

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