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Surprised at the lack of comment over the suspended sentence for the admitted rapist of the 14 yr old girl.

By Impassive 16 November 2007 44

As a new contributor to this site I am a little surprised at the lack of comment on the suspended sentence and community service that 31 yr old Craig Noon got on Oct 31st for raping his 14 year old girlfriend. What message does this send to the paedophiles in our community?

Justice Grey thought it an appropriate response for an adult who lived with a child and forced her to have sex on numerous occasions. This is clear evidence of how out of touch the judiciary is in the ACT and that the concept of lifetime appointment needs to be debated.

The public have had no say in this man’s appointment or his continued service and can reasonably expect that this sort of sentence will be repeated. Do we really want someone on the bench who thinks that it is a minor issue for a 31 year old man to live with and rape a 14 year old girl? I think not, but there is nothing we can do about it.

What’s Your opinion?

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44 Responses to
Surprised at the lack of comment over the suspended sentence for the admitted rapist of the 14 yr old girl.
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Special G 9:05 am 20 Nov 07

Maybe they should be put in the general population as part of their rehab.

Deadmandrinking 11:33 pm 19 Nov 07

For most criminals, that is correct, Impassive. However, Pedo’s are kept from the general prison population, for fear they might (and almost definitely will) get bashed. So there’s a start there.

Impassive 10:42 pm 19 Nov 07

that should read “but I think we all accept that there is NO rehab in prison…”

Impassive 10:40 pm 19 Nov 07

Unless he had a gun held to his head Noon should be held responsible for his actions – as the rest of us are. We all know what the age of consent is.

Our courts accept the theories of psychologists and psychiatrists as fact and excuse the behaviour of the perpetrators.

What do we want the justice system to do?? Punish adults for their behavior or keep the community safe from known threats? There is the other option of rehabilitation but I think we all accept that there is rehab in prison, and there is little evidence to prove that rehab works.

I’ll take the ‘keep safe’ option – if the fear of the punishment doesn’t stop perpetrators acting, then we have a problem. I want my family kept safe.

I don’t get the idea behind prison. You take someone who is a risk and brutalise them for a period of time and then let them out.. and expect that they are no longer a threat.. Sounds like madness to me..

The only exception should be those who are genuinely psychotically ill – who are not responsible for their actions. That doesn’t include personality disorders or sexual deviance.

Unfortunately, in the case of mental illness we have followed the US lead where they shut their hospitals and now the gaols are full of insane inmates.

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